Sunday, January 20, 2019

Church and Texas ROAD House!! Our Sunday in the City.....

It was a cold but beautiful Sunday here in North Texas.
I know much of the East is layered under deep drifts of snow.
Texans are pretty loud and proud but when it comes to winter weather, we are just a bunch of pansies!

Louis Dean turned on his computer and played great gospel music as we dressed for church.

Our first Sunday in church this year.
After much prayer and thought, we have returned to Fellowship Church.
I love this church!

And guess who was visiting with us today?
Amber, Mike and the kids!
It was so much fun to meet up with them in the lobby and sit together.
Ed Young preached on Joash - the Kindergarten King.
Harrison really perked his ears up when he heard that Joash was a king at 7 years old!
Never underestimate the spiritual powers of a child.
I have often said a child's prayers are sometimes more powerful than a pastor's.
After a season of wondering where we should place membership, it's a relief to know and now decide. While we didn't start the process today, we will as soon as possible.

After church we all went out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Mike's birthday.

It was SO much fun!
I'm telling you, my heart was full to overflowing!
Two days in a row to see these four precious children and their two amazing parents.
I'm going to stop now so I don't go on a jabbering proud mama/meemaw thing.
The funny thing is - back before I was a jabbering proud grandparent - I could not understand all that 'let me show you pictures of my grandchildren' thing. Now I get it....

We came home and spent the entire afternoon and evening in the den.

Yesterday I took Christmas out and today I cleaned.

Louis Dean had recorded the two games today so we watched them and fast forwarded the commercials. Except for when we would forget and just sit there.

We were rooting for the Saints and disappointed when the Rams won.
Then we were rooting for the Patriots but would have been okay either way if the Chiefs had won.

Tomorrow we head back to the ranch for a week or two.
I love that we have such flexibility with our time.
It's not bothering me one bit to leave the house as it is.
I'm claiming 2019 as the year to slow down and put less pressure on myself.
I'm the one that pushes myself to do more and more. No one forces me. It will be a journey this year as I adjust my pace to reflect my age and limitations but I am determined to do this.

As I close this journal entry tonight, here is one of the many treasures my neighbor Tamara gave me.
I love these magnet covers for dishwashers. As soon as I saw this, I knew what it was!
This gives me four different ones for each season.