Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Things.....

It was good to be in church again this morning.
I went by myself as Louis Dean was just so tired and has spent a lot of time in bed this weekend.

After church I decorated the den tree with the fancy fall ornaments.

I always look forward to decorating this tree......I sometimes wish I could leave it this way all year long. Every year I have to search through the tubs to find these decorations so last year I put them in a box where I could get to them easily. Except things were put in front of the shelf in the storage building where they were (Louis Dean!) and I had just about given up when I found them! My bad for not remembering what the box looked like! I had been looking for something entirely different.

I hung around the house waiting for Louis Dean to get up from a nap knowing he was wanting to go with me to Quadville to see Amber and Mike and the kids. Alas, he woke up and said he just couldn't go. He hugged me and went back to bed. Tomorrow is their first day of school - second grade! How did THAT happen?? He hopes to feel better and go over to see them tomorrow afternoon when they get out.

I went on over and to their credit - they all ran out to greet me and did not say one word about Granddad. I know Amber must have told them why he wasn't with me. I admit to feeling like a second fiddle sometimes because they are so crazy about him! But I wouldn't have it any other way!
I brought pumpkin muffins for them and Dilly Bits - per Logan's request - and honey! 
We had honey tasting from both the wildflower and the bitterweed honey. They agree the wildflower was best! Then we played Barbies - I hope I'm never too old to play with dolls - and after that Harrison and I played darts on the Wii.

Photos are courtesy of Logan who loves to take my camera and snap pictures and selfies and always makes a personal video message for me to watch later. This time it was SO precious it brought tears to my eyes!

She is my Mini Me! And I love her with all my heart!

From Quadville I drove on to Central Market - I LOVE that store!!
Not for every day things but for the special stuff!

I was in time for their Hatch Chili Festival and I bought several things.....
chips, salsa, hatch chilli's......

I love pecan coffee but vanilla cinnamon  pecan coffee?? 
Yes, please!

I checked out and drove on over to Rowlett where I am spending the night with Summer.
I'm taking her to the hospital in the morning where she will be getting injections in her L2-3, L4-5, and TFE-S1 - and I covet your prayers for my daughter. It will be 3 years on September 19th since Summer began this journey of pain and loss of so much of the life she had.

So I am closing out this night with a glass of wine and counting all my many blessings of this day.
Sweet dreams......