Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Grateful Hearts and Update on Trystan.......

It is with a grateful heart that I write my journal entry tonight.
A TIRED body but a GRATEFUL heart!

Trystan was released in the wee hours of the morning and slept the rest of the night snuggled close to Mama and Daddy! Louis Dean and I had rushed over last night and left Lucy in her kennel. We went ahead and spent the night - or what was left of it - and then woke up at 6:30 to go home and let Lucy out. I went straight bed where I stayed and slept until noon! Louis Dean stayed up with Lucy and then watched the news and started cooking the pinto beans I had put to soak yesterday. The delicious smell woke me up!

Amber called me as she was leaving the doctor's office where she had a follow up appointment for Trystan after that scary ER experience last night. The last test they want to do is an EEG which Amber will get scheduled. We are just so grateful Trystan is feeling so much better!
AND we are so grateful for all of you who held us up in prayer!!
I have to confess - I was a mess! I was scared to death and knew Amber would be nearly beside herself. She kept her head and held fast! I got so discombobulated on the drive to the hospital that I very nearly got us killed!! I was in a turn lane and discovered I wasn't suppose to turn so I checked my mirror and pulled over. The car was in my blind spot and was going fast - thank goodness - because just split seconds and inches saved us from a serious accident!

After talking to Amber, we decided to come back to Quadville this afternoon and spend the night.
They had one last Family Christmas Gathering that they were planning on hosting. After the ER trip and the fever episode (Trystan continues to have some fever issues - as does Logan now) that ruled that out. It was decided that we would come over and stay while the parents went to the gathering.
Win! WIN!! I was anxious to see Trystan anyway!

We loaded up our dog and cat and my Bible basket (to organize it for the new year) plus a couple of guitars and a bag of food! We were OFF!

However, we made a Whataburger stop on our way!!

I have been hungry for this for a week!!!
Since Goodwill was just right there and since it WAS Tuesday -
I left all the critters including Louis Dean in the car and made a run!
Let's just say Lucy was VERY crowded in the back seat!

Logan and Trystan didn't nap this afternoon so they greeted us and were happy to see Maddie had come to visit!

Harrison and Kailey DID nap so as soon as they woke up they headed straight for Granddad!

The quads always want a Tea Party and I am always willing to give them one!

Peach Tea!!

We used the new Frozen tea set their mama bought them for Christmas!

It's so good to see Trystan feel like her normal little self!

The girls helped me wash up the tea set and dry it to store away in a Snowman Tin!
I received the tin from Sabrina filled with scrumptious cookies and chocolate covered pretzels.
We ate the rest of the cookies and I am leaving the tin since it goes perfectly with the tea set.

After the tea party things began to go downhill........
at one point I had all four babies standing around me in a circle and they were all either crying, yelling, talking or upset! At this same moment all three dogs were barking and BOTH TV sets were blaring top it off........Louis Dean was playing the guitar and singing at the top of his lungs!!!! I HAD to laugh!!!!! Better this than last night in the ER!!!!
To be clear - Granddad was trying to get their attention so I could cook supper!
That didn't work very well.....

I fried up potatoes and onions, heated up the pinto beans and buttered the cornbread.
Dinner was served!!!
Poor Logan had not napped this afternoon so she was overly tired.
She had worked herself up before dinner and by the time it was ready - she was DONE!
I held her awhile and when she calmed down I was able to get her to eat from a plate on my lap.
The other three ate very well!!

I changed their diapers and put their pajamas on one by one as we took them out of the quad table. 
Logan was first. Trystan was second. They know how to take turns and the meaning of the word 'next!' Just as I started to get Kailey, Harrison spoke out very loudly and firmly, "Get me OUT of  here, MeeMAW!!!" I did!!

Logan was running a fever by now so I fully expected her and Trystan to be the first to go to sleep.
Not so.
Granddad got his two asleep (Harrison and Kailey) and found my two still awake.
I had gone downstairs. I had done everything I could think of to do.

When I went back up to check on them, THIS is what I found.
Granddad has such a soft heart!
He ended up getting all FOUR to sleep tonight!
With only 5 hours of sleep last night - he won the prize for hanging in there!!!

After all were asleep, he and I enjoyed watching Killing Lincoln together!
We need to watch this yet again!

Good night - or I should say - Good MORNING, from Quadville!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And the Winner IS.......Plus a Prayer Request......

Louis Dean and I have spent another cozy day at home.
I didn't get out of bed until 10:00 and stayed in my gown and robe until after noon!

I spent most of the day here in the den reading and puttering around.
I had a couple of books to finish and some thank you notes to write.
Tonight we did the name drawing for the 2015 Country Diary.
I had 15 names written on papers and LD mixed and shook them up really good!

We did this very scientifically! 

I will be getting this in the mail tomorrow!!!

We sat out on the driveway with our feet propped up and had a glass of wine before dinner.
I think the leftovers have about had it now!

I was just adding this pic from Sunday night and was about to post this journal entry when I got a call from Mike. Amber had been at Target with all four babies when Trystan had a seizure and started turning blue. The Target people and customers were amazing and helped deal with the other three kids, called 911 for Amber as she was trying to get Trystan to respond. The Target had a clinic in it so a nurse was on the scene to help as well. Mike arrived and took the other three with him and Amber went with Trystan by ambulance to the hospital. As soon as Mike called me we were on our way!

This is from Amber's Facebook page.......

"Prayer request: please pray for Trystan. I was at Target with all four kids by myself and she had a seizure in the middle of check out. We took an ambulance up to hospital and they are running tests and giving some basic meds until they know more. Please cover my sweet girl in your prayers. Will provide updates as I'm able."

It was pretty scary! She looked so tiny and frail in that big bed.
Once they got an IV started and she had some fluids, she began to look a lot better!

Look at her holding her Granddad's finger!

Mike had taken the other three to Chick Fil A for dinner and then they all joined us up in the ER.

When ONE quad goes to the hospital - they ALL go!!!
Logan was so sweet trying to comfort her sister.
Kailey and Harrison were also concerned so it was a good thing they got to see her.
The hospital staff was wonderful and showed me where to get ice, water, coffee, juices and such.
The three little ones sash shayed down the ER hall and I fixed them watered down cranberry/grape juice they called 'tea!'

By the time Louis Dean and I were ready to take them home to Quadville, Trystan was even feeling playing a little bit with Logan.

It was after 11:00 when we got them in bed and they were such troopers!!!
It was hard on Logan who shares a room with Trystan. It troubled her that Trystan wasn't there.
Amber and Mike called about that time and we put our phones on speaker so the girls could tell each other good night. Squeezes my heart!

As I write this, Trystan is still in the hospital and her parents are both with her,
So far the tests have not revealed anything except that she is running a fever.
They have one more test to run before they decide whether she can come home or be admitted.

You may think the prayer request is for Trystan. 
Prayers would be very much appreciated.
However, the main request is prayer for our Amber!
This has been so hard on her! It's a Quad Mom's nightmare!
To have FOUR and then something happen to one of them and you still have the other three to look after! The whole hospital scene is fraught with emotions for Amber.
She held herself together and did what had to be done - even though she was scared to death!!
God was with her as he always is! 
I've said it before and I am saying it again -
Amber is the BEST mother I have ever met in my life!!
Praying for calm and strength and comfort for her tonight ....and every night.....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Sunday After Christmas...........

It was time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming today!
While we have given up on making it to the early morning Sunday School class (at least for the time being) we DID make it to church on time!

Amber and Mike invited us to their house after church so we enjoyed a good spaghetti lunch while watching the Dallas Cowboys football game!!

Logan is in a 'Hug a Bunny' stage right now!
She melts my heart.

Harrison is looking more and more like his daddy!
He is such a SWEET boy!!!

Kailey is the WILD CARD and gives everyone a run for their money - siblings, parents, grandparents, ALL!!

Little Miss Trystan is a Little Polly Perfect if you ask me!

This was their THIRD Christmas!!!
My, how far we have all come!!
Here's what they looked like that first year:

The quads were so excited to show us some of their new toys!!!

This Tool Work Bench is the BEST!

Pretty COOL!!!

This was a gift from the other set of grandparents!

GREAT gift and all FOUR of the kids love playing with it!
That makes it a Win! WIN!! for sure!

I helped get lunch on the table while Amber worked on my iPad!
I finally learned how to turn it ON, and how to mute the volume but I could NOT get it to charge!!
Amber figured it out!! Louis Dean bought a super duper cover for it and had them put it ON for him in the store so when I opened the gift it would be ready to turn on!
Alas, they put the cover on OVER the cellophane wrapping! Problem #1!
Problem #2 is that the cover doesn't really fit properly. It presses down on the volume button and also covers the eye of the camera so I can't even take a photo!
She fixed it where I can charge it now and advised LD to take it to the Geek Squad tomorrow and have them put on the RIGHT cover! It was NOT the Geek Squad that put this one on but a regular employee. The day Louis Dean bought it he carried in a bag of 2 dozen cinnamon rolls for the Geek Squad so we feel sure they will take care of this problem. Louis Dean has a membership with them - that's the only way we can keep up with this electronic age!

We are watching what we say even more carefully these days as the babies latch on to certain words!
You never know what sounds will strike their fancy!
'Dungle' is the word Harrison is stuck on now.
I think that is a computer term he picked up from his Uncle!

Love her little face!!!

Kailey needed a break from being in group of FOUR today so we brought her home with us!
We watched a little football - 

 and then she and I snuggled up together in our bed WITH the heated blanket on and SLEPT for nearly TWO glorious hours!!!
She and I BOTH needed this!

Let me tell you - that Kailey girl talked every minute after she woke up!!

When she wasn't talking - she was SINGING! Loudly!!
Amber and Mike called and said they were at Bass Pro Shop with the other three and would come by and pick Kailey up. It was close to dinnertime so I invited them to come eat supper with us.
Lunch at their house! Supper at ours!

Kailey helped me get the potatoes ready for the oven!

Baked Potato Bar with fresh bacon, butter, sour cream, cheese, and French fried onion rings!
I added some garlic green beans and the rest of the Christmas ham.
Dessert was cookies and 'Bacon and Eggs!'

After we ate and diapers were changed and they were loaded up in the car to go home, 
Harrison said, "See ya Wednesday, MeeMaw! Okay??"
I assured him we would be there when he woke up from his nap Wednesday afternoon!!

It's been a good Sunday! Louis Dean and I both feel better and have enjoyed the day without overdoing it.

I do LOVE me some Dallas Cowboys!!!!

LD asked me if I would like to watch a program after I finish this post.
I told him we'd better watch as much football as we can!
The season is just about OVER!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Cozy, Comfy Saturday and a Country Diary Give Away

This has been THE best Saturday I have had in a long time!! 
Louis Dean and I slept in, lingered over coffee and our reading and lazed around the house all day.

I puttered around a bit - straightening up this and fluffing up that. I ran a load of laundry and organized Louis Dean's sox and t-shirts.

As is my custom, I light a candle as each room is freshened up.

I am enjoying the coziness of a home still dressed for Christmas.

No snow here in North Texas today but it IS cold!

Cold enough to turn on the heated blanket when I took my nap this afternoon.

Louis Dean worked on his music while I slept and then sang several songs for me when I woke up.

We continue to eat 'leftovers' instead of cooking 'new' food.
It's kind of like there's a lull in the action around here!
I'm enjoying every minute of it!
I was seriously so tired I was afraid I was getting sick.
I think I was simply exhausted.
Hopefully this day will put me back on the PLUS side of energy!

I have been keeping a handwritten journal since 1986 using Our Country Diary by Michel Design Works. In January of this year I went to the bookcase to get my 2014 Diary and it was NOT THERE!
The diaries are mailed out in October and I distinctly remembered sliding the book into the bookcase.
The problem was - it was a memory from the year before!
I didn't realize that until several weeks ago. I thought I must have accidentally thrown it away.
When THIS year's Country Diary did not arrive by November - I called the company direct.
As it happened, the book club I originally ordered the Diary from no longer offers it.
SO I DID NOT get a Diary for 2014 after all!!!!

I ordered TWO for 2015 and they arrived within days!
I would like to give the extra one to YOU - if you would enjoy an old fashioned diary to journal in!

I know not everyone journals so if YOU do and would like this extra one - just leave a comment saying so. If there is more than one, I will write the names on pieces of paper and put them in a basket and let Louis Dean draw a name.
This is Saturday evening and the New Year starts on Thursday.
I want to be able to get this in the mail to you so I will get Louis Dean to draw the name Monday night!

I have so enjoyed these Country Diaries!!
Hope YOU will, TOO!

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Christmas Medley!

Our Christmas was made of many wonderful moments!

I had ALL of my grandchildren with me on Christmas Eve!
This is only the second photo of us all together ever!

I also had all four of my children!!

We had fun!

Can you tell? 
This was a night for funny faces!

Sam and Levi and I......

Christmas Eve was a good night of music and family and friends.
Sam played the violin.......

Granddad played the guitar.

I had the tables all set for dinner.
The grown children all sat together in the dining room.

All of the grands would be with Granddad and me in the den.

The older grands would sit at the game table.

There was plenty to snack on as we waited for everyone to arrive!

We even had Bacon and Eggs!
ALL the kids loved THESE!

The guest room is a favorite with the grands.
That's where the TOYS live!

The dining room was a lively place!
Amber did her 'Chubby Cheeks' routine for us!

They were all reminiscing about their younger days at the dinner table!

Funny Faces seemed to be the theme of the evening!
The story Summer started telling was when she was a teenager and our church had just called a new youth minister. She fed him a real line about having hair transplants! He accepted the call and was addressing the congregation and wanted to commend the courageous young Summer AND her sacrificing parents! You can imagine MY surprise and SUMMER'S dismay!!!
Being Summer's mother has never been boring!!!

Amber organized everyone opening their presents where we could all watch instead of everyone opening everything in a crazy frenzy!

I think Trystan likes her Elsa cap and braid.

A few gifts required a little assistance in getting them open!

I think everyone was pleased.

Summer gave me a Swarovski 2014 Christmas Ornament and a new cardinal for my tree.

My oldest son and his family gave me this wonderful album with the highlights of their year.

We could have just given Logan the bags!!!

She's a Little Bag Lady and takes right after her MeeMaw!!!

Amber gave Louis Dean a custom engraved guitar pick.
It said, "Couldn't PICK a better granddad."

It was a fun filled evening with lots of laughter and a little bit of singing!

Sugarplums were served before people started to leave.
A few of requested some to take home with them!

I also sent everyone home with Texas Trash, Cinnamon Rolls and......

a jar of Texas Roadhouse Butter!
I made this earlier in the day and it was super easy and super GOOD!
Whip together 1 cup of butter, 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 cup of honey and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. YUM! YUM!

Amber and Mike let the kids play a few more minutes and changed them into their pajamas.

Amber and I sneaked into the hall to see what the quads were doing!
Just playing, MeeMaw!!!

My wonderful husband had washed all the dishes while the rest of us visited and played.
So after everyone left - I went straight to bed!
I did NOT pass go and I did NOT collect $200!

Christmas Morning was spent at my sister's (Nita's) house!
I love the way they string up colored lights!

We were the last ones to arrive so it was time to say the prayer and start eating!
Our Christmas Mornings feature a brunch and then a Chinese Christmas Tree.
We always have a lot of fun! We have been doing this for a LONG time!

Here's the way it got started!

Mother's vintage ceramic Christmas Tree.

My beautiful niece and her husband.

My TWO beautiful nieces!!!!

The scene is set for the Chinese Christmas Tree!

Everyone draws a number. 

Mother got #1!

People get very creative in their gift giving!
They also get creative in figuring out how to KEEP their chosen gift!
If it's stolen 3 times - that third person KEEPS it!

Leah made this beautiful quilt!
Nita did, indeed, end up with it!

Nita also ended up with the Santa painting!!!
She and Mike had a plan!

I actually ended up with THIS one!!!

Nita opened more gifts than anyone!! 
They kept stealing hers but she got the ones she wanted by the end of the game.

I THINK Deanie got to keep this one!

Another example of amazing creativity!!!

Cold hard CASH! Literally!
Trish ( my niece) ALWAYS brings a gift that has everyone stealing it and all of us laughing!

I LOVE this photo and the way Mike looks at Nita.

Deanie is so pretty!

A Chinese Calendar for the Chinese Christmas Tree!

I like the part where he said, "BE nice!"

Trish made these beautiful coasters for me. She is one of THE most creative people I know!
One year she made coasters from tiles. Hers were ELEGANT! I made my version and they were 'crafty' looking!

These are on blocks of pine wood. Louis Dean loved the music theme!
SO pretty!!!!
Thank you, Trish!!!

It was a great party and the Tree was a success - even if I DIDN'T get the quilt I was so hoping for!!!
The house emptied and everyone went on to their next destination - or home to go back to bed.
My sisters and I sat in the living room for over an hour just visiting after everyone left!
I said, "No one even died or got married!" 
We lingered long and arrived back home around 2:30 intending to take a good long nap!
This was not to be!!
Our power was out so I went next door to Stephanie's to see if theirs was out, too!

Of COURSE, they answered the door wearing their Santa outfits!!!

It seems our big elm tree lost a branch in the high winds that had blown in.
The branch hit the power lines and knocked out the transformer.
Power would be restored around 5:30 or so.
We were invited to party with them in their back yard!

They had me at "We have food and wine!"

It was relaxing to sip a glass of wine and gaze into the fire.
The food had already cooked and stayed warm with the lids on the crock pots.

Their back yard is like a tropical paradise!!!

So we sat back and enjoyed the evening!
The power company came out about 6:30 and turned the lights back on.
They said the tree crew would be out shortly and get the branches down that were still hanging in the tree. We lingered a little longer then came home to do OUR gift exchange!

We started with the lights on.......

but then they went out. Again.

No worries! I have candles!

So we sat cozy in the living room for awhile.
SIX men came out and they managed to get the limbs down with only a minor tear in the gazebo!

Bed felt so good last night!!!!

This morning as soon as we had one cup of coffee each and a slice of pumpkin bread - we headed out so I could buy my white lights! I use colored lights at Christmas but I keep white lights up throughout the year. Between Big Lots and Home Depot - I am now set!

I told Louis Dean we could go to IHOP for breakfast as a reward.
He had given me an iPad for Christmas and I am so backward I could not even figure out how to turn it ON! LD finally charged it and got it on but it had this big volume button pop up in the middle of the screen. I could NOT get it off!!! We ran by Best Buy and they helped me. The guy said his mother couldn't figure things out either! I told him she should be proud of him!!

My handsome husband!

Poor guy! He must have been discombobulated by the time we were having breakfast.
He poured syrup on his omelet! The waiter offered to bring him another omelet but he just wanted a fresh plate. Then he poured THAT syrup on his pancakes WITH the chili peppers!!
Just as he was pouring himself a last cup of coffee - he noticed he was pouring it from the SYRUP pitcher instead of the coffee pot!!!!
Our cute waiter brought him a fresh cup and offered to remove the syrup from the table!!!!
I guess we are a little tired! What do you think??

We came home and I went to BED!!!!Again!
I napped all afternoon and then rested all evening.
Tomorrow I will finish putting the house to rights and we do not plan on going anywhere until it's time for church Sunday morning!
The Christmas rush is over and we can just kick back and relax - and recuperate!!!

So this is where we are tonight as I close out this journal entry.
It was raining just a few minutes ago but it's mostly stopped now.
Still, it will be good sleeping weather tonight.