Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday With my Older Grands!

  I was up early Saturday morning baking brownies before Louis Dean even thought about waking up.
The coffee was on and the brownies were smelling good - I added a 'secret ingredient to them - crushed potato chips!  I enjoyed the very last day of my fall decorations. I carried my coffee and sipped as I walked through each room admiring this last day of my most favorite season. My plans were to start taking it all down that evening when I got home - and so I did.

But first, I had ball games to go to and grandchildren to see!

My first stop was at Faith's Basketball game!
This is my first born grandson, Sam! He's 15!

Faith is 13 and quite the basketball player.
I mean, she is REALLY good!
Faith is #21!

After her game, it was on to University of Texas at Arlington stadium for Levi's game.

It was the Championship game!
Levi is 11.

I love how these kids are each other's #1 Fans!

It was a cold and windy day and we were high up in the stadium!
That is a huge football field!

My daughter in law, Leigh Ann, brought food in for us to eat lunch before the game started.
That's my son, Jesse, on the far left and Faith, Sam, Linda - the other grandmother - and me!

Did I mention it was COLD and WINDY??
Linda and Leigh Ann both thought ahead and brought blankets for all of us!
You can see me at the end all covered up in one!

Beautiful Leigh Ann and Handsome Jesse!
They make such a great couple!

We cheered and yelled and cheered some more!

And the Mustangs WON!!!!!

I loved watching all their excitement!!!

I got back home after 5:00.
Louis Dean had been left 'Home Alone' and cooked pinto beans in the pressure cooker after making a run to the grocery store for Thanksgiving food.

The beans were good and the pressure cooker didn't blow up!
Last year our old one bit the dust and he went out and bought THREE new ones all in different sizes!

I made cornbread to go with the beans.

This is a real good recipe and Louis Dean loves my cornbread.
So much so that this morning I got up and made him another batch....
plus I made two batches of the dry ingredients, labeled them and put them in the pantry for the next time he gets hungry for cornbread - which is fairly often!

I hit the ground running as soon as we got home from the ranch and, after running around for two days, I bit the dust and was in bed last night before 9:30! I stayed in bed until after 9:00 this morning.
We watched Fellowship Live on TV and Louis Dean has had the entire day off.
I have been steadily packing up all of fall all day long! Literally.
Tubs are piled high on the back deck and the walkway is covered with black and white trash bags filled with debris. Our house looks a bit vacant now.
That won't last long.
Tomorrow Louis Dean will help me put it all in the storage building and I will clean the house up before opening up the Christmas House - that's what we call the Christmas storage building which used to be Amber's play house.

I'm up a bit later tonight than I have been lately. I was beginning to wonder if I was losing my Night Owl habits!