Monday, January 20, 2014

I LOVE Monday!!!

Ever since Christmas I find that I am LOVING Mondays!!!
It seems that Louis Dean and I are especially productive on MONDAYS!
Last week we did a LOT of work in the front flower beds up by the house!
Thankfully the yard guys came today and blew out all the leaves in the rest of the flower beds!
There is enough work to be done without dealing with all those leaves!

Today's project, however, was INSIDE!!
Louis Dean worked on trimming out the hall.....a project I started back in August of last year!
I really wanted us to finish it today but that didn't happen. Perhaps tomorrow.......

I DID finish cleaning the 'sewing room.' This used to be known as the 'school room' back in our home schooling days.

No home school anymore but I DO sew!
I am about to start on THREE pillows for THREE special 2 year olds.
The Donley triplets!!

I found so many things when cleaning in here - including this book of animal masks!
I have them all ready for that bewitching hour in Quadville on Wednesday!
Do you remember what time that is?
Nearly ALL babies get a little antsy around 5:00! At least all FOUR of MINE did!
I attached elastic to make the masks while we sat outside.
Hard to believe tomorrow will be 25 degrees cooler than today!
39 will be the high for Thursday and Friday!
We will go from sitting on the driveway in our shirtsleeves to huddling around the fireplace in the space of a few days!

I have successfully cleaned the front half of our house!
I am seriously thinking of slip covers for the chairs on either side of the couch.
I love Kelly over at The Essence of Home and all her slipcovers!
She has inspired me with her painted furniture and now - the slipcovers!!!

Wonder if I can slip cover THESE? Or must I reupholster them?

Louis Dean and I accomplished a good bit today and are ready to relax!
He discovered we were out of wine!!! Horrors! That NEVER happens!
But it did and he made a quick trip to Sam's for wine (Chillable Red and White Zinfandel for him and Chardonnay for me - all boxes!) and PIZZA! 

We are ready to heat up the oven and pour that glass of wine and have a Monday night!!
Too bad Major Crimes is over for the season and we can't watch Black List at night.
We can always put on one of our vintage Doris Day 'Please Don't Eat the Daisies.'

As much as I love Mondays - there's always TUESDAY!!!!! I love that day, TOO!!!


Deb said...

we are having crazy weather this year....I'm lovin' all the warmness...not looking forward to the cold again..

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I didn't know you homeschooled your children...we are in our first year of homeschool Kindergarten. I also love how Aunt Kelly (yes, she is my Aunt) has slipcovers for her chair/couch, it's a very practical way.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You two were busy today! I love Doris movies! Send Me No Flowers is my favorite!

Wanda said...

Oh I love Monday's too. When I had to work full time, be a mom of four, and Pastor's wife..Monday's were no fun...but now retired and just the two of us...We did a lot of work today the garage. Taking out boxes, tossing things, re-arranging things, putting away all the Christmas, and finding my bins of Spring and Easter. As you would say...we had an easy-peasy dinner. I just posted it. Sending love and hugs...

MadSnapper said...

I might love monday if i could remember what day it is. i woke up today and had to figure out if it was Tues or Wed... i figured it out because yesterday was MLK day.. LOL... i like your furnitue just like it is. i like chairs that are reupholstered but not a fan of slip covers unless they are made so they don't look like slip covers. mother made them for her sofa all my life. she would get tired of the color and could not afford to change it,. her slipcovers fit perfectly and looked like it was re upholstered.

bj said...

Busy busy bees...I just LOVE days when we get lots accomplished.
As we age, however, those days are fewer and fewer. Guess it's time to rest more and work less...Mr. Sweet is approaching 80 and I just had my 76th.
Oh, dear....:)

Kelly said...

I bet you are the only one I've ever heard say they love Monday's! But, I like your outlook on it. It is a new week afterall and a clean slate to start over too (sort of). Your living room looks so pretty all cleaned up. Thank you so much for the shout-out! With the cane chairs, and the shape they have, upholstering might be a better option unless you can have custom slips made that tie on. I've seen some people do that before. I bet you could even make them! You see, I don't know how to make slipcovers because I don't have a sewing machine, but you do! I bet you could find some ideas online and figure out how to do them yourself. You're so good with sewing and painting which makes you a creative person. It is much colder here today too. We're getting a lot of wind. Time to use the fireplace again!

Sweet Tea said...

The mention of Doris Day took me back. I once longed to have her platinum, blonde hair AND her spunk. My efforts of "going blonde" we're a disaster but I did master a bit of her spunk. LOL

Debbie said...

ooohhhh I love all days!! I love cleaning and caring for my home!! I also enjoy "small" home improvements....the ones that chuck can do!!

Linda said...

Once I retire, or move from my current job, I hope to be able to say that I love Mondays!

Carla said...

I am not a Monday person. Maybe after I retire it will be just a day of the week. It's fun to find things we've tucked away in the corners and forgotten about. Oh the horror you ran out of wine. LOL I think it is really neat that you and LD end the day together with a glass of wine.