Saturday, September 22, 2018

Spending Time With Bev and Brian.....Thursday and Friday

Thursday we woke up in Spokane, Washington and drove into Idaho and up to Creston, British Columbia!

We were excited to get to meet up with friends we met a few years ago when they were visiting Texas. They invited us up to see then back then but never did any of us think this would actually happen!!

And yet here we were wending our way north!
As we drove across this bridge, Louis Dean spied a bald eagle sitting up in the top of one of those trees on the left.


We were at the Canadian border and I told Louis Dean not to joke around or even talk.

I said this because when we were in Heathrow Airport back in 2009, he sang this song!!

The border guard asked me the routine questions and I answered.
Then she asked me once again - "Are you SURE you don't have any firearms?? After all - you're from TEXAS!"

We went across the border with no problem! 

We are here!
That's Beverly!
We met through our blogs years ago.

This is Miss Pepper - their adorable 6 month old puppy!
She is so lovable!
I miss having a pet.....

Bev and Brian have an awesome one of a kind homes.

Her talented daughter, Jodie, did this door! 
I want Louis Dean to make me one!!

I love Bev's unique laundry room!

Everything looks like it belongs in a magazine!

Then there is the back yard!

Meet Bev and Brian!

A walk about in their backyard!

When I first met Bev, she and Brian were spending their winters in Arizona.

I well remember the patio they had there with this sign and these two red chairs.

I could have spent hours out here!

A sweet little garden house made by her son in law.

We had such a lovely afternoon and evening!
Some of the best margaritas ever!!

Great Mexican food for supper!

Then we played a card game while Louis Dean played and sang for us before having a glass of wine before bed.

Down the stars to the guest suite.

Such a comfy bed!
The quilt was the first one Bev ever made and she has made several since then!

I want one of these fireplace heaters for the front room at the ranch!

This is her sewing room!

Let me tell you - we slept like babies!
Last night was the 13th night in a row that Louis Dean has slept long and sound.

This morning I had some cuddle time with Miss Pepper!

She is precious......

I love this pic of Bev and Pepper!

Bev and Brian are a great couple!
It's so obvious how much they love the Lord and each other.
They made a delicious breakfast and we lingered long at the table.

They showed us around Creston today and we told them we really wanted to just hang out with them.
Nothing commercial. We came to see them, not the sight seeing.

The first thing we did was visit a thrift store called Gleaners.
I found some treasures! Of course, I did!!

We had a wonderful afternoon driving around.
We visited a Fruit Market where they had a tasting room!
Small bowls of cut up fruits and veggies to try in addition to open boxes of
 plums, cherries and grapes.

Then we drove a big loop seeing the countryside.

A dog was herding goats across a field and into another one.

We couldn't resist stopping to watch and take pictures!

Canada is a beautiful place!

Everywhere I looked - simply beautiful!
The weather was slightly damp and a tiny bit chilly - perfect!

We came back to the house and fixed a lunch tray of meats, cheeses, crackers, olives, pickles and fruit.....and wine.

We ate out on the porch since it was such a beautiful day.

A tiny bit chilly weather calls for a tiny bit of a fire!

Brian is such a kind and thoughtful man.
This is a really good pic of him.
That's a walnut tree right behind him and while we were gone on our drive.....

these walnuts fell!
They gather them as they fall, store them for awhile and then shell and roast them.
We ate a few from last year's crop and they were as crisp and tasty as ever!

This morning while Bev and I was getting dressed, our guys went to a music shop to buy guitar strings.

After lunch they changed the strings on their guitars while Bev and I took Pepper for a walk.

Plums fresh off the tree!

We all three enjoyed a walk in what became a light rain.

The guys were still working when we got back.

Louis Dean is so happy with his Martin guitar!
He has determined that it was a new one.
It's any one's guess how it ended up in a pawn shop.
I think God put it there just for him.

Bev has a 'cold room.'
It's downstairs in the basement and is the equivalent of an old fashioned root cellar!
That's where she keeps her canned fruits and vegetables plus her fresh produce.
They have such a great garden!

We finished up the batch of margaritas from last night......

and Bev made the best Cordon bleu for dinner!

Now I want to show you my Treasures from the Gleaners thrift store.

Less than $10!

I simply could not pass this sweet tea set up.

Or this heavy tea pot with tea manners!

I love these!

And then there were these tea towels!!!
Exquisite stitching and the back is as neat as the front!

Tonight  Bev made tea and we sat around the table looking at maps and they helped us determine our route back south.
It's time to head home.
We had wanted to go to Yellowstone National Park but that would put us being away another full week. We need to return the rental car by noon on Thursday and we still want to spend a day or two in Colorado Springs. It is 1,203.3 miles from here to there. Then it's 716.4 miles from Colorado Springs to Irving. That's 1,919.7 miles to get home.
We have a long way to go and a short time to get there!!

It has been an amazing journey and we are not done yet!
We visited all our friends along the way so now it's time to head for home.

Thank you, Bev and Brian for such a wonderful time of fellowship!
They may very well be coming down to headquarter in Texas next winter.
Louis Dean has full hook ups for their trailer all ready to go!
He put them in when we had our camper parked on the drive way.
It would be wonderful to have them come stay with us!

We have made so many great memories on this trip.

From Brenda and Billy to Honora and the Great Dane to Linda and Roger to dear Phyliis and now Beverly and Brian - we love you all and appreciate the love, patience and hospitality you have shown us!

Now.....we will make our home towards home.