Friday, January 17, 2014

East and West!

Last night after Bunko I headed EAST to Quadville to spend the night.
I am so NOT a 'Morning Person' and the quads had a morning appointment for their regular check up and I wanted to be there! I haven't missed many of these regular check ups.

From the pediatrician's office we headed to Fuzzy's Tacos for lunch to celebrate!

Tiffany (aka the nanny) gave Trystan her REAL cell phone to occupy her until the food came!

How cute is THIS???

What a cutie!
Who wants toys when they can have the real thing???

Kids are creative eaters! The thing is - these kids have great appetites and eat better than most people I know - of ANY age!! 

And thank you, Dee, for those clever place mats! They come in so handy!

We did the morning routine, dressed the babies and made the doctor appointment, had lunch out, returned home and bathed the quads and they were settled down in their beds for naps and the nanny left - all by 12:30! Amber and I pretty much collapsed in the living room on the couches and stayed there for a little while watching a movie - one of our MOST favorite things to do - before we had another surge of energy which we used to pack away all her Christmas! That was followed by a return to the couches and a second movie - and a REAL favorite! - 'Skyfall!' While we didn't actually get to finish it - we have each watched it more than three times so even snatches of these favorites are enjoyable.

While we were in the examining room at the doctor's office this morning I occupied the babies by playing 'Ring Around the Rosie' for the first time.
They took right to it! Or at least Trystan and Logan did!!

We played again after naps this afternoon.

Logan has the hand holding down pretty good!!!
I do so love my time in Quadville!!!

I headed home before traffic this afternoon. 
While I spent the day with Amber and the quads, Louis Dean drove WEST this morning (since it IS Friday!) to pick Mother up at the beauty shop and take her to lunch. They enjoyed their afternoon together and visited and laughed and had a good time! I called her on my way home and she said, "We had a GOOD TIME!"
What a blessing to have such a wonderful husband who delights in spending time with my mother!

We are home TOGETHER now - and enjoying a Friday night complete with wine and TV programs!
Every morning and every night I count my blessings.

"Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice."
Psalm 65:8


Kathy said...

I don't know where you get your energy. I spent the afternoon napping! I love how you are teaching them "Ring Around the Rosy". So cute!

Vee said...

I used to say that I wanted some of the quads' energy, but now I'm thinking that you've got a lot of your own. I just love it that you're doing all these things with them. Bet they got a great report from the doctor, too. Love it that LD and your mother were on a date while on this was going on. Ha!

Jan said...

Fuzzy's is one of our grands' favorite places to eat too!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great day...a bit tiring for you, but I just love that LD and your mom get on so well with each other! :)


Pondside said...

Thank you, Linda - such an uplifting post at the end of the week! Those babies are adorable!

Hootin Anni said...

Love the cellphone expert!!! She probably could teach Bud a few tricks on the phone, I'm sure!!

MadSnapper said...

love the ring around the rosey and those cool place mats... i bet you get lots of stares and smiles in a restaurant. what fun for your mom and hubby to spend time together. she must be like my mother, Bob really liked being around her but then so did every one

jamarson1 said...

I love that your hubby went and took care of your Mom. That's a real man!


Oh wow my friend, what a hubby you have, such a sweet man and what a treasure of a Sil for your mother!!! What fun you had with the gorgeous quads...I too am not a morning person, so anything morning is not for me anymore, lol! Thanks for your sweet and kind comments dear Linda.

Carla said...

Tiffany is brave with her phone but it looks like it was in good hands