Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Buc-ee's Rocking Chairs, Benno's on the Beach and Galveston! We are HERE!!!

 I woke up all excited this morning! Alas,  Louis Dean did not sleep well last night so I contained my excitement and did not wake him up but went ahead and had my coffee and quiet time.
By the time he woke up and stupored, I had BLTs ready for our breakfast.
I didn't want to have to stop for a meal on our way down to the coast!

We planned to leave shortly after 9:00 but it was 10:59 when we backed out of the driveway!
Not bad at all!!!

Our first stop was Navarro County Southbound Safety Area - aka Rest Area!
I am so grateful I don't have a raging UTI all the time.
For years I went from one bathroom to another and never less than every half hour.
I look back at all I did for so many years with a terrible bladder infection and marvel that I still lived LIFE! But I am here to tell you, LIFE is so much better without a constant UTI!
I tell Dr. Keith Bloom every single year how he totally changed the quality of my life.
Amd I never forget to thank God for that!

Second stop!!

Buc-ee's in Madisonville, Texas!
They have a sign saying NOT to sit in the rockers or chairs.....

but we told them we had to sit in them first before we would buy them!
NO problem!
Now we have our chairs for the beach!

Third stop was Benno's on the Beach!

It's ridiculous how much I love this place!

It started back in the early 90's when Amber was doing synchronized swimming with the Pirouettes of Texas. Her first meet was in Friendswood, Texas and I had a bit of a heat stroke and was unable to drive us back home to Irving. Instead, we went on down  to Galveston, Amber and Benjamin and another synchro mom and her daughter, and we stayed at the La Quinta Inn on Seawall Blvd.
After we checked in, I asked about a place to eat and they said, "Well, we locals love Benno's on the Beach!" And that's where we went and that's where I always go when I am in Galveston!

You gotta love a place that serves wine in beer steins!
I asked them once why they didn't use wine glasses.
She said, "We tried that once but we kept breaking the stems off!"

I just love how when you look forward to something so much and it turns out just EXACTLY like you were hoping it would be!!
God is good!!

I am so happy to BE here!!!!

My shrimp pasta salad!
I ate less than a third of it but we have a fridge in our hotel so this will make a nice lunch tomorrow.

Louis Dean ordered a dozen fried shrimp with fries, hush puppies and coleslaw.
I got the coleslaw.....he does not eat raw cabbage! There's not much he won't eat but that's one he refuses.

He cleaned his plate!!

We found our hotel.
No ocean view and no balconies.
I was trying to adjust my attitude even as I went in to the lobby.....
this was NOT what I thought I had booked but I needed to make the best of it.
The lady said they had no reservation for Chapman. She looked at my phone app and said it was at the other end of the island!


We are here even if we do check in like we are relatives of the Beverly Hillbillies!
The fog and the mist has rolled in but we are loving it!!