Monday, January 27, 2014

Quadruplets times TWO = AWESOME Playdate

This afternoon I headed to Quadville for a play date!

Who KNEW my Amber would know ANOTHER Amber who has quads just 7 weeks younger than hers??? It looks like a Day Care in there!!! It is amazing how wonderful the afternoon went! They all played so well with each other. 

TWO awesome AMBER'S!!
I am thinking Quad Moms are pretty amazing!
Amber had everything prepped and ready for the afternoon and it all went as smooth as silk!
You can tell both sets of quads have exceptional social skills.
They even formed a line to slide down the slide.
Now Logan and Harper MAY have 'cut' a time or two but they were just determined and LOVED sliding!!

This little video was right after the quads woke up from their naps and we were anticipating the arrival of the OTHER set of quads!!

Can you count more than four little ones in this short clip?

Amber made sure she had a child friendly meal that hit the mark with the adults too!!
Organic mac and cheese, turkey sausage with onions and French style green beans.

Play time, visiting, dinner served in two shifts, night diapers and pajamas on and the date was over and it was time for ALL the quads to go to bed!!! 
And THAT'S how you do Quad Play Dates!!

 Louis Dean was 'home alone' after I took this pic before l left!

It's kind of scary but he's trying to straighten up his room.
We call it a 'Music' room but it's really just where he keeps all his stuff that's not allowed elsewhere in the house!! I gave up years ago on trying to make it look like a 'REAL' room!!
And I keep the door closed most of the time.

He goes in there to work and gets side tracked fairly easily!
The next time I peeked in he was playing this Ozark mouth bow which he made himself.

When I got home tonight it took me less than 20 minutes to put the kitchen to rights.
He had cooked pork chops and baked potatoes while I was gone.
I really  and truly believe he is becoming more and more civilized as we go on!!
I just hope he doesn't carry it too far!  I wouldn't want him to lose that charm!


Bev said...

What a Play day!!! WOW.... and that LD.... you guys are a hoot!!! I just can't believe he would cook a meal like that for himself.... mine could only make a peanut butter sandwich:)

Kathy said...

Although Joe can cook, he would probably call for take-away.

The two Ambers are really organized to pull off a double quad play date. I'm impressed!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Fun day for you and to come home to supper, too! xoxo

MadSnapper said...

8 little ones is a lot of babies in one room, i can tell everyone, kids and adults had a great time.. LD is a KEEPER for sure.

Vee said...

Now that's amazing! Two Ambers with quads. BTW, poor Harrison in that first photo!

Vee said...

Oops...second photo...LOL. Back to see the videos and I noticed my error.

Have to add that you're right. We don't want LD to get too tamed!

Wanda said...

Oh I have such fun coming here Linda...Now I have my dearest interested in your quads, and DL. Loved him playing his Ozark Mouth Bow... We have a very small house, but what we called the media room (computers, TV, telephones, recliner and rocking chair is "Don's Den" and I let him do what ever he wants there as long as he leaves my computer desk alone.

Love the videos of the kids...what joy they bring to a heart. Sending smiles, love and hugs...btw..I always wear earrings ~ it's a must!! HaHa

Judy said...

Wow...amazing! Having two Ambers and 8 kiddos together for a play date is most special.

I'm smiling at your LD in the kitchen...mine would only cook Kraft dinner of scrambled eggs.

Deb said...

I read Ambers post too...what a fun are so blessed to be a part of it all