Thursday, April 28, 2022

At the Ranch - Babies, Critters and Bees! Wednesday and Thursday.....

I went to bed at 10:30 on Tuesday night and didn't get up until after noon on Wednesday!
Plus I took a nap at 3:00!

I walked down to Sherry's after I got up and took a tour of the new babies.

These are two of the chicks that were in my foyer last weekend.
Nothing any more precious than baby chicks.

But baby ducks are pretty cute, too!
My all time favorite critter duty is letting the ducks out in the morning and back in the evening.
They march in and out like little soldiers.

These are not new babies but they are still very young.
Sherry does love the exotic breeds and that fluffy white one is special.

See that golden rooster?
He is mean.
He's pecked Sherry and Dean more than once.
Sherry had two mean ones but - someone wanted one of them - so she's down to one!
One MEAN one, that is.
She says he's mean because they have TOO many roosters.

This is a Naked Neck chicken....

with a naked neck!!

I like the pretty hens that let you pet them!

And the goats!

There's just something about the goats!

This is the 'baby' growing bigger and bigger!

I absolutely love Sherry's clothes line!!
Buttercups and fresh sundried laundry!
That's the country way.....

I was still so tired and so was Sherry after she got off work Wednesday.

Still.....we needed to check our beehives and plan out our bee work for the weekend.

The apiary is in such a beautiful spot on the ranch.
Close to the road and to water. 
It's important to be close to the road because a super full of honey weighs about 70 pounds and you don't want to have to haul that very far come harvest time.

This is such a pretty place.

Here is Dean all suited up and ready to work!

This is the only photo I got of the bees.
I didn't have my gloves on when I took the pictures and bees were crawling all over my hand but didn't sting me at all. Though I was half way hoping they would since bee stings are supposed to help arthritic hands. I will be braver next time we work the bees and keep my gloves off. We checked our five hives and all was well.
The traps for hive beetles needed to be refilled with vegetable oil but other than that, everything looked good. Plenty of bees and brood and nectar and pollen. All of this is evidence of a good queen and a thriving hive.

Then we come to the 'Speaker Box Bees!'
These were rescued back in February and they need to be relocated to a hive box.

Dean brought his power tool down and unscrewed parts of the box so we could see what's going on inside.

Bees can get into the strangest places.

The smoke helps calm the bees down when we do our inspections.
These bees were fairly aggressive.

We saw what we needed to see.
The box is full of bees and the honeycomb is from the top down.
That's good and will be easier to transfer to frames when we put them in a hive box.
And that's what we plan to do on Friday!

Rufus came to visit us when we finished with the bees.
Sherry and Dean brought down baked potatoes and pulled pork for dinner and I was so grateful. It's taken me awhile to rest up and I had to go to bed on the early side Wednesday night.

Thankfully, I woke up back to my usual self this morning!
I did my prayers and quiet time with my coffee and then spent the day doing some writing in my book and later on some art.

Louis Dean gave me a very real gift for my writing today.
If I had stayed married to Jesse, April 26th would have been my 59th wedding anniversary.
Some years I remember and some years I don't.
I remembered this year because I am at the point in my book - September 1983 - that is a difficult part for me to write.
I was talking to Louis Dean after our reading time and he said, "Just tell me what you are writing about." so i did, and he said, "Now go in there and write what you just told me."
Somehow that helped me so much.
I only write one hour at a time. My goal is to write every day but that hasn't really happened yet. Today I wrote the hour and, although it drains me to go back in time and relive a traumatic time, I was satisfied with what I wrote.
He said I should read it to him in the morning and then tell him the next part and go in and write that.
After I get to 1986 I won't have a problem because I have my handwritten diaries.
It's hard to tell your story. Hard to remember the devastating and crippling feelings of so long ago, I'm not the same person now that I was then and Louis Dean told me to remember that and write like I was talking about someone else.
He was such a source of encouragement for me today.

I took these pictures as I sat on the front deck watching him work this late afternoon/early evening.

Just a dirty overalls......looking for a place to plow.

No spot is too small......

any spot will do.

....even around a tree!

I love how he loves to dig in the earth!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Tuesday's Treasures!

 Tuesday morning was my last school run!
As soon as we get in the car, we all make note of the time and then we each guess when we will arrive. Harrison and I both said 7:30 and we were exactly right!!!

I returned to the Bells and did my Quiet Time before stripping the sheets off the bed and putting them in the washing machine, loading all my various bags - because I am SUCH a bag lady!

It was after 9:00 when I left and since it was Tuesday and since there is an excellent Goodwill not far from their house - I decided to go Goodwill Hunting before I went home.

I'm so glad I did!

The green Michael Kors bag was just $2.99 less the senior discount.

The sunflower plates came from the Dollar store originally and I already have a set - but I can always use more. I seldom ever use paper plates so it's nice to have enough sunflowers to go around!

I fell in love with THESE!!!!

Quality plates at a mere $0.75 each!!

The matching bowls were less than fifty-cents!

I love this kind of lamp!

Brand new - never used coffee pot for $3.29! 
And another tall lamp!

I was in the Goodwill all of half an hour!
Home to regroup and repack and reload.

I made good time getting to Mart stopping only once at the Rest Area.

I always admire this house as I come in on Hwy 939.
It has a little guest house in back that I would love to see!

Getting closer!

I had called Louis Dean when I got into Mart so he was waiting for me at the gate!

Before I left home, I cut a big basket of honeysuckle to make up a bouquet.

Louis Dean had weeded the rose garden and the peach roses were blooming like crazy!

I gathered up some wildflowers to fill in the bouquet.

I'm sure our bees are gathering nectar and pollen from all the flowers around here!

I hope to have honeysuckle growing here next year!
It smells heavenly!
The scent of spring and summer!

This is a cutting from the peach rose bush.
Sherry heard about rooting it in a potato!
Never hurts to try something!

Tuesday was our bee meeting night in Waco but I was beyond tired and Sherry was, too.
Rosey had been swamped by work so she wasn't going to the bee meeting either!

It's good to be back in the country!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Monday's Target Run With Amber!

 We ALL went to bed early last night and my alarm went off at 5:50 this morning and I only pushed the snooze button once!

By 6:20 I could hear the kids getting up and dressed and they were downstairs by 6:30.
I cooked up a hot breakfast of hash browns, bacon and eggs....

and I added some toast for me. Amber buys this amazing Artesano bread that makes the best toast and garlic bread!

We lingered a minute or two - or three to be precise - TOO long over breakfast!
This made our arrival time for school at 7:33 instead of our goal of 7:30!
Not bad! Not bad, at all!

As the kids are scrambling out of the car, I call out, "Make good choices!" like I saw in a movie once. What WAS that movie? I think Jamie Lee Curtis said that in Freaky Friday.

Monday is Amber's weekly trip to Target for her groceries.
I wondered if I would be doing this solo with her list - and Amber ALWAYS has a list!

But NO! She was game to get out of the house and we all know how much Amber loves her trips to Target! 

Here she comes!!!!

Amber and I may have had a tea party on the cracker aisle 4!
We got Starbucks drinks and the vanilla scones when we came in!
Hard to shop, nibble and drink at the same time so we parked our carts and enjoyed ourselves!

It was a fun afternoon!

This is part of my Target buys!

Plus I saved myself a ton of money by buying my makeup and fragrance in the Ulta section there.
Last May I shopped Sephora and it all cost a pretty penny more there- but it did last me nearly a year.

We had the cart Amber was riding in plus my cart completely full with her groceries and my things . I went to get the car and when I got back, a kind employee had offered to load the groceries for us! We drove straight home and unloaded the bags on the driveway and Mike was taking them in for us while I went to do the school pick up!
This time I stayed in the car and took my turn loading the kids up at the curb.

The kids had gymnastics tonight so I put dinner on and while they were gone, 

Amber and I watched a movie!
It's what we DO!!

I brought the things with me to make dinner tonight.
I knew they liked the Angel Chicken I made when they were at the ranch for spring break so I made that again along with roasted veggies and garlic knots...

and we had apple pie and ice cream for dessert!

I'll do the morning school run and then go back down to the ranch. 
We have a bee meeting tomorrow night!
I've had such a good time and it's been wonderful to spend this time with Amber and Mike and the kids. Trystan asked me the other day when I was going to leave - that she didn't want me to go. I told her that the key to a good visit is to leave before you really WANT to go and before THEY want me to go!

Amber is right on schedule with her recovery and is doing well.
We have all enjoyed being together but it's time for me to go home.

Besides, Louis Dean is missing me!
And I am missing him!!