Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Tuesday's Treasures on Wednesday!

My 'Treasures' actually started on Monday when we went to visit a friend. 

She is an avid reader and has been purging her book shelves and before donating all these Francine River books - she thought of me. What a blessing!!!
She also gave me a tub of denim - some of it already cut up into squares!
She was the first person to give me a stack of blue jeans when I first started making denim quilts.
Thank you, Marie!

I met Brenda on Tuesday up at Texas Thrift and she gave me this cute honeybee T-shirt and a set of Bath and Body Works Shower Gel and Lotion.
I was already off to a good start!

My heart squeezed when I spied this cute pumpkin!
It's living in my foyer right now - a harbinger of things to come!

Speaking of pumpkins - I am excited about our pumpkin patch down at the ranch and hope to get to leave one day next week for the country,

I just love this cute little rug!
We have a black glass top cooking stove and I don't like the way it looks so I keep a rug on it when it's not in use. I've looked at the covers you can buy but they are pretty pricey!
This was just $3!

A wastebasket for Louis Dean's bathroom - and the one he was using is now out in the gazebo.

I was looking for a floor lamp to use in the living room.
After Brenda and I parted - I decided to go to the Goodwill and I found one!

Brand new bottle of Skin So Soft - for $4.

Louie Dean brought me coffee in bed this morning and used this pretty cup....


A cute cover for Tabitha to sit on as she keeps watch by the kitchen French doors.

I bought a super nice tablecloth and washed it and put it right on the table.
It will be perfect to use with my sunflowers later.

Whoever donated this 600 piece puzzle was thoughtful!
The straight edges are already separated in a small plastic bag.

I think this book will be a good one to either read aloud with Louis Dean or he can read it on his own.
I love that he enjoys reading!

There's a story to these pillowcases.
They were put together three to a hanger - but they did not put the matching ones on the same group!
So I had to buy THREE bundles to get these three sets and three odd ones. I tossed the purple one but the others were nice.

For $3 I bought this wall vase.....

and came home and used Windsor Newton Olive Green oil paint to stain it.
Next time I'm at Hobby Lobby I will buy some nice green picks to finish it off!

I will close tonight's journal entry with this thrift store find - a metal sign that I am going to hang on one of my kitchen cabinet doors......$3!

I think the half cup of Goodwill means a thrift shop outing!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

I Love Us!!!

Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary! 
I remember when we first married I would say, "But we have no 'history!'
After being married this many years - we have it now!!

I thought it would be fun to go down Memory Lane and SEE some of this HISTORY!!

This is the way we looked before we got married.
We met in April and married in June so I am thinking this photo was from May 2005.

June 26, 2005

I went through my Facebook photos and wanted to put them in chronological order...
but I'm tired and when I saved the pics to a folder I don't know what the dates are unless I go back on Facebook and look them up again.

So this is US.......


I have loved being married to Louis Dean!
He's my Knight in Shining Overalls and these 18 years with him have been the happiest of my life!
I treasure every day we are together.

While he can't remember what day of the week it is now, I asked him, "When did we get married?"
Quick as a wink, he says, "June 26th! It was supposed to be the 25th but......"
And he went on to tell the story of why our wedding date changed.
I am so grateful he still has his long term memories and that I am a part of those!
I'm thinking he does pretty well with remembering until about 2020......

We wanted to celebrate by having dinner at Campo Verde but when we arrived - we discovered they are closed on Mondays!

So we drove back to Irving and ate at On the Border!

It was delicious and we came home and took a good nap - and then stayed up until 2:00 in the morning!
It's so much fun to be retired!

I got in time to meet Brenda at the thrift store and when I got home Louis Dean was taking a nap.

He left me a surprise in the foyer!

I love that he is still such a  romantic man!!

It was a HAPPY Anniversary and I would like to thank all of you for the well wishes and remembrances for our special day.