Thursday, January 30, 2014

A CRAZY Warm Welcome!!

We always get such a WARM WELCOME when we come in the door at Quadville!
They are always happy to see me.......

but they go CRAZY when they see Granddad!!!

Lunch is FUN x FOUR!
These babies eat well and then go upstairs in their cribs for about  3 hours.
I am always amazed! They nap and then play quietly in their cribs. Amber prepares each crib with a soft blanket, pillow, quiet toys and books, and a sippy cup of water.
Nap time gives Amber an opportunity to leave the house and do errands and work related things while we are here. What do WE do during this time? I usually help with laundry or something and then read or nap myself. Louis Dean?

THIS is what HE does! The quad table is a great place to organize his music!
I was in the living room and heard him singing.
PS - he sings better when he thinks no one is listening!

Our most favorite time is when we get the babies up!
They are rested and happy and so much fun!!

Kailey was VERY concerned over a little boo boo Granddad had on his hand!

Diapers are changed upstairs in one of the nurseries and we linger about a half hour to play up there.

I had placed the teddy bear and chair in the playroom just waiting for the quads to come down.
I figured they would love him or be scared!

They loved him!!! Trystan especially!
The chair was a hit too! Amber had to bring in some other ones so EVERYONE could have a chair of their own!

oops! Wrong video and I can't figure out how to take it OFF!!
Note to self - check each one BEFORE publishing!!

This is my favorite little video clip of the how Little Kailey started singing to herself!

They are turning into little PEOPLE in front of my very eyes!

A good day just got BETTER when Aunt Summer came!

Raynie is 3 - will be 4 in June - so Aunt Summer gets another dose of babyhood with the quads.
Louis Dean is in the playroom singing to the others!

Aunt Summer is so good with them!

 There's something about a mother's heart that delights in having her children together!!
My oldest daughter and my youngest!
When I had Amber (I was an older mom - 36 at the time!) Summer was just 21 and starting out in her career. Our roles in life were reversed at that time! SHE would come over and be like the grandmother with Amber and I would be so grateful for the extra hands and help. The very first time I took Amber out to the mall using a stroller - Summer was with me. She has ALWAYS had a special place in her heart for her baby sister and I can't tell you how much I love seeing them together! And I love that Summer is now a 'Mummers' and gets to experience all the blessings of motherhood!

It was a GOOD day in Quadville yesterday!
AND we are still here this morning!! I'm heading into the kitchen now! I hear the babies in there having their breakfast!

Thank you, Amber, for making my blog look so pretty!!!!


MadSnapper said...

glad you had a good day in quad ville. have you ever thought about how it will be when you have FOUR that are age THIRTEEN at the same time???

Kelly said...

Those quads are so lucky to have so many family members caring for them. That gives them a lot of love and different faces. Glad to know that your gifts were a hit. I knew they would be.

Carla said...

Sounds like a wonderful in Quad land. They are turning into little people. Each with their own style. Adorable too