Friday, January 3, 2014

A Manly Cough!

We have been sick all week and feel as if we are on an island away from all the action going on in the world! It was 7:30 when we went to bed last night and about that time the night before.
We are definitely getting rested up - or we SHOULD be rested as much time as we have spent in the bed!
On New Year's Eve Louis Dean was coughing his 'manly' cough when he pulled a muscle in his abdomen.
This caused him to be in excruciating pain! We thankfully had some pain meds and this helped him til we could get in to see his doctor - which was this afternoon.

Sure enough! He pulled something! (LD was secretly worried that he may have been bleeding internally or something really drastic!) She gave him a RX for a cough suppressant and then oohed and ahhed over the picture of the Quad Squad he carried in with him! He did the same thing at the pharmacy!
He says he gets a lot of extra attention when they ask him about the babies and he can just whip out a picture!

Poor guy! He doesn't look like he feels very well, does he??

Since we've been sick we have probably lost a few pounds because NOTHING sounds OR taste good!
It took all of 3 hours to go to the doctor and pick up the meds! 
We stopped for Chinese food on the way back because neither one of us felt like fixing anything and we have had cereal or canned soup more than once or twice this week.

We are back in our pajamas and have the heat on in the den. The window unit is for A/C or heat and makes it nice when you just want to warm up one room and not try and heat the whole house!

It's been very quiet around here this week.
I have chosen this year's devotional books and fixed up my Bible Basket.
The Bible - this year we are reading KJV - my favorite!
Praying With the Psalms by Eugene H. Peterson
Daily Inspiration For the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie
Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Our out loud reading book is Cross Roads by W. Paul Young

I have NOT been able to find my 2014 Country Diary so I am using a blank journal my friend, Candie, gave me.

At least we made it through Christmas before we bit the dust. Today was Friday and I missed being able to visit with Mother but we sure don't want HER to get sick!!
I have taken Christmas out of the den. It is all packed ready to haul to the storage building attic.
The decorations come DOWN a whole lot easier and quicker than they go UP!
We have nothing on our agenda until the middle of next week and I really and truly believe we will be well soon. So - since Louis Dean is all engrossed in a football game (and his coughing is MUCH better!!) - I think I shall take my book and glass of tea and retire to the warm bed waiting for me. I just may stay up reading until all of 9:00!!!

Hope this New Year has started off wonderfully for you all!!


Diana Ferguson said...

Get well soon!

Wanda said...

So glad your both feeling better. Sounds like rest may be the key. I love putting together my "Bible Basket" as you call it... This year our church is reading through the Bible with the One Year Bible, and Don and I are reading the daily bread together at breakfast...the rest we are on our own, as Don (being a pastor for 50 years) loves that deep study reading, and commentaries, and sermons...and I enjoy women's devotionals, and my prayer journals keep me busy, as I love to write out my prayers.
I really like the books you have picked for your basket.

Jackie See said...

Oh I hope you both feel better real soon. I love your "Bible Basket" so I may borrow that! Idea for myself. Prayers for healing for both of you!

Jan said...

So sorry you've been sick-glad you're feeling better now! I've been down yesterday and today, but hoping it's just a cold. I hurt my back taking down the Christmas tree, so I've been taking it easy too. Hoping you're well soon!

DukeCityEvents said...

Happy New Year! Please take this as a compliment but my grandpa had the same zest for life as you both do! He lived to be 91 years young and is the best example of bracing the "new" tech world! He left us his life story on cassettes, then video

Vee said...

Oh good! Here you are. Phew! So sorry that something was pulled and very glad that the doc has good meds. Bet your mom was very happy NOT to see you today. Keep taking good care of each other!

Linda said...

Linda, I am so sorry you have been sick! I can relate to losing my appetite for even food that I normally love, because when I had the diverticulitis in August 2012 I couldn't stand the smell or taste of food, even food I like. Since then my appetite for food has changed, but at least I am eating now.

I know that the H1N1 flu is back here in Quebec, I just hope this isn't what you have, as I don't know if it has happened in other places. Take care of yourself and stay warm.

Aloha Acres said...

Get well soon. Rest is probably the best thing for both of you right now.

Jutta said...

Oh what a bummer! I hope the worst is behind by now and that the rest of the recoverly will be fast and effective. Lots and lots of hugs and warm thoughts from the rainy Helsinki! Right, has been raining since I came back from Miami and still is. This is so depressing since rain with no true daylight is a bad and sad combo.

Hootin Anni said...

I know just what the two of you are going through!!! Bud and I caught 'the cough' just after Thanksgiving and it's finally coming to a least we don't tire out so easily. And the 7:30 bedtime was our lifestyle for a few days also. I pulled a back muscle coughing so hard, so too!!!

And,...........there is predicted a huge cold snap coming our way to Texas...even the Gulf crank up the room heater, it's gonna be a cold time comin'!!!

Estelle's said...

So glad you both are on the mend! Miss hearing the baby stories...lovely photos! Going to be rather cold and wintry tomorrow.....stay warm and get healthy!

MadSnapper said...

made me smile thinking of him whipping out the photos. maybe you should put a picture of them on a t shirt for him to wear to save time in whipping it out... hope you both feel better soon

peggy said...

I love your new picture! Your Louis Dean looks a little droopy tho. Hope he feels better soon.

Carole said...

I recommend a nice hot toddy - it may not make the illness go away but you won't notice - just the juice of a lemon, a dessert spoonful of honey and hot water topped off with a splosh of brandy or whiskey - sometimes I add some dissolving aspirin to it as well. Hope you both wake up feeling on the mend.

Linda said...

Linda, I wanted to say that I really love your new profile pic!

Carla said...

You rebel you. Staying up until 9. I won't tell you how late this past 5 days David and I have been up.
Listen to that LD getting extra attention with pictures of those babies. How funny. I feel his pain though. I though I had broken a rib or something after coughing so much and felt this pain rip thru my body. Of course I didn't break anything I just pulled something.
Hope you two are up and at'em soon. I've been told the Hot toddy really works. ;o)