Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Dressed Up and No Place to GO!!

We worked all day and stopped in time to set the stage for tonight's Halloween Trick or Treaters!

The wine was poured in our goblin goblets - even though Louis Dean protested at how SMALL they are!!

I donned my hat, shirt and cape and filled a large basket with the 'good' candy!

Louis Dean struck his 'Walter' pose! Have you seen Jeff Dunham's comedy routines?
Louis Dean IS a 'Walter' at times!!

I'm not really drinking doubles tonight! Just holding LD's glass as well as mine.
THIS was how we spent the evening.....

THIS is what Louis Dean did during the day!
He has the kitchen floor in all the way to the utility room.
We'll stop at this point since that room needs additional work!

Being the SUPER man that he is - he also single handed put the shell back on his truck.
He is AMAZING!!! His mind works in physics! He is a master at making things work!
I worked while HE was working - just on different things.
I had my hair cut - it reached that magic moment when it was just TOO long!!
I am too old to do high maintenance hair!
I had it cut SHORT back in 2001 and it has stayed short ever since.
I also made a Sam's run. WHAT would we do without Sam's? We have a good relationship with our pharmacist which is a MUST when you get to be our age and require so many prescriptions!
Coupled with house cleaning and fetch and carry for Louis Dean I stayed pretty busy all day long.
It's hard to believe that tomorrow is November 1st! Autumn is flying by and almost gone!
This is probably the last Halloween we stay at home.
Next year I bet you will find us out and about with four 2 year olds as they trick or treat for the very first time. OR we will host a dinner or something. We MUST keep Halloween a FUN time of the year!
We now have 365 days to think of some special plans to make it so!
Normally Louis Dean reads the Ghost Eye Tree to the grandchildren and this year we FORGOT!
We were WITH the quads on Wednesday and could have read it then. He read it for them last year.
He has read it for Jesse's children and for Raynie.
This year he did not read it at all which is very sad.
It's our bad because we were simply busy and FORGOT about it.
I guess this is a lesson that we must pay attention to traditions lest they get lost and discarded by the wayside. Note to self: Sugar Plums, Christmas Letters, Decorations!
Traditions are meant to be KEPT!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Forgot the Cat!

Yesterday morning we got up early, had our coffee, loaded the truck with things to bring back home, said our good byes to Dean, put Lucy in the back of the pick up in her kennel and headed for home.
We didn't get far - about 30 miles or so - when Louis Dean gave out a yell!
"We FORGOT the CAT!!"
We had indeed! All the evening before we said we must NOT forget the cat!! So, of course, we DID!
WE turned right around and went back for her. We had taken up her food and water - we just forgot to get HER!! The roads are rough and bumpy in the country. Maggie (our cat) traveled down there in the camper.
She came home hidden somewhere in the back seat of the truck!
And would you believe when we got home Louis Dean forgot the cat AGAIN???
He dropped me off at the house and I took the car to pick up Ruth Ann and make our Tuesday movie date.
LD went on to the feed store for some supplies. When he got home he unloaded everything, gave Lucy a bath, HE took a bath, he even started the laundry and was sitting in the den watching the news when he remembered the CAT!! Bless her heart! I hope she doesn't get a complex out of this. She was tucked away where he couldn't see her when he unloaded. No worries! She is back to sauntering around like she owns the place. 

Ruth Ann and I walked in with our arms full of popcorn, candy and cokes right when the movie started!
She and I have just about decided we like movies geared to 12 year olds. 
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters was the one we chose.
It was pretty good. We have seen worse ones for 50 cents!

For some reason I developed a headache yesterday morning that just got worse and worse as the day went on. I left the Goodwill feeling so bad I wasn't even sure I could do art class. I thought if I could just take some Tylenol and go to bed for a little while I would be better. It worked!! An hour nap and art class was underway! Thanks to Sabrina, who was my Fairy Godmother last night!! While I was sleeping she came in, set out the art table, made tea, brought dinner and opened the turp!! The moment I opened my eyes I could smell the fragrance of 'Art' drifting down the hall!! We made a lot of progress with our Santas! My second one is looking MUCH different from the first one and ALL of ours are unique in their personalities! For a few minutes there Sabrina's Santa looked a lot like Robin Williams! With a TAN!
They will all be beautiful by the time we're through!
THANK YOU, Sabrina, for making art happen!!
I went to bed shortly after 9:00 and woke up feeling more like myself!

That was a GOOD thing since this is our day to visit Quadville!
Amber was just dressing them up in their Halloween costumes for a photo op when we arrived!

Louis Dean introduced them to his Martin guitar and gave them their first little 'lesson.'
They were each allowed to pat the wood and feel the strings.

He'll have his own little band someday!

My sweet daughter and granddaughter!!
Amber and Trystan!

That Kailey has some moves!!

Logan loved her costume and has worn her hat pretty much all day!

Our four little pumpkins!

Louis Dean and I fixed lunch for the quads while Amber did some much needed errands.
They ate and went down for their naps without a peep and woke up with smiles and laughter!!

We hung out in their nursery so I could give them baths afterwards.
Granddad was there to entertain them and that he DID!

It's been a good day in Quadville!
Amber is cooking dinner as I write and it smells delicious.
Garlic green beans, mashed potatoes and a crock pot beer chicken she has been cooking all afternoon.
Amber has spoiled Louis Dean and told him Wednesdays are HAMBURGER days!!
It didn't matter that he and I had grilled cheese sandwiches along with the quads for lunch.
He was STILL expecting Amber to bring him a hamburger when she returned home.
She didn't let him down!

After dinner and the babies are in bed we are going to watch Jeff Dunham's Halloween show.
That's perfect for this Halloween's Eve!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

One More Day in the COUNTRY!!

 It was so nice to wake up this morning in our cozy little camper.
We had our morning coffee with some panettone bread and did our reading - the Bible, The Language of Letting Go and the first two chapters of The Duck Commander Family.

While I puttered around in the camper Louis Dean worked on his fishing line......

and swatted flies! Swatting flies is a typical country past time!

I decided to ride Betsy for a little while!

MAN! That was FUN!!

My two Deans and I then drove into Waco for some lunch.
Ninfa's for some Pork Fajitas for TWO that fed THREE with LEFTOVERS!

Next stop? Farm and Tractor Supply!
When it rains in the country it gets MUDDY!!!

Love my new pink mud boots!! Louis Dean found some as well - not pink though!
We will be ready for the next rain event!

Lots of cool things at the Farm and Tractor Supply!
They even had overalls and LD got him a new 'Sunday' pair!!
We then hit up a huge HEB!! I didn't really NEED anything but I could NOT pass up a trip there.
Found some dried okra snacks, Texas grapefruit, a trip through the olive bar and various and other sundry items. We scored on a Christmas gift for the quads! Louis Dean spied it and then he insisted on buying it!

Back on the ranch. Father and son visiting. I love it.
Louis Dean was enjoying his son so much he didn't want to leave.
So we didn't! One more night in the country!
I am enjoying it every bit as much as HE is!
However, tomorrow is Tuesday and I have plans!
LD promised we would get up and get on the road so I can get home in time to pick Ruth Ann up for our fifty cent movie, Goodwill run and ART!!
Not to worry. We will back down here before we know it.
Staying means one more night to gaze at all the stars in the inky black sky.
You just don't see things like this back in the city.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Camper Country!

Our little RV is a happy country camper today!

We pulled out Saturday morning heading for the ranch!
We MEANT to get up at 6:00 and be gone by 7:00.....
We left about 8:30!

It was a beautiful drive down and MUCH less stressful than the time Louis Dean pulled the camper to Katy and I followed behind him in the car. I like it better when we travel together!

We arrived BEFORE the rain and was able to set it all up!
It was a bit of an adventure getting it all hooked up and running but we all did it! Before DARK!

My step son is a legend in the world of Karate.....and rightly so!
One reason we came down at this time was to be set up and ready for when he hosts a Karate Camp early in November.

We brought our Lucy complete with her city slicker fall collar!
She LOVES it here and was roaming free and exploring along with Dean's two dogs.
(I rescued her collar and washed it for her return to the city life on Monday!)

This is the view across the field as we open our camper door.

There's a little bit of everything on the ranch down here.
Horses - one of which was a 'rescue' horse who was about to starve and Dean and Sherry took him and fed him back to health!

Cattle across from the gate to their place.

Mimi and Dee Dee! They are SO entertaining!!

This turkey's name is 'Friend.' Sherry calls him her 'friend' so that is his name!

All manner of critters around here!

Dean has a couple of 'tanks.' I called them ponds and a small lake but Dean says they are stocked tanks!

Louis Dean enjoyed a bit of fishing this afternoon while I sat and watched a bit between reading my book.
It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
He even CAUGHT a fish!!! It started out about 7 inches but it MIGHT have been a FOOT by the last time Louis Dean repeated the story to us tonight!

One of the best things about being in the country is the silence. No traffic noises. Few airplanes overhead.
Just the sounds of nature and the farm animals.

We closed out this day with a delicious dinner of ribs that were so tender the meat fell off the bone.
Dean grilled the meat and brought it up to the camper where I had baked beans and HUGE baked potatoes.
Last night we slept to the REAL sounds of rain - no sound machine needed here!
It has been cloudy and light rain today. It was a GOOD thing we got here before it got muddy or we would have had to park the camper on the road up by the gate.
I'm pretty sure we will be able to get the truck out tomorrow.
If not - this is a wonderful place to be stuck in for awhile!
We plan to come back and spend a week or so at a time til the end of the year.
Hopefully we can get the leak in the master bedroom fixed. For this weekend we made the girl bunk and sofa work for us. Camping is SUPPOSED to be an adventure, right??

EVERYTHING seems to be better in the country!
The air is fresher, the food tastes better, and you sleep like babies!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday With Mother

If it's Friday - I am in Fort Worth with my mother!
I drove straight there from Dallas this morning to pick her up at the beauty salon.

I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch.....
after some going back and forth where she asked ME where I wanted to go.....
she finally put her hands to her mouth like she was drinking and I knew she wanted to go to IHOP!

Perfect! We had a nice visit while she ate pancakes and I had crepes.
I only ate two so Mother could take one home for later.

Next stop? Big Lots!
Mother enjoys a little shopping.....
Nothing major. Cotton balls, band aids, house shoes....
Still, she loves to get to shop for herself.

I did some shopping of my own!
Halloween candy! Expensive but worth it! All our little neighbors love to come to our house.
We sit on our porch all dressed up with the candles and torches burning while we sip our wine from goblin goblets. Louis Dean takes pics of the trick or treaters to give them later!

I scored with these delicious treats for US!!!

After taking Mother home I stopped at McCart Thrift Store and found a few treasures.
I am going to love reading that book 'You Don't Look Like a Grandmother.'

When I got home this afternoon I found this book in the mail!
Our new read aloud book!!
We are Duck Dynasty fans!!!

While LD went off to do errands I cleaned house!

The kitchen floor is 2/3 of the way done.
The rest will wait for a week or so.

We have things to do and places to GO!!!
In our CAMPER!! We went out this afternoon and prepared it to travel!

The slide OUT room slid IN!!!
That's a GOOD thing!!

This pic is blurry but Louis Dean was SO excited!!! He hooked the truck up to the camper the very first try!!


We are loaded and ready to go!!
While I don't want to LIVE in the camper - it is very nice to have it as a little home away from home.
We are leaving in the morning at first light heading south to LD's son's ranch.
I am so looking forward to waking up in the country!
But first we have to get there! Our alarm is set. Our bags are packed. The truck and the RV are hooked up and ready to pull out of the driveway.
It's going to be a GREAT weekend!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Day in the Life of Quadville Through This Grandma's Eyes!

It was a good day in Quadville! A BONUS day since we spent the night!

Sweet babies greet the day.......

Busy, BUSY babies all day long!!

Logan is a little climber! They ALL are!

They are so busy learning and growing - you can almost SEE their minds at work!

Granddad and I stayed until they went down for their naps this afternoon.
Then we went home - and I cleaned some in the kitchen.
I organized the spice cupboard - THREE shelves of SPICES!!!
Goodness! How did we get SO much sage, cinnamon, black pepper and various and other spices??

I also cleaned our pantry out - which is in the utility room.
I was happy to see the kitchen taking shape.
In time to come we will get new counter tops, a sink and freshen up the cabinets.
All in good time. Step by step.

I came back to spend the night with Amber and the babies.
We had a super good dinner of spaghetti squash with the BEST meat sauce ever, steamed broccoli and garlic toast. Amber and I also had a delicious salad made fresh with all the fixings!

What a good pic to close tonight's journal entry!!
These kids just melt my heart!
And the good news is I will get to see them again in the morning!
Just for the record - I did NOT get up early enough to fix my hair and face and all four babies recognized me anyway!!! Win! WIN!!!