Sunday, April 21, 2024

Scenes From the Country!

 Thursday morning we were up early and heading to Marlin, Texas to meet up with a sister blogger, Donna, and husband Larry.

Love all the country scenery! Lots of cows and field after field of corn!

They live in the Waco area and love Mexican food like we do!
El Charro in Marlin is really good!

Meet Donna and Larry!
They are just the sweetest couple and still deeply in love after 52 years of marriage!
Donna has a blog called Made in Heaven!
It was such a good visit and we plan to get together again soon!
We are already like old friends!

Walmart is right next to the restaurant so we had a list and checked it twice and found everything we were needing.

Back to putter all afternoon.
I took down the denim skirt on the coffee bar and hung this cute fabric I got at the thrift store last month.

Lit the candle and called it pretty!

Friday morning was next to being COLD when I woke up.

Louis Dean had my coffee made and the electric warming blanket all heated up and waiting for me on the front deck.
I suppose the mornings were my favorite times here this week,
So quiet and peaceful and no fire engines, ambulances or police sirens.

Louis Dean absolutely LOVES to play in the dirt!
He's made a campfire every day but Saturday when it rained.

He also enjoys tilling!
Never mind that we aren't putting in a garden or anything!
He was 'making the ground level' he said.

He has been so happy and stayed busy doing all the things he loves to do!

I've been doing several art projects.
Finally got Samantha and Tabitha nearly finished.
One more session for highlights and whiskers!

I based in another Santa couple I'll be giving a friend.

I have painted this colorful horse before but wanted to do it again as a gift to someone special.

Yesterday I wrote 2076 words on Chapter 32 of my memoir....
First time I have sat down and got an entire chapter done in one afternoon!
Plus Amber is editing the early chapters now!
I truly believe I'm going to finish this book and hopefully this year!

We have been eating healthy meals.

One of Louis Dean's favorite meals is chili dogs.
When we came down last Sunday, we stopped at HEB and I bought fancy hotdog buns, grated cheese, onions, 2 cans of chili - no beans - and 2 packages of hot dogs!

Friday I turned on the grill and gathered all my ingredients together - but could NOT find the hotdogs!! Not in the fridge....not in the freezer compartment....not in the deep freezer....not in the beverage where to be found!
I never did find them!

We are heading home in a little while.
Louis Dean is ready and I am not - but we will be back next month and maybe for two weeks instead of one!

PS.... Change of plans!
We were packed up, camper and front room clean and LD ha us all loaded!
But we were tired - so we decided to have a glass of wine and stay an extra night!
Fished out the insulated bags and some potatoes -
put the potatoes on to cook and will take a nap - then loaded baked potatoes and a salad for supper!
It's a Win! WIN!!!

Will stop in Waco for breakfast and head home after traffic!
One more morning at the ranch.....
I'm loving this extra night1

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Gentle Country Days.....

It is absolutely WONDERFUL to be here at the ranch!
I can't thank Dean and Sherry enough for their gracious hospitality in allowing us to not only 'squat' here but to enlarge our presence and send down some pretty deep roots in what is -in my opinion - the most perfect spot on the property! 

An evening campfire is just one of the many pleasures here!

I have a funny story to tell - it happened on Sunday!

I flooded my tiny camper bathroom the day we arrived - had the faucet turned on full blast when the water was turned on and since I wasn’t IN the camper - I didn’t notice it until I saw the cats standing at attention! So this is Louis Dean’s idea for drying out the toilet paper!!! He’s a creative thinker!!

Those rolls are STILL wet!

A beautiful bouquet of roses and wildflowers and a scented candle are on the table between our chairs in the front room and I love sitting here for my Quiet Time in the mornings.

We had cereal for breakfast and a delicious supper of Tacos on tostados,

It looked so pretty!

I did the final step on my Christmas truck painting by glazing it with Liquin.

And I finished the companion piece to the Barista for son Jesse.
Just need to let it dry and then glaze.

I worked on my cat painting of Tabitha and Samantha.....
I did okay on Samantha but totally messed up Tabitha - so I will be working on them again!

It was early to bed on Tuesday night  - I did not go to the bee meeting as I could NOT bring myself to leave the ranch!

Wednesday morning and this is my Country look!
No make up - hair pulled up in a twist - hat and apron on - loose clothes and bare feet!
I love it!!

I saw the workers arriving this morning and while Louis Dean was taking a morning nap I decided to walk down here and see what they were doing.

The goats are everywhere!

They are curious creatures and try and chew the clothes right off your body!

The house is HERE and now the movers are putting it in position next to the existing house....with a little help from the goats! NOT!
To me it is like magic that that huge house that was up County Line Road and to the left is now HERE!! Exciting times at the ranch!

Dean is an avid gardener and I am always so impressed with his plantings and with Sherry's house plants. Put together - it's green inside and outside their home!

Son Dean delights in making 'toys' available to his dad!
First this week was the weed whacker! Not it's a Craftsman Alligator tool!

They are having too much FUN!
No----can one have TOO much? I don't think  so!

Son Dean, LD and I were sitting on the deck having happy hour together when guess who joined us???

Brother to Tabitha and Samantha and Ginger!

Sherry said he has not been seen since the last time we were down here - 35 days ago!
I fed him a rotisserie chicken carcass that I had been saving for him and some cat food and he was STILL hungry! So I added some pepperoni and he finally got full and nestled with me on the slider.

Rufus is our oldest grand dog and we love him.
He's blind and deaf but he knows when we are here and comes up to visit and I always have treats for him.

I'm loving every single minute of BEING here!


Monday, April 15, 2024

Bloom Sisterhood, Alan American Hockey Game and we are IN the Country!

My alarm went off at 6:00 Saturday morning - and I pushed SNOOZE three times before I got up!
Brenda and I had tickets for Boom at Fellowship Church and I wanted to be ready by 8:30.

Louis Dean was awake as well and asked if I would have coffee with him.
I said, "After my shower."
He is so sweet!
He said, "I'll go turn your coffee on now and then I will listen for when you turn the water off and will pour it for you to meet me in the music room."

We had our first cup together as we watched the birds at the feeder right outside his window.
He made me a second cup after I got dressed and then a THIRD cup after I did my face and hair.

I love that he wants to spend time with me.

I had no idea how huge an event this was to be!
SO many ladies!!! We had to park a long way from the church entrance and I did NOT wear walking shoes! We saw one beautiful lady in stiletto heels and she was really struggling! 

Lisa Young was the first speaker and she was wonderful!
Brenda and I had great seats thanks to one of friends that she serves with had saved places for us.


The second speaker was Candace Cameron Bure and I can't believe I totally forgot to take a pic!
She was such a joy and her testimony is amazing!

I did not realize that she is also a producer and this is her latest movie.

There was a free showing at 3:00 that afternoon at Fellowship!
Brenda and I didn't get to go since we had already made other plans but I am looking forward to seeing this!

The Bells invited us to an Allan Americans hockey game!

It was SO much FUN!!!

Louis Dean and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!
And we WON!!!

I'm going to have to get me one of THESE!!!

We meant to be on the road by noon Sunday to head to the ranch - but it was 2:00 before we pulled out of the driveway. Stopped at Home Dept and HEB in Waco and were at the gate by 5:00

We are HERE!!!!
And with no gnashing of teeth, either!

Everything is so GREEN!!

Son Dean loaned his dad his weed whacker and LD got right to work clearing a path to the small fire pit!

It is so wonderful to BE here!!!

I couldn't wait to get up this morning and go out and see everything!

The yard is a wildflower meadow and I am so excited!

Louis Dean is weed whacking around huge bouquets leaving them to bloom!

We brought two new rose bushes to add to the rose garden.

We have discovered that roses grow well here - even in extreme heat and little rain!

LD hung up the new wind chime I bought at Hobby Lobby on Saturday.

Son Dean brought down two goats to help Louis Dean 'mow' the grass!

There's two big stakes to chain them so they can't eat where the prettiest flowers are.

I went down to see Sherry around noon today and the mops walked along with me.

Baby chicks....banties.

A roaming goat came up to visit with Samantha!

It's thrilling to see the huge 1925 house sitting next to theirs!
This is the antique door they will use for their master bedroom.
Sherry's been working on it!

Original rug from 1925.
Can you imagine how pretty that must  have been?

Original linoleum ....
 I may ask for a small square to clean up and frame.

We are having a ball and I am so thrilled to be here!
I've done some nesting and fluffing and am about to set the art table up.

I do love leftovers and this was Louis Dean's lunch.
I think I'm going to do easy food this week!

I believe there's a bee meeting tomorrow night and I'm hoping we get to meet up with a sister blogger and her hubby sometime this week for a visit.

I finished Still Alice and it was such a good book and helped me have a deeper understanding of dementia. 

I think I will read a Nicolas Sparks book now!