Friday, September 22, 2017

Critter Chores!

Dean and Sherry were away so Louis Dean and I took care of the Critter Chores this morning.

BBQ was looking mighty fine!
Notice the little tank is bone dry!
Back in the spring and early summer this was full to over flowing.

Louis Dean staked Thumper further up.
He took care of the goats while I fed and watered the chickens and let the ducks out.....
and gathered eggs!

One of the chores we do every day is to fill the camper reservoir with water,
He came in from turning on the water faucet telling me about these pretty yellow flowers that bloom all the way down the main stem of the plant. He thought I might want to cut a bouquet.

  Good thing I know what ragweed looks like!!
No bouquet of that for me!

It's been another hot day in Texas and certainly does NOT feel like the first day of fall.
The hummingbirds are still coming to the feeder and even the praying mantis visited it.
One of the wasps flying around kept buzzing at him trying to get him to move.

This is the way Louis Dean hangs his laundry to dry.
I was glad to get all the wash finished today.

I haven't felt well today. Not really sick but I got too tired this morning and then developed a headache. It could have been the ragweed. My shoulders and neck ached and all the bones in my feet hurt. I went back to bed this morning after chores and again this afternoon.

I thought a lighter movie would make us smile and this one did!
I'd seen it belong long years ago but it was just as clever today as it was then.
Surprisingly, Louis Dean said he really REALLY enjoyed it!

He brought the last bit of laundry up from the line carrying it on his bike.
He's been working hard today but had to take several long breaks.
The bathroom will not be a done deal when we leave on Monday but it will be a lot closer than we arrived. Everything takes time and Louis Dean can't work morning until night as he used to do.
We have to pace ourselves and enjoy the process.

I still haven't heard from Summer but I am not complaining. I know the conditions in Puerto Rico are awful and it takes time for help and aid to arrive.
My birthday is Sunday and I am hoping and praying to hear her voice by or ON that day.
It will be the best birthday gift I could get!
Last year for my birthday, she had something delivered to me every single day of the entire month of September. She sent everything from socks to flannel nightgown to Vick's Vapor Rub to super soft tissues to candy  and on and on. Every day I got a package!
That was so special and thoughtful of her.
This year I just want to hear her voice.