Friday, June 2, 2023

We are Back in our City Home!

I'm catching up on my days!

I'll start with this photo from my brother Buster.

I love how thoughtful he is in sending me pictures like this and I dearly LOVE that my dad's tombstone says FATHER on it. I love that word and I love the sunflower Buster put on the grave.
He and I stood there in May of 2021 and I will never forget the emotions I felt when I actually 'met' my father....standing side by side of my dear and wonderful brother.

Thank you, Buster, for our phone visit and for being such a good brother to me and to our other sisters.

Tuesday was our last morning at the ranch and Tarzan came up wanting some attention.
He is brother to our Samantha and Tabitha and oh, my goodness - what a difference he is compared to them! They are spoiled lazy pampered house cats and when you pet them they are as soft as bread dough. I pet Tarzan and he is as solid as a rock! His muscles are as firm as a body builder's and I find it endearing that he loves to crawl up in my lap and be petted.

I went in to put things to rights and prepare for leaving while Louis Dean sat out and watered everything!

That's our pumpkin patch he's watering here and the leaves are springing up out of the ground!!

It has been a glorious spring and we loved every day we were down there!

We were just about ready to leave - after watering - when a rainstorm blew in and rained hard!!!
So hard we couldn't even see through it for awhile.
I worried that we might not be able to get out but Dean and Sherry called and said we would have no problem from our driveway to the gate. It's from our place down to theirs that gets so muddy.

Once it looked like the rain had let up - we put Samantha in her carrier but could NOT find Tabitha.
Louis Dean had a strong flashlight and we looked absolutely everywhere in the camper and in the front room - but no Tabitha.

We were just about frantic about then and set down to regroup for a minute.
I was telling Louis Dean about all the hiding places I knew of and showed him the table that is between our chairs is of wicker and has doors that open on my side and holds some of my art books.
I reached down and put my hand in - and felt FUR!!
I had already looked in this hidey hole but Tabitha had pushed herself all the way to the very back!
NOW we were ready to go!!

We got home before dark and settled right in.
The house was fine with no surprises!

Son Jesse picked my up Wednesday morning and we headed to Arlington for Faith's graduation.

We arrived early and got really good seats!

Grandsons Levi and Sam came over to sit with us and I was so happy to see them!

I get all soft and gooey over these grandsons.

They are sweet, kind, and well mannered and I love them with all my heart!
I smile every time I even think about them!

Our Faith!

She is an amazing young lady and will go far in life!

When Jesse brought me home, I noticed Louis Dean had a box fan in his window - leaving a good size space open where the cats could get out!!!
Thank goodness they didn't but he had been spray painting in his room again and was trying to get rid of the smell before I got home!

Summer and Rayne had spent the night here when they flew back from Puerto Rico and she left the Apple Air Tags for me. Jesse programed them - one for the truck - one for the car - and one for the cell phone IF I get Louis Dean another one. I'm still thinking about that one.

We decided to get pedicures that afternoon and I have no idea how I cut Louis Dean's picture off like this!

He's a happy man when he gets his feet done - probably because they always make over him like he's special - which he IS!

He got a better one of me!

Thursday June 1st, I had my annual checkup - which they call a Medicare Wellness Visit.
I love my doctor and she loves me and I am grateful for her.
My  appointment was for 9:00 and after my visit with Dr. Abraham,  I was sitting in the waiting room again before they called me back for my lab work.

I dress up when I go to the doctor so I was wearing a long summer dress with a lace shrug and Nita's pretty gold shoes. A sweet lady told me I looked like I was going to a wedding or church or something and we struck up a conversation! She is 83 and a sweet lady with THE best stories!
She married young and divorced after two years, remarried and divorced again - as did her ex husband.
Turns out her first husband located her (she was in North Carolina) and she moved back to Texas where they 'lived in sin' for a year and then remarried!
The funny part of her story is - she met his ex-wife and they immediately became fast friends and call each other 'my ex wifey!' What a hoot she was! They travel together as couples - the ex wife and her husband and my friend and her husband - who used to be married to the ex wife!
Anyway, I love this lady and when they called me back - I asked her to leave her phone number on the table where we were sitting - which she did and I texted her so she would have my number.
I intend to call her in a few days!
What a delightful thing to make a new friend in the doctor's office.
Her name is Jeannie and she says I remind her so much of her 'ex wifey!'

From there I picked up my two new pair of glasses and then visited Kimmy and June!
They have to move out by next Friday and it os such a chore.
They've hired a moving company but Kimmy is still tired to the bone with all she has to do.
Sister Tracy is doing a lot as are other family members, I'm sure.
I told them I would come over when they are settled and help them decorate.

On my way to Aldi I drove by their new house and it is nicer than where they are now.
I think they are going to love it so much better.
Still, moving is a hard thing to do.

Look what I found at Aldi!!
Can't wait to try them!

This morning (Friday) I picked a bouquet of sunflowers and then Louis Dean and I worked in the back gardens for a few hours. Things are shaping up nicely!

Louis Dean got to singing Summertime and the living is easy.....
I pulled up the recording by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and he nearly melted!

All my bloodwork came back with no big surprises so I am grateful.
Still need to get a mammogram and a Tetanus shot plus a colonoscopy and then I am done for another year! Plus a dermatologist visit to check all my moles - the one thing I got from my maternal granny!
I found out the dermatologist is Dr. Kim who is married to my beloved Dr. Bloom!!!

Louis Dean and I are enjoying these first summer days and I heard my first locust this afternoon!!

And the gecko watching season has begun!!

I'll close tonight's journal entry with this sweet pic that has gone viral!


A sweet six-year-old at her Kindergarten graduation!

I wish I looked this poised and confident!