Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Lazy Lovely Saturday!

It's been a long time since we have had a lazy day so this was a real treat!
We came home this morning about 9:00 from spending the night at Amber and Mike's.
Mike came home from a hunting trip in the wee hours of the morning. Amber had been sleep deprived from Thursday night so LD and I stayed over to help with the babies.

Louis Dean is a good burper!

We sure are enjoying these babies!

Logan has such an attitude - even in her sleep!

We came home, had coffee, went back to sleep,
got up and drank some MORE coffee!!
The fact that it has been a rainy day in Texas just made it that much better!

It's a good thing Spider Man is weather proof!

This afternoon I cleaned up the camper - housework doesn't take very long!
This is the Girl Bunk where I can nestle down with a book or take a little nap!
I took off the lace comforter and will take it back home next week.
We have been using quilts in our camper bedroom but that's not working very well.
I decided to layer them on the Girl Bunk.
This one is hand quilted and I bought it at a garage sale for $4!

Next I put on a down filled comforter - makes for a cushy comfort slumber spot!

Then I added another hand made quilt.
I have repaired this thrift store treasure in more than one place!

Finally put the third and last handmade quilt on and added a couple of pillows and I was in business!! The camper mattress no longer feels like a dorm bed!
Not much storage room in here so layering is not only more comfortable but a good place to keep extra covers until we need them!

We did our reading and finally along about 4:00 decided we would get dressed and go someplace! First we drove all around the RV Park just looking at all the different styles, sizes and designs! The park is just about full! Not many vacant spots at all.
There are many high tech buses as well as some 40 foot plus rigs!
I may go for a walk and take some pictures soon.
Talk about style integrated!!
A few have really nice gazebos and one had a fire pit.
You can tell the ones that are really and truly HOME!

We finally left the park! I wanted to do a little shopping and
Louis Dean doesn't mind sitting in the car while I run in and out of stores.
He enjoys people watching.
I found this fragrant bar of soap at TJ Max.
I think it's so pretty I may not even unwrap it for awhile!

Since I had a birthday recently I thought some new skin creams, cleansers and moisturizers would be in order! I need all the help I can get!!
To take the photo I placed these on a Bandolino skirt I plan to wear to church in the morning. Picked it up at Goodwill for $5!

I HAD to get these JUMBO marshmallows!
I will be seeing my OTHER four grandchildren next week and I know they will LOVE them! I'm thinking about getting some hot dogs and buns, chips and drinks and having a cook out. I can just see them roasting a GIANT marshmallow!

Tomorrow will be the start of our 6th week down here!

Louis Dean doesn't have to work nearly as hard these days!
He's watching a little college football as I write.
The rain is pattering down on the roof making a pleasant sound.

It feels warm and snug and cozy in my little world tonight.
I think I'll go use all those beauty treatments and climb into the Girl Bunk with my book to finish out this fall evening!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All Dressed Up and No Place To Go!

Every day we dress the quads up - but we never take them anywhere!
The exception being the pediatrician's office - or the hospital - or the eye doctor!

Logan Lee is all decked out in matching socks as she watches her version of TV!

They MUST be dressed up for Mat/Tummy Time!!!

Kailey laughed and talked to her mirror image!
Kailey is actually a mirror image of her mommy when SHE was this age!!

I have had the BEST day playing with the babies!
Trystan amazes me with her watching eyes! Unless she is sound asleep she is always watching everything and everybody!

Logan is such a joy! The smallest baby of the four at birth - just 2 lb 6 oz - is now the SAME weight as Harrison!! 10 lb 10 1/2 oz!!! Kailey is close to this and Trystan is about a pound lighter than the others. She is going to be petite but she is putting away her bottles!

Harrison is usually so active but he pretty much slept through most of the play time today!

While the babies are healthy and growing and exceeding all our expectations -
they are still preemies having arrived 2 1/2 months early.
Their immune systems are not up to par yet so while we dress the babies up each and every day we do NOT take them OUT nor are people invited IN!
Amber and Mike can't invite people over for a cook out in the back yard or have a group over for a football game on TV.

Each of us who take care of the quads have had a current flu shot plus a DTaP vaccine. We wash our hands constantly and use Purell by the cases!
Fortunately none of us have had so much as an allergy attack!

The doctor has advised Amber and Mike to go into 'Lock Down' until Easter.
The RSV ( Respiratory Syncytial Virus) season is upon us - fall through spring - and the babies are at higher risk due to being so premature. This all makes for a very limited social life for the parents - and the caregivers - as well as the babies. But the babies have each other so I'm sure they won't be lacking for social interactions!!

There are so many issues with multiples and preemies that I didn't think about before.
After Easter the babies will be 'Fair Game' in fending off germs on their own.
Their immune system should be strong enough by that time.

This makes it a difficult time for the parents......
I've read other quad blogs about how stir crazy they get!
Especially the MOMS!

Praise God for modern methods of communication - Skype, email, Facebook and blogs! I will keep dressing the babies up and showing them off every way I can!

The day will come when we can finally say.....
" Would YOU like to HOLD the baby?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Fall 'Gazebo!'

We are all dressed up for fall outside our campsite!

The canopy makes this space more usable for us. Kind of like an extra ROOM!
When cold weather arrives - if it ever DOES! - we can lower the back side for further protection from wind and rain. Right now we leave it open so the air will flow and keep it from being a regular hot house!

I know it looks like I'm setting up for a Fall Festival!

I brought from home one of my favorite fall paintings. I painted it several years ago but I still love looking at it. We bring the canvas in at night and when we're not home.
The RV park is a gated community and has park hosts that drive around on a golf cart keeping watch over things.

But then we have Spider Man on guard as well!
Louis Dean had the bright idea of putting him in charge of the ceramic grill we use so much.

I love getting to see all my fall things!

Our campsite is towards the front of the RV Park - right across from the Rec building
so we get a lot of traffic going by.

It just makes me smile to sit out there after we get 'home' in the evenings.
We've had several other residents stop by and visit.

Just about every afternoon Louis Dean soaks in the hot tub!

He's so cute!!

Then in the evening we sit out enjoying the night sounds.
We're not watching much TV these days. I accidentally programmed it to Spanish channels! Finally changed that and now we get lots of Asian channels!
I did locate NBC and ABC but scrolling through all the others is not easy!!

I enjoy camper evenings. We have all the comforts of home and not as many responsibilities. I still have 'Damage Control' to do every day when I get home. More so on the days he is home alone! Tuesday and Thursday we are BOTH caring for the quads while Amber works so those days are easier on - housework wise!

For the most part at night we simply sit. Then we go to bed.

Not a bad life at all!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating 64 AMAZING Years!!

Today I turned 64 years old!
That amazes me!
 I don't FEEL least not all the time!

Louis Dean and I celebrated yesterday by going to Galveston after church.

There are some renowned seafood restaurants in Galveston but I ALWAYS want to eat at Benno's. It is Cajun seafood - not expensive - casual atmosphere - and just says BEACH to me!! I ALWAYS get the Pasta/Shrimp Salad and I love how they serve wine in frosted beer steins!

After we ate we drove down Harborside. We were looking for the
the USS Fort Worth. It was commissioned on Saturday and was supposed to be at Pier 21 but we were a day late!

We DID spy this ship!
I It IS on my 'Bucket List' however!

We stopped for coffee at this coffee/candy shop on The Strand.

Oh, the candy!!

AND the ice creams!!!

The place was packed!

I picked a good spot! It was by the candy maker who threw out freshly made and wrapped pieces of taffy right to us! The only thing I bought was an iced coffee!
Talk about SELF CONTROL!!

I took this picture as that lady was buying ice cream for her three small children.

Aren't they adorable??
Right after I snapped this the mom discovered she had lost her cell phone.
Louis Dean gave her his phone and we said we would sit with the kids while she went back to a couple of stores in search of it.

We had a good time with the kids but the mom didn't find her phone!
She DID come back for the kids, though!
While she was gone I got cups for them to put their dripping cones in and spoons so they could eat them. AND I cleaned the children up a bit since their faces and hands were covered in sticky messes!! The little boy asked me, " You've dealt with children before, haven't you?"

From there we headed to Seawall Blvd where I parked the Mister -

 while I strolled the beach and waded in the water.
I cast a pretty long shadow to be such a short lady!

I joined him for some final 'sit' time before we headed back to the RV Park.
Houston is so big it still took an hour and a half to get down to Galveston.

My celebrating continued today when this edible bouquet from Summer was delivered!
I LOVE fruit and often put some in my tea!

I should have worn my Grandma Quad shirt Amber and Mike gave me for my birthday!

As it was I wore my 'uniform' today. A denim jumper and a t-shirt!
Comfy and at my age I totally enjoy wearing clothes comfortable enough to sleep in!
This is Kailey Lee watching her very first YouTube song!
I was showing her Levi's all time favorite video -

I think she liked it!!

I am humbled by the goodness of God to me!
I have friends and family who love me.
I received cards, messages, emails, Facebook greetings, phone calls all day long!
I have a dear wonderful husband and we are devoted to each other.
I enjoy good health.
This is a GOOD time in my life!
I still have my mother living and a brother and sisters I am close to.
I have 8 sweet grandchildren and my youngest son is not married yet so I anticipate having a few MORE in years to come.
It seems that God has saved the BEST years for last!
I am looking forward to at least 20 MORE!!!