Friday, January 24, 2014

Time With Mother

Fridays are my day with Mother. Not really a whole day but more like several hours. 
I was not a 'Golden Child' today!!
Her stylist called to tell me she was ready to be picked up. We were still en route so it was another 20 minutes before I got there. oops!
Then she wouldn't leave yet because she wanted me to tell Donna (her hair dresser) about the babies and show her some pictures. I didn't bring photos nor my laptop and my phone was charging in the car.
Another oops!

She DID cheer up when we finally got to Walmart!
I had a 'Senior' moment myself and passed it without even noticing so I had to turn around and go back.
This seemed to confuse her. My third oops!
She wanted a pillow -  I later found out she really needed a cushion for her rocking chair. I would have helped her choose differently but I didn't understand.

 She did find the exact make up she wanted. Now I fix my face every day and I do not go through nearly as much make up as she does!

The biggest OOPS was lunch!
Louis Dean wanted a Mexican Buffet but we discovered it was closed. Lots of driving around trying to decide where to eat. We were getting close to IHOP and Mother let me know she wanted to eat THERE!!
Louis Dean said he DIDN'T want to eat there!! (Being out with TWO 'elderly' people can get tricky!)
We passed IHOP with him saying, "Y'all go ahead!" and her saying, "I don't care!"

By this time we were all three getting hungry! LD then decided we should have stopped at the BBQ place we talked about earlier. Well, I was NOT driving way back over there so we'd have to find something close.
Fortunately I spotted a Cousins BBQ!

She did get a kick out of this license plate. Our last name was Ewing!

She was trying to be a good sport about the restaurant! Louis Dean was treating us for lunch so HE got to choose. Next week I will make sure SHE gets to go to IHOP!

THIS was her expression through most of the meal.
You can see why this was my biggest oops of the day!

She pulled this jar out of her pocket in the middle of eating dessert and made me understand that she did NOT get the face cream she needed while at Walmart!!! So throw in another oops!
It IS pretty clever of her to bring the emty containers so we know exactly what she's looking for.
I guess I missed seeing this one while we were in the store!

During the driving around part of the time today she couldn't seem to hear what we were saying. Louis Dean was trying to cheer her up and joke around but it wasn't working!
When we took her home she showed me her empty bottles of those fragrance sticks. You know - the bottles with fragrant oils and you have sticks in them that make the room smell good. She has THREE sets and they were ALL empty! She had been trying to tell me earlier but I didn't even come CLOSE to understanding. I PROMISED her to take her to Ross for Less next Friday and we would get her some more!
I hope I earned a few Brownie points! 
Louis Dean and I were trying to figure out if she is getting frailer. She seemed a bit unsteady today. More so than usual and walked with teeny tiny steps very slowly. She walked much better at home but they may be because she is more confident at home. She can flit from room to room walking nearly as fast as I can! She also didn't seem to hear as well and showed me a brochure for hearing aids. She thinks you can just buy one and doesn't understand how they work. I don't understand either and it may be easier than I think. However since she can't really speak clearly it would be hard for the doctor to know exactly what she needed.
Nita and Deanie, I know you read my blog so I went into a little more detail than normal just to keep you posted on our day. It helps to know what's going on! I can NOT resist saying, "Nobody SAID!!!"

She was all smiles when we left her this afternoon. I know she must get extremely frustrated in not being able to communicate clearly. She does an amazing job and usually keeps such a good attitude!
I shall try very hard to redeem myself next week!!
You KNOW we will be eating at IHOP and SHOPPING!!
I may even make Louis Dean sit in the back seat so she can sit in the front!!
Yes, I am going to be GOLDEN next Friday!


Wanda said...

Oh Linda, how I relate to your Mom. I've been wearing hearing aids for over 15 years, and I still have my problems, even with the new digital (expensive ones). It's really not to hard, but it does start with a hearing test to determine how bad it is. There are lots of different kinds and several of my elderly friends hate that hearing aids pick up all the background noise. Something I have to live with.
I truly laughed out loud at your mom's unhappy expression...priceless!

Vee said...

What a challenge each side has to communicate and get it right. What I love about you and your family is that you want to! You care! (BTW, once I took an old box that my computer ink came in to be certain I'd get the right kind. Would you believe that the store charged me twice? Thank goodness I didn't get out of the store before I noticed.)

Next Friday will be better! =D

Linda said...

Your mother looks like a lovely lady, Linda, and you take after her in such a positive way! I enjoy your posts so much. Thank you so much for sharing.

Cheapchick said...

It must be really hard to have a mother that is still doing well but cant communicate, my Mom is fine but hubbys Mom is getting senile, angry, mean, but still communicates unfortunately too loud and clear some times.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

LInda I understand your day perfectly! I took care of my Mom until she passed at 89+ years. She was losing her hearing towards the end and was becoming unsteady on her feet at times but would get angry if I suggested she go to the doctor. My Mom also loved IHOP, and it was one of the last places we took her to eat.

It could be you Mom has wax buildup in her ears, and that might even be making her unsteady and dizzy.

MadSnapper said...

i think you were golden for doing all this, even the oops. i am ashamed to say my mother made me crazy so i did not take her out as much as i should have. of course when she was living i had little kids and was short on patience. i think you did a great job.

Hootin' Anni said...

Good for you...Linda!! Looking forward to making up with her next week will be something to look forward to for all of you.

I think it's kinda ironic tho...EWING and Dallas?!!! Pretty darned cool. Is anyone named J R?

Sweet Tea said...

Owwww, her expression says it all!! LOL Trust me, I have seen that same expression on my own Mom's face from time to time. Communication is key to so many things and when it breaks down there is often chaos, still being able to get out and about and spend time getting her hair done and having lunch out is so much better than many Seniors have it. By next week she will probably have forgotten all the "oopsies" from this week. ;-)

Stacey said...

Oh Linda, you did the best you could. I bet your mom went back and bragged about the nice day y'all had together. Next week get yourself primed for pancakes or whatever else calls to you at IHop. :)

Kathy said...

We all have those "oops" days. But it wasn't anything unfixable and I'm sure next week will be better.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't mean to laugh while reading this but I did. Not for your frustrating situation but because I've been around older people enough before to relate to your situation. They really do revert back to children, don't they? They wear their emotions on their sleeves. I wonder if your mom could write down what she's trying to say. I know the communication problem is a challenge! Hopefully, next week will be better.

Carla said...

Now those oops sound like my kinda oops. I'm sure you've been redeemed by now. We all have those kind of days. Some better than others.