Monday, October 21, 2019

On Country Time.....

Louis Dean and I were slow to get going Sunday morning and it was 3:00 in the afternoon when we finally pulled out of our driveway in the city and headed south to the country.

We had planned to go in on I35 to Bellmead at Loop 340 to pick up a few groceries at HEB.
I happened to check WAZE (our navigation app) and saw there were multiple accidents there and traffic was all red zone! WAZE took us off the Interstate and along quiet calm country roads all the way to Mart.

***It turned out that the daughter of our friend Linda - who lost her husband recently - was involved in one of the accidents. Her baby daughter was taken by Care flight to Temple with a brain bruise and Linda's daughter was taken to the hospital in Waco with multiple injuries.***

This is the reason I always say a prayer when I hear sirens. 
Prayers for those in trouble and for those who are helping.
You never know who you might be praying for.......

They are doing improvements on even the Farm to Market roads!
This is along the 7 mile stretch from Hwy 31 to Mart.

We made it to Read's Grocery before they closed and had half an hour to pick up what we needed.
Win! WIN!!!

Sherry was there to meet us at the gate!
What a welcome home that was!

Alas, the evening did not go as we had planned.
We came in and started unloading.
I flipped on the water pump and - nothing!
I turned on the AC - it was in the 80's and HOT in the closed up camper.
Again - nothing.
No worries. It was going to cool off in the night and we could hook the camper direct to the water bypassing the pump. Except there was a pipe break in the line from the duck pond to our place.
So....Louis Dean went down and repaired that and we went about our business of settling in.
Dean and Sherry came down and we all had a nice visit.
Still no water in the camper since the repair had to dry overnight.
We went to bed feeling certain that it would be easy to find the cause for the power not going to the the water pump and AC, having also discovered the kitchen and bathroom lights as well as the light on the oven vent hood were not working. Obviously a circuit breaker problem.

I went to bed in the girl bunk sipping a glass of wine and reading while waiting for the temps to fall from 80 degrees to the 60's. I was asleep before 1:00 in the morning and woke up at 3:00 when the storms rolled in. It was magnificent! No damage - just a beautiful storm here....although  there were a couple of tornadoes that did a good bit of damage in Dallas. Irving fared well and just had rain and some hail. 

We watched the storm for a few minutes and went back to bed to sleep well in the cooler weather.

Today Louis Dean has tried to figure out what the electrical problem is to no avail.
We have turned the camper upside down trying to locate the correct circuit breaker.
Later in the morning, Louis Dean did go down and turn on the water and thankfully the camper hot water heater was good to go and not on the damaged breaker - wherever that is!

I was still not feeling well and was overwhelmed with the chaos and frustrated.
So - I went to bed. Once I had put all the canned good from the pantry back where they belong because I had cleared that all out so Louis Dean could get to that set of circuit breakers.
I slept for a couple of hours but it was not all that restful.
My dreams were of chaos and confusion......
so when I got up around 4:30 - I did what I always do when I am in such a state as this.....

I find a corner and make it pretty.
I cleaned, fluffed and decorated.

I love this boot vase I got at the Whitfield Family Reunion!
I made me a pretty nest and poured a nice glass of wine and sat and read several chapters in Coming Home. A never fail therapy that works every time for me.

Then I moved on to do some art.
I hope to paint every single day we are here.
This small Santa scene will most likely be my Christmas card for this year.
I meant for it to be the Santa and the horse but that's a 12 inch square and harder to edit the size for a card. I will see what I can do and may have to ask Amber to help me.

Speaking of Amber - she is in Nashville and looking like an Angel!!

I close tonight with a cool evening to sit by a small campfire.

It's always good to be in the country!!