Thursday, September 17, 2020

Kitties are Having a BALL!! And Bella's Quilt is DONE!!

 Can you believe I am already missing our kittens??

But I know they are having such a good time at the Bells!

I love this photo Amber sent me this morning!
There's a greenbelt behind their house and lots of trees and lots of squirrels!
This is something new for our two!
Squirrel watching!

I love this photo even more!
See their tails entwined?
I can't tell which two but I'm hoing it's Ginger and one of ours!

Samantha has been the shy one while I thought it would be Tabitha!
Who knew they would switch roles the day they left??
She is window watching and discovered Jersey out there!!!
That's Amber's black lab!

I've watched this video several times today!

All cats love windows, don't they?

Samantha hung out with Amber in the kitchen today.
That little squeak of hers is new!
She did it for the first time yesterday when Louis Dean was giving her a bath!
Look at Amber's cute feet!!

She said Ginger has totally enjoyed having her sisters visit!!
They all three wore each other out!

My sweet Tabitha!
I hope she doesn't forget me!
It's funny, but when the quads were little, I tried not to go over two weeks without seeing them lest they forget who  I was.

In other news - today has been a rest day and then work HARD day!
I finished the quilt for Bella's birthday last night and this morning we rolled it up for delivery.

Our reservations are made and I have packed my bags.....
with a special weekend suitcase to take with us next week when we go see Chandy and her family and celebrate Bella's third birthday!
I will get to meet our newest great grandchild and hold him for the very first time.
Plus I will be delivering Piercyn's April birthday quilt and Jaxon's baby quilt.
AND  Chris and Chandy just bought a place of their own!
It is amazing and has 10 bedrooms and several bathrooms! 
And it's in the country!
Perfect for His, Hers, and MINE kind of family!
Between them they have 8 kids!

Tonight Louis Dean and I dug up and potted 7 or 8 trumpet vines!
LONG vines!! I would lift one up and follow it to the root!
These are to share with Sherry and Rosey!
Bees LOVE trumpet vines and they made excellent honey!

Speaking of honey.....I discovered it costs as much to ship honey as it is worth!
Honey sells for $100 a gallon.
Break that down to quarts, pints, half pints and quarter pints.
What with the pretty jars, you can sell quarter pints for $5.
In October I am going to do a giveaway of 5 quarter pints of honey.
I will mail this in the US and Internationally.
All who comment from now to October First will be in the drawing.
With every comment.
I'm really not fishing for extra comments but I don't know any better way to do this.
This time it's only for comments here on the blog.
It gets complicated trying to add the Facebook comments and I am getting tired more than I used to.

My 72nd birthday is coming up next Thursday.
Birthdays always bring thoughts and musings about where I am in life.
Today I slept late - as in 11:00 this morning - and went back to bed at 2:30 and stayed until 4:30.
The hours between getting up and going back to bed were spent doing my morning routine, normal household chores, and such. 
This afternoon and evening I worked outside and then vacuumed the house - or most of it.
I know I sound like the Energizer Bunny and I admit I am accomplishment oriented.
But I am adjusting to the fact that I am without a doubt 'elderly.'
It is a sobering thought.
Elderly isn't what it used to least in my opinion.
I want to be age appropriate and my prayer is to age gracefully and not go kicking and screaming into the latter years of life.

Yesterday in my quiet time, I discovered an old hymn I did not know.
Saviour Lead Me Lest I Stray.....

Savior, lead me lest I stray,
Gently lead me all the way;
I am safe when by Thy side,
I would in Thy love abide.
Lead me, lead me,
Savior, lead me lest I stray;
Gently down the stream of time,
Lead me, Savior, all the way.
Thou the refuge of my soul
When life's stormy billows roll;
I am safe when Thou art nigh,
All my hopes on Thee rely.
Savior, lead me then at last,
When the storm of life is past,
To the land of endless day,
Where all tears are wiped away.

My favorite line is "Gently down the stream of time...."

I want to live the rest of my life going gently down the streams of time.

Tuesday's Treasures and Wednesday News....

We had plans on having a 'Day With Dee' - my friend who recently moved from her home in Murphy, Texas to a very elegant place in Lewisville. As I was about to get ready Tuesday morning, Dee called to let me know she has a cold. Nothing serious but if she leaves, she will have to be in quarantine for two weeks. So we will miss our September visit but will try for the middle of October.

We had planned on a trip to a new thrift store as well as Central Market and Trader Joe's - both of them in South Lake. Summer and I decided to save those for October when Dee can join us and we stayed in Irving. We went out yesterday afternoon to do errands and we checked out Texas Thrift and Goodwill.

I found some treasures!
That brown cap is so perfect for me.
A cap coversmany a bad hair day!
I will save the pink one for spring - it is brand new.
The white dress will make a modest and comfy nightgown.
It's fully lined so will be warm when the weather cools off.
The Tommy Hilfiger sheet will make a great backing for a denim quilt.

This little food chopper will go to the camper with us since I have one just like it here at home and I use it a lot! A small lamp - just because. The taller one is now in the guest room and replaced a wobbly one.
The cute fall fabric thing is to carry a casserole in. 

Now I really scored on shoes!
I bought yet another purse......there's always another purse.
Louis Dean got a good pair of New Balance shoes - size 13.
I love the Sperry shoes! Very comfy.
And that pair of Lucky Brand ballerina shoes are now my favorite!
Finally a shoe that I can wear with a dress instead of Skechers.

I picked up this Yahtzee game for when the Bell grands come spend the weekend with us - which will be soon! The two white twisted towels are really nice.

It took nearly 4 hours for Summer and me to do our errands - which included three trips to Walgreen's to get my meds. Then I still had a day's work to do when we got home.
Since we had also bought some groceries - 

I cleaned out the fridge before loading it up again.
I have 4 sisters and they ALL keep spotless refrigerators!
They look like a magazine advertizment.
Not I!
It's always a jumbled mess in mine - even when it's cleaned up.
The main mess is usually created by Louis Dean!
*GASP* I know you're shocked!
This time it was a steak he had marinated while I was gone on my beach trip.
He didn't put it in a platter so it leaked and bled all over the shelf which is the one right above the vegetable drawers. SO I had to pull the glass and and scrub hard since it was crusty by this time.

It was already late by the time I got around to blogging last night.
Then - in the midst of editing my pictures - I deleted the entire September folder!!
Praise God Summer is here! She rescued me and restored ALL of the photos.

It was SO late that, instead of writing, I opted to make a late night salad supper.
Then I took a shower and went to bed.

Today was all about getting our kitties ready to visit their sister, Ginger.

Louis Dean was in charge of giving baths.
We did what we thought was the hard one first.
That would be Tabitha.

Both of them did so well!

It helped that we cut their nails first!

The kids were so excited this afternoon when we got over there!
We took a big bag of their kitten food - the same kind Ginger eats - plus another litter box, kitty litter and a bag  of treats. AND their kennel for sleeping at night along with the two beds inside and a soft blanket that covers it. The kennel is in their guest room so they can be kept on the routine we have with them. However, they are going to get LOTS and lots of attention!

Granddad got some attention, too!
He took two of his favorite books and did some expressive reading.


Then we all loaded up in the Suburban - except Granddad who chose to rest and watch the kittens - and went to a new custard shop for treats!
I got Butter Pecan Concrete for Louis Dean and I had Andy's Turtle Split.
The kids all got Sundaes and Amber and Mike each had a Brownie Sundae.
SO SO SO good!!!
Some of them were all eaten up before we got back to the house!
Louis Dean loved his!

Since I can't drive at night anymore, we had to leave before dark.
Plus I still had a lot to do!

Amber is loving all these extra critters!
First she held Tabitha.....

and then Samantha!!
She had been hiding ever since we got there but Amber ferreted her out!
She had been under the sofa! Right under Louis Dean the whole time!

Home and I have been so busy, I forgot to fix supper.
I did manage to finish the birthday quilt for Bella at 10:00 and it's already been washed and dried!
Tomorrow I will wrap up all three quilts to take to West Texas next week.
That's why the kittens are at Amber's. We go to the ranch on Friday and then to see Chandy next Friday so it was sweet of Amber to offer to keep them for us.
Summer will be here but with her recent surgery, I thought it best for her to not have to deal with them.

Shoot! It's 12:02 and I was hoping to publish my journal entry before midnight!
I tried!
Now I am going to take a shower and eat a glass of crackers and milk!