Friday, July 23, 2021

A Great July Friday!

 We still have not hit the 100 degree mark in temperature in the DFW area yet and I am not one to complain about that!!

This morning I was up and working out on a SilverSneakers EnerChi workout before I even had one full cup of coffee! I exercised every day - or at least 5 X a week from 1984 - 2014. That was 30 years of a healthy habit. But for the last 7 years I have done the odd yoga and Tai Chi or gone for walks from time to time but no day in and day out commitment to daily exercise.
Well, this morning I was looking at my test results online through the patient portal.....and saw the results of my BMI....Body Mass Index. I was shocked. I have never been overweight in my entire life - but my numbers were flagged 'high' and I was flabergasted! Seems the 2 inches I have lost over the years have made my BMI out of normal range. Not by much, really. 25.88 is my number and it should be 25 or less. So that POINT 88 pushed meinto action since it is in my medical records and is not written in black ink but bright RED!

Louis Dean was watching Gunsmoke - again - so I pulled up a program on my laptop and it felt GOOD to be back to exercise done on purpose!

Summer picked me up at 1:30 and we drove to Grapevine to a Sports Clip for my 2:00 hair cut appointment with Yulisa!

She's loving working in this new shop and I am loving it, too!
I would follow her anywhere!
Even though I have been wearing my new wiglet a lot, I still needed a haircut!
She was so sweet - she didn't even complain about the butcher job I gave my bangs a few days ago.

From there Summer and I went for a late lunch to......

It was such a pretty day that we opted to dine outside!

This place is charming!
They had big fans mounted high on the building and a water mister blowing.

Summer is so CUTE!!!!
She had her spinal stimulator all charged up and she was feeling pretty fine.

The chips here are 'substantial!' Meaning they are thick enough for you to realize you are actually eating them instead of those thin crispy ones that you eat a ton of before you even notice what you're doing!

The food was as excellent as the service and the ambiance!
And those margaritas???
There's a reason this place is called the Margarita Capitol of Texas!!

We took our time over lunch and picked up Sonic teas on our way to Trader Joes.

We order BIG margaritas and drink 7-11 BIG Gulps and Sonic Route 44 drinks!
We are BIG drinkers!!

And Summer had all the condiments handy in her travel case!
Sweet 'N Low, Splenda and even lemon juice!

We sipped our way to Trader Joes and I loaded up on the frozen Chinese food!!!
It's one of our favorite things at TJs!

And the wine! 

It was just the BEST Friday afternoon!!!
She dropped me off at home and went back to Rowlett to prepare dinner there and then pack her bag since she's coming back over here in the morning and will stay for a week or so. We have big plans!

I had time to get to my 7:00 appointment with a new beekeeper right here in Irving to do a hive inspection with her.

She just received her hive from Texas Bee Keepers last month and it is doing great!
While she won't be getting honey this year, I predict a good harvest this time next year!

I came home and started 'Damage Control'.....there was a lot of evidence suggesting a good bit of deep frying of something had been going on!

Louis Dean thought I would notice this 'just because' card he bought for me - along with the Girl Power statue - but he had to point it out to me!

Linda loves Louis Dean!!
Yes, I DO!!!