Monday, June 30, 2014

White Curtains, Shabby Chic Hooks, Bracelets and Monday Cleaning!

 My daughter in law sent me home with a couple of large 'Goodie Bags' yesterday!

These hooks will be hanging in my bedroom and bathroom tomorrow!
It's wonderful they are already 'shabby' - just the way I like them!!

Included in one of the bags were two white curtain panels.

I whipped off the thick heavy one I had hanging here and hung the two new ones back to back!

They are perfect!!!

There was even a tie back!

When Louis Dean hangs up my hooks tomorrow I am going to ask him to hang this wire basket as well.

I have it up there on a wire nail and that won't do!

The paper coasters are from a trip Amber and Mike made to Paris.
I have a friend and neighbor who is touring Europe and guess what I asked her to bring back??
Paper coasters! I prefer ones they actually used.

Other treasures from Leigh Ann.
The quads are going to love seeing me wear these!

I LOVE a clean room!!!
I guess Maggie does, too!!

I stayed home all day cleaning and fluffing.
MiMi Camp 2014 will be here soon!!
Sunday evening, actually!!!!
I cleaned the guest room where the three grands will sleep......
at least for a few of the nights next week!

I have started making plans and gathering up materials.
In 2008 I held my first MiMi Camp.
This will be my seventh year to do this!
I am so impressed they still want to come to MiMi Camp now that they are older.
I first started them in order to get to know the grandchildren better.
At first I did three separate weeks so we could pay special individual attention to each one.
Now it is easier to host all three at the same time!
Kids are busy these days and have all  sorts of camps and activities in the summer.

The quads are too young yet to do a MiMi Camp but their time is coming.
Although I guess they may call it 'MEE MAW Camp!!'
It is looking more and more like I am a Mee Maw these days!!

It's nice to put our feet up at the end of the day and bask in the glow of our accomplishments!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fabulous FOUR! Family, Friends, Food, and Fun!!

What a weekend we have had!!

We kicked it off Friday night with dinner at Nick and Sam's with Amber and Mike.
This is their next to all time favorite steakhouse!
Their VERY favorite is Vic and Anthony's but the closest one is in Houston!

It was so special an evening we will remember it for the rest of our lives!
The manager came over and wished us a happy anniversary and sprinkled rose petals on our table.
He also had champagne brought over and we had a toast!
What an amazing meal!!!
Louis Dean did NOT wear his overalls but he said he STILL felt like Pa Kettle!!!
After his first bite of the most tender rib eye steak he has ever put in his mouth he announced - loud and clear! - that he was FIRING Golden Corral!!! That made our server smile!
When he was cleaning off some of the table and offered to remove the bread basket both Mike AND Louis Dean said, "NO!" That bread was seriously delicious and the waiter told Louis Dean, "I WAS going to save it as a surprise but I am wrapping up a whole fresh loaf for you to take home!!!"
It was a meal to remember!!! And we WILL!!!

Before we left that night we got a tiny photo shoot in with the quads!
So often I forget to take pictures of us all together.

We spent the night in Quadville and slept like logs!!

Saturday morning Ben came over!!!
This is my youngest son and I am SO happy to have him back home in Texas after a few years of him living in California! Just LOOK at his dimples!!!!

From Quadville we headed over to Fort Worth to see my Mother!
She was thrilled to see Benjamin again!
It has been nearly two years since she last saw him!

I wish I had taken a pic of them as soon as she opened the door!
I will keep THAT sweet moment in my mind and heart!

We visited a bit and then it was time to load up a chest of drawers my sister, Nita, was giving to Ben.

That big old white truck of Louis Dean's comes in might handy!!

My next adventure was with the Fun Gal Group my blogger friend 
Lady Bug of Texas started this year!

We have met at least once a month to have dinner and drinks and crafts!!

We have made some pretty cool crafts this year!
This is a great group of ladies! STRONG women with incredible life stories!
Most of them have known each other practically their whole lives.
I am so honored to have been included in this group!

Have you ever heard of 'Barefoot Sandals??'
Jamie makes them!!!

After an evening dip in the pool we gathered our things up and called it a night!!
Thank you, Fun Gals!!! It was, indeed, FUN!!

Look who came to our feeder this morning!
He's actually been visiting all weekend!
Louis Dean thinks he likes the Songbird Mix!
We are thinking about getting a bird cage and seeing if he goes in it.
It's probably a pet that escaped.

As soon as our morning coffee and reading was done I headed to the kitchen to slice up a HUGE watermelon and pack up my swim suit, towel and other 'stuff' and drove over to Jesse, Jr.'s house for a Family Style Pool Party!!!

This is Jesse's photo. Have I mentioned he is a GREAT photographer???

Late lunch or early dinner???
Whatever works!!
See that grilled zucchini???
That is ONE giant veggie!!! just ONE!!!
Sabrina brought it over on Tuesday and I have meant to cook it every day since.
It was delicious! I made a 'hot dog' sandwich out of a bun and zucchini slice and some of Jesse's cooked onions! YUM!!!!

Here's Miss Hollywood!!!!

Logan was a little Koala Bear today!!
She still has a touch of 'Stanger Danger' even if the 'stranger ' is FAMILY!!!

Everyone had a good time!!!

Trystan stayed right there on the ledge for the most part.
That was fine with her and she had FUN in the SUN!!

My Amber enjoyed the family gathering where there were many  hands to help with her four 'babies.'

My little koala bear aka LOGA BEAR!!!

Summer and Rayne Pooh!

I LOVE this pic!!! Look at how Logan is looking up......
Thank you, Sabrina, for taking such good pics for me!!

There was even music and dancing!!
I SAID this was a FUN party!!!

Like THIS one of Levi and Rayne!!

To top off our evening we had homemade vanilla ice cream courtesy of Summer and Sabrina!!!

I came home this evening and worked in the flower beds a little bit.
The secret around here is to keep at it a little bit - all the time!
Louis Dean has been patiently waiting for this journal entry to be done!
Can you BELIEVE tomorrow is the LAST day of June???
MiMi Camp 2014 is right around the corner!!
As in THIS time NEXT WEEK!!
I have a lot to do!!
But for now I am going to pour a glass of wine and sit with my beloved as we talk about our fabulous weekend!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Biscuits and Gravy, Cinnamon Rolls, Yard, and Scented Dishwashing Soap!

How's that for a jumbled title?

It's Friday so off to Fort Worth I flew (by way of the President George Bush Toll road!) to pick Mother up at the beauty shop and go to lunch.

The Dixie House is close so we decided to go there - again!
Seems like we go to the same place several times until we get tired of it.
It also helps Mother get familiarized with the menu.
This morning she READ the breakfast menu and pointed to the Biscuits and Gravy.
She wanted ONE but I ordered her TWO! I had no idea they would be so BIG!
She took one home but ate every single drop of that gravy!

Our Yard People came today! This is the second year we have hired to have our grass mowed and edged.
I have not missed doing THAT chore!!! I always had to break it up into two DAYS!
I still have plenty to keep me busy with the flower beds and such!

I left Louis Dean at home and he BAKED!!!
THREE big sheet pans of cinnamon rolls!
These are for Amber and Mike plus we have some to share with friends, family and neighbors!

Louis Dean made a Sam's run and look at what he bought!!
SCENTED and MOISTURIZED dish washing soap!!
I cleaned up the kitchen from all that baking with the lavender scented one and I LOVE it!!!

I am off to get ready for a night out!!
We have exciting plans for the weekend!
Seeing family tomorrow and a Pool Party with a sister blogger tomorrow night and a family pool party on Sunday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

On This My Wedding Day - NINE Years Ago!!

Louis Dean and I have now been married NINE years!!
I am starting this journal entry with the Throwback Thursday pic I used for Facebook!

Louis Dean and I have been sitting out here in the gazebo looking through our wedding album and talking about what a wonderful day June 26, 2005 was for us!

I stopped at Central Market on the way home from Quadville this afternoon to buy our Anniversary Meal.
So without further ado I am going in to cut up that Texas 'Candyloupe', slice the peaches and strawberries and pour us a glass of bubbly while the lasagna bakes!
I am not cleaning or reading or blogging or writing this evening but sitting with my precious husband and giving him my undivided attention!
Who KNEW that the very best and happiest years of my life would start when I was in my mid fifties??

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Game Change in Quadville!

It was a Quadville Wednesday and I was more than ready to see Amber and the 'babies!'
It had been a full week since I saw them last.

Kailey was all Kissy KISSY! So was I!

I only brought one 'new' toy and Trystan totally loved it!!

Louis Dean arrived a bit later than I did and had a royal greeting!

Harrison is growing like a weed! They ALL are!!

It was a good day here in the Land of Quad! The babies are pretty good at entertaining each other and themselves.

With four two year olds, Quadville is like a real live Day Care!!!
It's a wonderful thing to watch them grow and learn and develop!!

They DO love their Granddad and their Granddad loves THEM!

Lunch was easier than usual today since everything doesn't need to be cut up in as small pieces.
They actually ate sandwiches cut in quarters! The biggest thing I noticed - they didn't drop ONE piece of food on the floor!!!
I did diaper changes right before lunch so right after lunch they all lined up and we went upstairs for naps.
I sat in Harrison and Kailey's room til they were sound asleep.
It was a good afternoon for naps with all the rain we had today.
Both Louis Dean and Amber slept soundly for quite awhile!
When I heard Harrison and Kailey banging around up there I went in to find them up on the dresser!

They are too CUTE!!!

They were pretty up front about what they could do now!!
All of that promoted a new Game Change in Quadville!!

Let's hope we ALL get some sleep tonight!!