Friday, July 31, 2015

Clean Rooms and Candles!

I spent half the day thinking this was August 1st! 

I was humming my way from room to room, cleaning and then lighting a candle until ALL the rooms were sporting a golden glow!

The first room I finished was rather easy since I had worked so long in here Wednesday and Thursday! Someday I am going to get around to making that apron - actually SEVERAL aprons!

I moved on to the dining room.....I love the candle glow but it really wasn't that dark in there.

Louis Dean's bathroom - DONE!!

Our bedroom is clean and fragrant - just the way I like it!

My tiny bathroom even has a small candle.

Guest room - check!

The living room has TWO candles burning.

Foyer clean for the first time since we brought in the new secretary! 
That was awhile back!

I am so itching to decorate this angel for fall......but I am WAITING!

At this point in my house keeping I took a break and made a run up to the grocery store,
We have two small house guests coming later this evening and they will be staying for a few days.
I wanted to be sure I had everything I needed! 

The kitchen ALWAYS has a candle burning - clean or not!!!

I usually burn two candles in here - just because!

Breakfast table all ready.

And last but not least, the den is cleaned and vacuumed.
For the first time in a long time, my WHOLE house is clean.
Not spotless, mind you, but CLEAN nonetheless!

It's Friday night and the A/C is cranked up high, Sarah Brightman is playing on my stereo and I just made Louis Dean and me a nice drink. Fruity Sangria for him and a simple Margarita for me using 
Simply Limeade. Time to kick back and put our feet up! It's the WEEK END!!!

I am trying my very best not to bust all the sunflowers down from the attic!!
My goal is to wait until NEXT weekend.......but I may not be able to restrain myself that long!
After all, the house is clean now and it would be no problem to scatter some around!

But I couldn't POSSIBLY do this before August!!!
Thank you, Shannon, for the poster on my Facebook wall.
TOMORROW really IS August!
Then just 30 days and a wake up until September first!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back Home and Real Life Again!

We left the ranch and our camper before noon on Wednesday, stopping in Mart to get one old fashioned hamburgers Dean and Sherry had told us about.

They were delicious!!!!
HUGE and enough for TWO meals!
I ordered French fries and fried okra to go with them.
Who KNEW such a small town would have such GOOD food??
I noticed a few other places we haven't been to yet so we will be adding those in future trips.

We drove the back roads through Malone and Hubbard to Milford before getting on I35 for the final stretch. Maddie was enjoying the scenery.

We got home in the early afternoon and we immediately went right to bed and took a nap!

Then I began to do home things.
This set of tea dishes was gifted to me by my step son and I could not wait to get them washed and ready to use.

Sherry gave me some cuttings of her sweet potato vine and I'm rooting them in water and hope to plant them soon. It's one of the few plants that LOVE this Texas heat!!!

THIS in NOT the way the sewing room looked yesterday!
I single handed moved the big desk outside - unhooking the desk top and printer and a thousand miles of CORDS - and cleaned the whole area. I really wanted to put my small antique secretary there - but there were too many sins for it to cover......sins being the cable cords coming into the house and such.
So BACK it came and then I had to hook the computer up again which is something I've never done before. By this evening the room was back to 'normal' and the secretary is back in the guest room from whence it came in the first place.

My sewing machine has a stack of mending items on one end and then a stack of pajamas to sew up.
The sewing collage above the machine has a photo of my mother when she was a teenager.

The end of summer school had their music program this afternoon and it was SO entertaining!!!

There was one little boy in the middle of the quads and he completely stole the show!

I LOVE love LOVE Trystan's reaction!!! Just that look on her face!!!
He kept pulling his shirt up and at one point he had it all but OFF!
I can just hear say, "We don't DO that!!!"

Kailey was a rock star belting out the favorite song of this year's program - He Arose!

I'm not sure she was SUPPOSED to have a solo lead in it - but she did!!!

The beautiful Quad Mom with her Quad Squad!

Special friends came to see the program and the quads were so excited!!
They love their Jo-Jo!!

We celebrated with yogurt!

Sweetness all over the place!!

Shirt, hands, mouth, face........

Granddad didn't get to go today as he had a doctor appointment.
They gave him a steroid shot and advised him to not be riding the bicycle for awhile.
We left it at the ranch so that's a good thing.
He must have overworked it and they told him to take it easy.

I took Lucy to get her shots at the Shady Grove Feed Store.
They offer them there every Thursday at 6:00.
Lucy was a champ and we got that chore out of the way.

I gave her a bath yesterday and she is looking more like a city dog - but her heart is still in the country with her good buddy, Rufus, and her beloved Dean. He wasn't there when we left and that made it easier. Not sure she would have willingly jumped in the truck if he had been.

She is back in her white minky bed and enjoying the A/C!

Louis Dean has already gone to bed so I guess I will do the watering in the back and spend a little time admiring the Blue Moon tonight.
It really IS good to be home!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last Day at the Ranch and Fifth Letter....

I took my first cup of coffee down to the meadow this morning and sat under this big tree....

in silence. Quiet can be very restoring to mind, body and spirit.

I love it down here on my step son's ranch.
I love seeing the critters.
I love the quiet.

I love the beauty of nature.
All the flowers here are wild and more beautiful than the cultured ones I plant at home.

I guess I love the rest and peace I find here.
Today we stayed here on the ranch.
Louis Dean had a fret full night. I woke several  times to find him sitting on the couch unable to sleep.
He will need to get an appointment when we get home and he will go alone.
 His knee was doing great but I think now that it's healing - and the fact that he didn't do the exercises may be causing him all this discomfort. His being sick with bronchitis prevented him from feeling like exercising and one thing feeds another.

Lucy barely recognizes us and at least she hasn't barked at Louis Dean when she followed me back to the camper this morning. I do think her first love is to Dean - my step son.

I have cleaned the camper and am packing things up to go home tomorrow.

Hopefully I can come back next month and stay a few days.
The fall is beautiful down here and I can't wait to be here for it.
We always go somewhere for my birthday in September and THIS is where I want to come this year.

Bathroom is all cleaned up, the pantry is done and I vacuumed the carpet.
Louis Dean has the fire started outside and we plan to stay up and enjoy the night sky!

Here is the fifth letter in the collection and it is the most fragile of all.
Written in pencil on brown paper - it was falling apart as I read it.

                                                                                                                Palestine, Texas
                                                                                                                  November - 14 - 1936
Dear "Katie,"
             Aren't we the most exciting correspondents? Your letters come so fast they pass mine on the way to you. I know you are having a grand time. I have heard of all your teas and teas and teas. We may be a dull crowd to you when you come home. Bring me lots of new ?? - winkles or wrinkles?? - tea wrinkle you know. I dote on tea for small groups. I know you enjoyed the cold more. It surely was cold here and with the ice hanging all over everything - when the sun came out the next morning it was a beautiful sight. Looked like millions of diamonds. That's the only real cold weather we have had so far. The icy weather killed all of your marigolds but didn't kill the chrysanthemums or fall asters. They are real pretty yet. And by watching the weather forecast we can cut a lot of them and bring them in to keep for Thanksgiving. Not that Thanksgiving will mean anything when it comes to dinner and decorations.Of course the day always means what it should to all of us. I'm sure your mother has told you we have lost Bro. Mathison. I haven't seen our new preacher yet, but we will all love to say we like him fine. I went over to the pastor's home yesterday before he and his wife reached town - and helped get the house ready for them. We put up new curtains in all three bedrooms - had new rugs put down in dining room and living room - one new bedroom suite - we polished and cleaned everything and put flowers all over the house. It was lots of fun and it all looked so nice. We are all anxiously waiting to pass judgment on the new folks - And don't you know he and his wife will look all of us over.
         Pope was so keenly disappointed not to get Bro. Mathison back another year anyway. He says that's the one thing he doesn't like about Methodist.
         I'm sending you a little pin money - and I'm asking you to please not buy me one single five cents worth. I know how need every bit of your money - and Christmas is near. You are always so sweet to buy me some little pretty and you are dear to want to do it, but this time, I am begging you not to do it.
         Love to Polly and Willis and a lot for your dear little self.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Third Day on the Ranch and The Fourth Letter....

We decided to go to 'town' today. 

Actually, Louis Dean was the one who wanted to go and I went with him.
I could stay right here in the camper for a long time before I 'needed' to go to town.

I think he had a touch of cabin fever - that and his knee is still hurting.
He knows it's healing but he is not good with pain!
It's a blessing he doesn't have to deal with a lot of pain as a rule.

His son was going to town, too! The good neighbor that he is - he had offered to take a friend in to do some errands. We met up with each other at the gate.
Now country folk take their dogs with them everywhere!
Lucy is no longer a 'city' girl!!!
BOTH Lucy and Rufus barked at Louis Dean when he came up to talk to Dean.

Then while Dean was closing the gate - Lucy wouldn't even look at us!!!
Do you think she knows she's about to have to leave?
We keep telling Dean we will gladly pay 'Dog Support!'

We went into Mart - population: 1,911! - and had lunch at the little diner on Texas Road.
Louis Dean ordered a chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy that would have fed a family! He only ate a small portion of it and we drove down to the Dollar Store and bought a Styrofoam ice chest and a bag of ice to save the rest of it in! For supper tonight he ate another section of it and I guess he'll finish it off at lunch tomorrow!

From Mart we drove on into Waco to pick up a couple of plumbing supplies for his son.
I went in at Walmart and bought a vacuum cleaner for the camper.
Tomorrow I will clean all 31 feet of it!
Should take less than an hour!!

When we got back to the ranch, we drove on down to the meadow and picked up a few pieces of wood for a camp fire tonight.

This is the meadow area where everyone camps when they come down.
Dean and Sherry had a group of friends down just this past weekend.
The ranch is a popular place!

Lots of wide open spaces!

Louis Dean got the firewood ready for this evening.
He brought his chain saw with him!

He plastered this sweet bird bath that Dean and Sherry put up here because they know how much we enjoy the birds.

Then we both went inside the camper and took good long naps!

I rode my bike up to the gate in back when I got up and the sun had started to set. Then I rode on the other side of the small tank and then back down  to the meadow.

Every night there is a wonderful sunset!

This video is of the night sounds as Louis Dean and I sit out by the campfire.

The embers have died down now and Louis Dean is already in bed.
It's time to call this a day!

Now for the fourth letter!
I typed this up earlier in the day and will close with it.
I know the Krueger family was of German descent and I have been trying to find information on Kathryn's father. His name was L.A. Krueger and that's just about all we know of him - so far!
I'm certain we will learn more as we go through the letters one by one.

The third letter was dated in August 1935 and we skip to August 1936 for this fourth letter in the collection. This one is from Leila (who worked as a stenographer at a railroad office) to her daughter, Kathryn.


Dearest Baby:

              Your card, written Thursday, just received, glad to get it, for I always look for something.
You have been so sweet about writing me since you have been gone, and I appreciate it a lot, I love you too.

                Well, no, I can't exactly match your cool weather, though nights before last and last night I have slept under the sheet and spread and the day was no so terrific yesterday, nor has it been so far today, though we have not had to wear coats.

                Saturday and off at one, thank goodness, I am tired and will be glad of the afternoon off, not that I'm not always glad to have it off, but I am rather tired for some unknown reason. One thing I have just closed out the month's accounts and had plenty to do, that is one of the reasons you didn't get a letter Thursday, but you should of had one yesterday, and will get one Monday and the funnies.

                I went out to Eva's yesterday after work and stayed a while, never did see Jack, for he was asleep and so I left before he waked. Jessie had not returned from San Antonio, guess she came in this morning, they were expecting her. I know this was a hard trip for  her. Eva said yesterday morning Mr. Kelley, (you know the Kelleys are friends of Rob's and Jessie's), called and said Mrs. Kelley had a huge bunch of zenias to take out to Rob's grave and she was called out of town and that he had to leave that morning early and wondered if Jessie would come over and get the flowers, Eva told him Jessie was in San Antonio, but she would come, and she went and said they were so pretty, so she carried them out to the cemetery. I think that was lovely of them to think of sending them. We carried some out the afternoon of the 30th.

                  The Pals are fourth from the bottom now, but still I see no chance of their getting back to the top. I would love to see a good game.

                    Mrs. Williamson came after me yesterday afternoon in our car. Mr. W. had taken the afternoon off so she only had to come after me, and I had asked her to lets drive yours some to keep the battery up. It is the dirtiest thing I ever saw, but I do hate to have it washed, yet I expect I should too.

                    This afternoon I have a good many little things to do, I want to wash my blue seersucker dress, I never have let Rose wash it,  for I always hang it carefully then it doesn't have to be pressed, and I like to wear it because it is so soft and cool. Mrs. Williamson has my batiste dress about finished. It is just plain, but will be cool. It is kind of hard to keep my dresses in shape, sending my wash every other week, as I do, but with Rose washing some out I manage, and I don't want to get me any more.

                     Daily-Temple have sold out to the Jay Shop, I have been thinking they would not stay open long.


                      Well here we are starting a new week, first thing we know old summer will be gone and we will be thinking of fall clothes and then the shivering winter days, how I dread them.

                       I went to church yesterday morning, with Jessie, Eva and Pope go to S.S., so Jessie and Raymond came by for me, but after S.S. Eva came and told me Pope did not feel well so they were going home, so I went home with Jessie and Raymond. There was a very nice crowd and Bro. Matherson preached such a good sermon.        I went home, and we had dinner then I went up and washed my white linen dress, I wanted to leave it in Clorox for a while, for it looked a little dingy, since I have not been sending my things to the laundry, then I lay down and read a while and then Mrs. W. called me and we played Casino till about four, went out and got a watermelon, came home ate that and played Casino again till about six, I fed the cats and sat out in the yard till supper time and then we played again.

                      I think we are going to go to the show tonight to see Suzy, that is what we have planned, Jessie suggested going yesterday, but I told her I would rather not go on Sunday, so we are going tonight. Tomorrow night is the big car drawing for the car, I hope I get to go and how I hope I win the car, though I am not going to be disappointed if I don't for I don't expect to win it. I know Bill is going, but I hope Mrs. W. and Jessie go too, for I don't want to go with just Bill. I am going to phone Louise today, if I can get her at her mother's and see if she and Sam are going, if not Ernest may go with Bill and and I will go with them, if I can't get any other way.

                          R. T. hasn't gotten the Victrola yet, Eva said he has to wait till he can get his father's wagon to move it. I wish he would hurry and get it, now that it is sold I want it out of my way.

                            The cats are all thriving beautifully. Snowball's babies are growing a lot though their eyes are not open yet. I can hardly fill her up, she seems hungry all the time, goes to the refrigerator and cries and I feed her. She is so cute with her babies. Rose said that Saturday she jumped out of the box and turned it over on its side and spilled the babies out, she said she picked one up in her mouth and started in the dining room, or in that direction, and she said, "No, bring your baby back, I will fix the box," and she said Snowball turned round and went back to the box with it, (Rose in the meantime had turned the box back up), she said it looked just like she knew what Rose said.

                            I am expecting a letter from you when I go to the P.O. this morning. I never go before ten, to be sure the Sunshine has come in, but since I didn't go yesterday, I feel sure there will be something.  Write me right away if you have decided to stay longer than this week, you know I will not be mad , if you want to stay, and that I really want you to stay and have a good time as long as you like. You know I never object to your having a good time, or going places any time,  and that I never get mad at you at any time, I don't say I never get provoked, but even when I do, it does not last long, now be honest, do I ever get mad at you? If you could only know the half of how I love you, I expect you, as well as others, might be surprised, and some day I expect you will know. If ever I have done anything little or mean or selfish where you are concerned, I am sorry, and want you to know it has not been intentional. Oh, how I love you, and would spare you any ache or pain, or heartache, if only I could. 

                               I hope the cool weather stays up there the rest of your visit, for I know it will be so much more pleasant.

                                 I can hardly wait to see your picture, I know it will be sweet and pretty, for it couldn't be otherwise. I wish I had it right here on my desk. Be sure and write me right away if you have decided just when you will be home, I am not trying to hurry you, Rose wants to know so she will have the house shining for you and no use doing it twice, the things she is going to do, she was hoping to start it today, and I told her to wait till I heard from you again, she keeps it nice now, but she said she wants it shining when you get here. If Tony and his mother will be there next Sunday, why don't you stay on at least that next week, and see them. Tony will be disappointed at not seeing you, and you will enjoy going to the zoo with him, and I won't be a bit mad.

                             I am not going to write any more now till after I have been to the P.O. and see if there is a letter, there night be something in it you want answered.


                                         I went to the P.O. and got your letter, and one from Jeanne, and your books, I have not opened the books yet, but notice on the outside there is a gift book.

                                Well, I guess you must have two letters from me today, for you should, no, I don't believe there was to be a letter for you Friday, though I thought there was to be one Thursday, may be not, I was pretty busy last week. You will have my letter telling you to stay longer than this Saturday, for I really don't mind in the least, and I want you to get your visit out joyfully and happily. Let me know as soon as you get this letter, you should get it tomorrow afternoon, I will mail it as soon as I finish it, and then if you drop me a card right away I should get it at least Thursday. By all means stay over Sunday and if you stay that long, then it will be O.K. to stay till the next Saturday when Willis will be off so can get to the train easier, and I mean it when I say stay longer.

                                I know your pictures are sweet, if you had the miniature it seems like $1.50 is a lot for the frames, but may be not. You are not having Jessie's framed? I will get a frame here or in Dallas before Xmas for hers then, for she was so nice to give us our one of Rob. I think I am going to bring Rob's down and have it reframed, or it is going to ruin, and I love it so.

                             There was not much in your letter to answer and as I have already written about all I know before getting your letter, will have to stop. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses for the sweetest little girl in the world.

                                                                    Your own