Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday With Mother

It's good to be well again!I missed going to Fort Worth last week so today was the first time I've seen Mother this YEAR! Louis Dean went with me and we drove the whole way over in the rain. It was WARM rain with the high today of 68 degrees. Nice not to be freezing cold.

We took Mother to the Golden Corral for lunch - always a favorite place to go.
At least for Mother and Louis Dean!
HE likes it because he can eat all he wants and SHE likes it because she can choose exactly what she wants. At a cafeteria she can point but they don't always give her what she was REALLY pointing at and at restaurants it works best if they have colorful menus with pictures of the dishes.
Louis Dean got a bowl of ice cream with hot caramel for dessert. Mother was watching him and said, "I'm going to say 'THANK YOU' and then he will give it to me and he can go get another one!' (And she spoke this pretty clearly, too!) So he came back to the table and she smiled real big and said THANK YOU!!
He said, "You're welcome! Go get some!" I told her the joke didn't work, did it? She said - clear as a bell - "I didn't think it WOULD!" I got a bowl of ice cream for her and after she ate it all - SHE went back and got another one!

She ate every last bite!!
We had a good time!
We took her home and I showed her all my blog posts and pictures and videos from Christmas until now so she is all up to date on what's been happening.
I take her around on Facebook to see the pictures and posts of friends and family and that's where we found a crazy funny video of an 88 year old 'Nana' dancing to Runaround Sue!'
We played it over and over laughing all the way through every single time!

I found another one while ago and I'll have to show it to Mother next time!
I bet this lady is so much FUN!!

Thanks, Deanie! You find the best stuff to post on Facebook!!
Louis Dean and I went by to see Deanie and Charlie on our way home and that was fun!
I'm afraid Deanie encourages him in his outlandish ideas! He was spouting off and that only made her laugh more!

We are having a quiet evening after all the adventures of today.
Canned soup and saltine crackers will be our supper as we watch a little TV.
I'm glad we had our Friday with Mother!

I forgot to add a couple of really cute pics in last night's journal so I am putting them here!

Our Amber with her quadlings!

Is this not PRECIOUS??
Little Kailey giving her mama a big hug!
It doesn't get any sweeter than that!!


Deb said...

your Mom is a the photos of the Quads...glad you had a great day...

Wanda said...

What a fun day with your mom. My mom loved the Golden Corral, but they closed the one down where she lived. She was so disappointed, that ice cream with choc. sauce was her favorite. I miss her, so thanks for sharing you mom.
That Mommy hug is just so sweet.
I had a great evening and day with one of our grandsons, Jon (almost 13).I shared a photo he took on my blog. I was so impressed, and he took it with my little Cannon Power Shot.
BTW I left a little history of me and Don on your comment on the West Coast Birds. Didn't know if you saw it.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your mom is such a hoot, and I mean that in a good, fun way. I would so enjoy joining all of you for lunch!

The video made me die laughing!! What spunk!!

Thanks always for a great post, Linda!


Pondside said...

It looks like your Friday outing was a lot of fun! I'll be seeing my mum on Friday - can't wait. It's a 6 hour flight with a hug from my mum at the end of it - aren't we lucky daughters?

MadSnapper said...

YES to precious on the last shot... and i love that photo of you and your mother. that soft ice cream in Golden Corral is sooo good and i have mine just like LD does.. we love Golden C breakfast buffet...

Vee said...

Awwwww...that is a super photo. Your poor mother! She just can't catch a break! LOL! Off to visit You Tube so I can make John laugh.

Vee said...

They removed the video! Can you believe it?

LV said...

Thanks for sharing your day out with your mother. I think it is great and more people need to do that. Your mother sounds like a lot of fun.

Carla said...

Glad you're feeling well enough to spend time with your momma.
I love that video of that granny dancing. Cracked me up.

That ornery LD didn't catch the joke or did he just ignore the meaning....hmmm lol