Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tuesday Treasures and my Mother's Day Gift......

 Now I have photos!

This is the Mother's Day gift I opened up at On the Border on Sunday afternoon.

It's a Photo Share and displays pictures on a slideshow.
The special thing about it - all my children can send photos to it.
Every time someone does, it gives a little 'ding' and a new photo shows up and is added to the slide show. This way I get to see what's going on with everyone....not just posed pictures but what they are doing and seeing.

I smile every single time this photo of my brother Buster comes on!
You can see it's a good sized screen and I catch myself standing at the kitchen counter just watching the photos slide by! Such a super cool gift and from all four of my children.

Look at how sweet our Tabitha is!
They have free run of the house these days - and nights - except when we are going in and out a lot and then they 'go to their room.'

Summer arrived here yesterday and she brought me a perfect coffee cup - all the way from Puerto Rico!
I drank my coffee from it this morning......

and fixed a late breakfast of fried potatoes and sausage with toast and jelly and fruit.
Summer and I both love Goodwill hunting - and since this was Tuesday - that's what we did!

As soon as I walked in the door, I spied these six dining chairs.
So did another lady but she saw them first. We visited together and then she said, "You go ahead!"
So I bought them! Six chairs for $50! Then with my senior discount - it was $35!

They are NICE!! A big larger scale than what I had and Louis Dean is putting slide things on the legs so they pull out easier. No more chair covers!

I really made a haul today!
It was like old times!

I love the dishes and have a lot of this style already.
That candle smells wonderful and the cute garden tools are hanging on the wall outside my front door.
That's a brand new set of flannel sheets from Target for the twin top bunk in the guest room - matching the double bottom set I bought after Christmas.

Logan and Trystan want some things to make their bedroom cozy......
I think they will like these!

The Be Still and Know sign is for Lillian's room at the nursing home.

These photgraphed gold but it's plain glass.
Louis Dean breaks glasses on a regular basis and that's okay since I can get them for a song at the Goodwill.

Lillian was missing a few of her wall plaques so I am finding some others to replace them.

This is already hanging on our bedroom wall!

I do love these coasters and I love the brand new autumn runner.

I scored on some new pants, too!
There's actually two pair of black ones and one of those is for Lillian.

It was a rainy cold day for May!

Perfect for a movie!
And this was a good one.

I had one fire log left so we lit it up and celebrated our last fire of the season.
Then Louis Dean joined us for our second feature.....

I think Summer knew he would love this one!

Dinner was easy tonight.....
sweet and sour chicken (using a bag that you just heat up and add the cooked chicken which I had cooked all afternoon in a small crock pot), rice, Asian vegetable medley and fresh cantaloupe.

Summer is going to be staying here for a few days and she is asking for prayer.
Things were looking better for a bit and then tonight they look pretty black.
Sometimes life feels like a roller coaster.

It's going on 5 years now since she had that birth defect that affected her back and ultimately caused so much nerve damage while they were trying to find the problem. By the time the birth defect in her spine was finally addressed - the damage had already been done to her nerves and - a few years later - the Spinal Cord Stimulator has helped her in controlling the pain so she can live and function better. But she's still seeking disablility due to the fact that her health is so compromised. Tonight she and I were both crying and down our knees on the dining room floor begging  God to work a miracle. Things look very dark right now. Summer has been through so much. People often tell her she is so happy all the time - and she is because she chooses to be happy. It does not come easy and there are times when she simply breaks down and falls to her knees is what happened tonight.
So we cried and prayed together and then washed our faces and claimed God's promises.....
quoting scriptures to each other and choosing faith over despair.
God can and will 'perfect that which concerns Summer'.....just as he will perfect that which concerns me.....and he will perfect that which concerns YOU, as well.

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities....
brilliantly disguised as impossible situations."
Charles R. Swindoll

Let's all hold one another up in prayer tonight......

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

 It has been a beautiful Mother's Day!
Louis Dean didn't sleep well so he opted to take the day to rest while I got dressed and went on to church where I met up with Amber, Mike, and the family.

They had cool photo ops set up inside but we decided to skip the lines and do our own outside.
Seems I am loving my black and white outfits lately!

Kailey got the memo and wore hers, too!
The kids are growing up so fast it makes my head swim!

We all went out to lunch at On the Border and was surprised at no lines!
Several years ago I went to church with my oldest son, Jesse, and his family and we ate out afterwards as did just about everyone else!
I suppose the restaurants are not seeing as many patrons just yet.

After our meal, Mike took the kids off to see his mom and Amber and I went shopping!
TJ Max and HomeGoods! Two favorites!

I bought these four pieces including the sandals and will wear this as one of my traveling outfits either to or from Kansas City. That trip is coming right up in just 10 days!!

I had such a good time shopping.....I truly don't go to many stores except Aldi, thrift stores and Dollar Generals. Love this cute little black and white broom!

And I got so many little things I needed and one thing I just saw, wanted and so I bought it!
That would BEE the Bee coffee cup and I shall be drinking out of it in the morning!
Tea, candle, dust pan and broom, mascara, grooming tools, dry shampoo and more.
I have been using the L'Oreal rosy tinted moisturizer since Christmas when Amber gave me a jar.
I also bought another jar of the night cream and some makeup remover sheets.
I have ruined so many white washcloths!
Summer recently bought a nice stack of brand new ones for me and I am pitching all my old ones and will use them as rags. Do you have a 'rag bag?' I do!

Mike and the kids arrived and Kailey was racing through the house noticing the new fridge and the changes in Louis Dean's bathroom and exclaimed, "Everything is CHANGING around here!!"

I'm not sure about where I'm going on his bathroom but I do know I want to stucco the walls, seal them and paint them using a faux glaze - much as I did in the laundry room.
No clue what I am going to do with the cabinet. I have sanded it and will use stripper to get the rest off.
I have a can of chalk paint I bought awhile back and will dabble with that.
I figure it will come to me as I go.....or I sure do HOPE so!!

I've spent the better part of this evening making Texas Trash...about half the amount I normally make at Christmas. This batch is crispier than what I made in December because I'm using more 'goop'....aka butter and Worcestershire sauce.

All four of my children went in and bought the perfect Mother's Day gift for me and I am loving it!
But I don't have a single picture of it yet but I'll fix that by tomorrow night's journal entry!

Now it's back to the kitchen making trash until time to go to bed.....which will be when the last batch comes out of the oven and cools enough to put in the trash bag! Because I really do use a trash can for this!

Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Family Dinner Day!

Though she be but little she is fierce

Granddaughter Crystal (Sherry's daughter) has this sign in one of the rooms of her gorgeous home!
Sherry said she has had it for years and I think it describes Crystal perfectly.
As her name is - so is her love for all things 'crystal!'

Love is another word that describes this amazing young lady.
She dearly loves her people and her dogs.....and surrounds herself with all manner of things to love.

Gardening is one of her loves and she has quickly developed into a gifted one, indeed.
Look how BIG their place is!!

Here Crystal is giving us a tour of her Butterfly Way Station.
She told us a story of how a neighbor found people walking around in her yard, taking pictures and admiring the landscaping - thinking this was a community park!

She not only gardens and collects but she can cook and host with the very best!

People were talking and laughing and smiling all day.

It's a perfect floor plan for entertaining a large group.

Sherry's parents, siblings, nieces and nephews and more were all there today.
If you had a dog, they were welcome, too!

Many of the younger people spent several hours in the pool this afternoon.
I took my two new suits for Ruth Ann and me.....but the Arctic cold weather had knocked out the pool/hot tub heater and it is on back order. We decided to wait until that comes in!

Lots of seating space.....including three tables set up out in what I would call 'the meadow.'

Louis Dean's favorite room in the house is the master bathroom!

You know how he loves to take bubble baths!!

Next to that was the den or living room.
Everything is dog friendly here. 
Crystal keeps super soft, attractive, comfortable throws on the furniture so when I put my head on a pillow in Louis Dean's lap and stretched out for a quick nap, Rufus was laying at my feet.

It was a wonderful relaxing day.

I could fill a photo album with all the pics I took today.....

I took my plate out to the patio and sat for a few minutes.

Roy and Ruth Ann picked us up this morning.....they arrived at 9:30.....

and they took us home this evening around 5:00.
They live in Breckenridge, Texas now that Roy has retired.
Ruth Ann is the sister of Louis Dean's beloved first wife, Ellen.
He's known her since she was 15 years old!

We are making plans to meet up soon in Mineral Wells!

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed getting to see Sherry's parents and visit with them a little bit.
They are retired and spend their summers up North doing church builds and will be heading that way next week.

I think I am going to aim for an early bedtime tonight.
Two trays of Texas Trash is cooling and two more trays are in the oven baking.
As soon as they are done, I think I will be, too!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday With Lillian......

 I talked to Lillian earlier in the week and told her I was coming to see her on Friday.....
and this morning she called me just as I was getting in the car to drive over to Fort Worth!
I think that's a good thing that she remembered I was coming.

She looks SO much better!!!!
Her grandson from Austin had been there to visit her earlier and he took her some Chick-fil-A and a chocolate milkshake. I came bearing Braum's hamburgers and a chocolate malt.
She ate a little of the hamburger and worked on the malt which I took as a good sign since she had just eaten what her grandson brought her! She may be getting a tiny bit of meat on her bones!!

I bought new bedding and her graddaughter had already bought a new mattress pad.
The sheets are super soft and of excellent quality.
I figured if she's staying in bed a lot, I would make it as comfortable as possible.

I hung up all her pictures.

One of the staff had already hung the one of the Battery in Charlston.
Lillian lived there for many years and her younger sister still lives there. She and Lillian are the last of the 11 siblings.

She leaves this out year round - however it's been in a box for the last year.

This card was inside a card Lillian received and I love it.
There were two white thumb tacks in the wall and I used one for this.

Lillian loves this small Mother's gift from one of her children.
Out of three, only one is still alive and she's not in very good health at all.

Three tiny things on the wall and these are the most precious.

All of Lillian's things had been dumped in boxes and stacked up during the entire year of 2020.
She and I sorted and organized all her drawers and all the boxes.

I noticed such a change in Lillian's attitude.
Normally she tells me, "I don't take good pictures anymore."

But today she smiled and posed and even held my phone herself and moved it around to take a pic!

I am thrilled to see her looking so happy!
Louis Dean didn't come with me but I told her he will next time and bring his guitar.
She said, "Well, I'm ready to hear some music!!"
I must have hugged her 4 or 5 times in saying goodbye!

She was so proud of all 'my mail' as she calls her cards, and she had a STACK of them!!
She said she got behind when she spent a week in the hospital!
I can't thank you enough for all your kindnesses to Lillian!
She knows and the staff knows that there are many many people out there who know who she is and are praying for her. That's exactly why she is looking so good now!
She had a recent doctor appointment and I know they are doing some things to help her feel better.
She has oxygen in her room now and has had it for nearly a year, although she doesn't use it all the time.

On my way out, I stopped and asked the office if the residents were allowed to go out to lunch.
"Not yet." But I think it will be soon!
Lillian used to say she might not go out again but today she say, "I'm ready to eat at Jason's Deli!"

I could not have asked for a better visit!!
Thank you for all your prayers for our sweet lady!