Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Monday's Cooking and Tuesday's Treasures!

 Monday was such a nice weather day so I left the back door open so the cats could look out.

They love our bed!

I put a huge pork shoulder in my largest crockpot before I went to bed on Sunday night.

The house smelled so good when we woke up Monday morning!
This was my very first time to make pulled pork!

I used the very last of the Kansas City BBQ sauce my siblings from there gave me and it was delicious!!

To go with it I made onion potatoes from a Make it and Leave it cookbook.
You toss the cut up potatoes with olive oil - I went with rosemary infused olive oil - and dry onion soup mix. Cook in a crockpot on high for 3 hours.

Then we left for Walmart to see about an oil change and if they could check out the AC that suddenly stopped working in the car. Turns out they don't do AC anything so we decided to take it to my first choice place the next day.

By the time we had done a little shopping at Walmart and got back home - dinner was ready.
After we ate I packed up some for Kimmy and June and took it over to them.
June is back home now and will hopefully be getting her strength back.
She's pretty amazing to be 91!

I got home before dark and Louis Dean so graciously asked, "May I buy my beautiful blonde a glass of wine?" He's so funny!

Since it was such a pleasant evening, we sat out on the kitchen deck.

Later I went to the front to take a picture of our front porch after we had cleaned it all up on Sunday!

Last year I took my car up to Midas Muffler thinking I needed an all around brake job.
Turned out the problem was I was low on brake fluid.
I love an honest mechanic and left a really good review for him and promised to be back whenever I had another need.

They open at 8:00 and I told him we would be there Tuesday morning but NOT that early!
It was closing in on noon by the time I drove the car up there with Louis Dean following me in the truck.

Since we were out - we decided to get pedicures for both of us and a manicure for him.
He had a good time!

And so did I!
The cost is less expensive than a podiatrist visit and a whole lot more enjoyable!

Brenda picked me up after she got off work and we hit up our favorite thrift store.
She found three things and spent $9 while I got a buggy full and spent $30!

Love this beautiful plate and will be gifting it with a homemade cake on it.

Two tiny lamp shades for the living room.

I already have one of these so I bought this one for the two tiny lamps in the sewing room.

I am reading a lot these days so I always check out the book section!

A friends said this book has been made into a movie.

Can't wait to read this!

Love this author and her testimony.

I'll be visiting Nantucket by armchair travel with this book.

A fluffy twin size comforter for the girl bunk at the camper.

Pretty tablecloth with sparkles.

A set of summer sheets for our bed.

Four placemats.

I love the colors and texture of this throw.....

and the weight is perfect for the foot of our bed.

Such a feminine throw and light enough to use in the summer with the AC on.

Brenda dropped me off to pick up my car and I am SO happy to have it fixed now!
The fan motor had burned out.

I finally bit the bullet and started cleaning the den Monday evening and went back at it tonight.

I put on this movie to watch while I worked and Louis Dean came in to watch it with me.
It was so good that I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I meant to because I kept my eyes on the TV!

Tonight's supper was an easy peasy one!
Cottage cheese, ham, crackers and fresh pineapple.

I'll close tonight's journal entry with this wine light I made for my son Jesse for Christmas.
The reason I still have it is - I forgot where I put it so it never went in his stocking.

Louis Dean is not the only one around here that's forgetting things!!