Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Two Worlds!

This morning we woke up in Quadville! That's a world all its own and we love it there!!

Louis Dean staggered upstairs with me to get the babies up.
Kailey and Harrison were the first to be awake!
Notice they all have bed hair!!

Of all things to remember Grandma by - it's the HONK! HONK!!

After their breakfast of sausage, biscuits, fresh strawberries and Greek yogurt we retired to the playroom where Granddad and I had a cup of coffee. Amber keeps a Keurig with a canister  full of everything from STOUT coffee for Louis Dean to Vanilla Biscotti for me and various teas and coffees to choose from!

Trystan and Kailey would take tiny taste of mine!
They like flavored coffee laced heavily with thick creamer!!

The babies enjoy exploring other rooms of the house.
We gathered in the living room for a little variety. Amber had some Christmas stuff gathered up and they loved pulling it back out!!!

Morning snacks were graham crackers and strawberry tea!
These kids LOVE tea!!

They don't watch much TV but they do love their Bubble Guppies and I put Sesame Street on this morning!

All too soon it was lunch time.

While I was fixing it the quads roamed around the kitchen!

It was a good day in Quadville!
We had sent Amber off for a couple of hours to herself.
There are more days than not when she has the quads and their care all by herself.
That is NOT an easy thing to do. Louis Dean and I work as a team and all we do is care for the babies and a little help on laundry and maybe cooking. I cannot fathom how Amber runs her business and does the thousand other things you need to do to run a home AND take care of four 19 month old quadruplets!!
We come home tired but then we have days to rest up before we do it again.
Amber is on duty 24/7.

SO......we woke up in Quadville! That's one world.
We came home around 2:30 and I went straight to bed for a good nap!

When I woke up (after a good 2 hours of sound sleep!) I started in on my house cleaning for the new year!
I only did half of the den but felt like I accomplished a lot!
How I ever fit so much Fall and then Christmas stuff in here I do not know!!
The Santa wall will have to stay up for a few more weeks.
It is a huge job to rehang and that will have to wait!

I still love to keep some lights up year round.

No matter what I always discover some Christmas thing I have overlooked!!
The blocks have 'I (heart) country' on the other side.

This end table is on my list of things to do.
Amber painted a chest in one of her nurseries black using chalk paint.
I have only painted things in white shabby chic style so far.
This one will need to stay on the warm side to fit in with the other furniture.
It will be an learning adventure!

So - those are my two worlds!
Quadville and our quiet sedate home.
I do so love them both and all the other worlds I visit!
Fort Worth and my other grands and the ranch in Mart where Louis Dean's son lives.
Our life would be so much less if we only lived in ONE world!!


20 North Ora said...

How exciting! Quads! Wow! We just had twin great granddaughters in October and they have only been home about three weeks and it takes everyone. Don't know how mom does it.

Keeps life exciting, doesn't it?


Deb said...

the best of both worlds...

Kathy said...

You live in at least four worlds, not two. Life would be boring for you in just one.

Vee said...

We sure enjoy seeing and reading about all your worlds! Those toddlers are the cutest and I wish to commend Amber. She sure does a beautiful job with them. They are happy, healthy, active, curious children!

Aloha Acres said...

I agree with the above comment ... the best of both worlds. :)

Carla said...

So what goes on the wall when the santa's are removed.
And I too agree it best to have more than just one world.
Adds spice to ones life.

Linda said...

Such a busy life you lead, Linda! I had to google 'keurig'. Had no idea what that was.