Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blog Post #999!

We made a bonus trip to Quadville yesterday! Normally we come over on Wednesdays but Amber needed a little bit of extra help so we arrived just as the babies woke up from their afternoon naps.

It's getting harder and harder to hold even THREE in my lap these days!!

All four of them love Granddad's overalls!

They zip the zipper and play with the big pocket.

The babies are always excited to see me......

but they go WILD over Granddad!!

It was a great afternoon filled with all kinds of activity!

These kids are little gymnasts!!

They are doing puzzles now and as they entertain themselves - 
they also keep US thoroughly entertained as well!

Lots and lots of play!

They love shoes and Kailey was earnestly trying to put these tiny ones on Granddad!

Logan loves accessories!! I usually try to wear something fancy just for them.
They love scarves!

Granddad gave them a guitar lesson allowing each one to strum it.

Granddad brought a three quarter fiddle to show them today!
He has more instruments than some bands!

My heart feels like it is bursting at the seams with love and gratitude for God's graciousness in giving us these four little miracles.

I thank Him every single day for the life He allows me to live.

Amber has FOUR little helpers which means EIGHT extra hands!!!

We used FOUR different cameras yesterday.
We finally found all of them and I have decided to try and use the better quality ones.
The pics today are still from my little point and shoot.
I am looking forward to seeing how the others turned out later this afternoon.

All too soon the day was over and it was time to go 'Nite! Nite!' for the babies.

The quads go to bed around 7:30 at which time we plate OUR dinner and WINE down the day.
Amber served a Cupcake Red Velvet wine and it was delicious.
You actually tasted a touch of 'Red Velvet Cake' as you sipped just before the swallow.

As much as I love our DAYS in Quadville - the evenings are just as enjoyable.
I get to spend some quality time with my youngest daughter!
We always have a good meal, a good wine and a good time!!


Vee said...

Ahhhhh...right at the top of my list this morning; I see that I must head for the PC to watch videos...good! I know that I'll enjoy them. (My grands love John, too. They'll give him a hug without being asked. I decided some months ago that I would no longer ask for hugs...steal one every now and then, but no asking. If John and I were keeping score...and I might be...he's winning big time!)

MadSnapper said...

i think my favorite shot is the 8 extra hands... oh my and the zipper playtime is adorable.

Jan said...

So sweet to see their different little personalities! Our grandson is doing the "headstand" thing too-so funny!

Jackie See said...

Love, love those photos! We are painting our bathroom and then the laundry flooded this morning, so I am not getting much on my list accomplished. I always look forward to your posts Linda, the grands are just adorable!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Linda,
I sure enjoyed this post! How delightful the babies are and growing so big.
I love their sweet little faces and how they love their Grandma and Grandpa. You surely have been blessed!
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Wanda said...

The videos are so adorable. I was laughing right along with you, and loved hearing yours and DL voices.

Your sweet Amber so cute too. Our youngest, Jill (43) had her first baby (and last) June 2013. They live in OR and I wish I could play with out little Tristan like you do. Jill never thought she could have children due to an car accident she had at 18 that left her with health issues. But Tristan is our miracle baby. Sending love Linda. Have the pork chop crock pot dinner going as I type...sure smells good.

chris said...

you're such a lucky Grandma to have these sweet babies in your life! you must have such fun!! nad congrats in advance for your 1K post! woo-hoo!!

Hootin Anni said...

Mmmmmm, that wine and your description of the first taste.....oh boy. I gotta go look for some of that!!! Funny, they like shoes. We know where that's going now, don't we? Hope the parents have a big shoe account started! They're gonna need it. LOL

And you say they entertain you and hubby?!!! My dear, they entertain us ALL. I always enjoy popping in on y'all.

Congrats on #999!!

Jutta said...

So sweet post!! Adorable videos and photos. The babies are learning so fast and such a many things. They are so precious and beautiful. Love your posts Linda!