Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fun With Mother!

I love my Fridays with Mother!!!
We picked her up and headed to Walmart where Louis Dean had to go in to buy some white spray paint.
This is because he went to buy some yesterday and picked up a large can with a white lid and I guess he ASSUMED it was white spray paint! It wasn't! It was a pipe marker with a weird sprayer and totally NOT what I needed! SO in he went once again to get some white spray paint! He came out with 2 cans of the right stuff and 1 can of what he THOUGHT was primer! NOT! It was flat white spray paint.
I have ribbed him so much about this!!!

While HE was wandering around Walmart I hopped into the back seat with Mother and she and I had a very nice chat!!! She said it was the first time in a long time that we've TALKED!!!
Mothers are pretty awesome because all I did was tell her what a terrible time I'm having with my allergies and how I don't feel well and gripe GRIPE gripe!!!! She, in turn, told me about how hard it is to be on a walker and how she didn't feel well and gripe GRIPE gripe!!
When we were through we laughed and hugged each other and said how much BETTER we felt now!!!

Then we went to Cotton Patch Cafe for lunch!

We had fun taking some funny face pictures and cutting up!

Mother ALWAYS gets the BIG bowl of chicken and dumplings!

Louis Dean ALWAYS gets the chicken fried steak!
When I am with him he gets the LUNCH portion!
When I'm NOT he orders the BIG one!!
He wasn't all that glad I was there today!

Mother does well on her walker but it sure isn't easy!

Back to Nita's and just LOOK at her new table!!!
Guess where it came from??
Her husband found it out on a curb for the trash!!!
What a treasure find!!

This chart of inspirational sayings is something Mother has had for years and years!
She asked me to read them to her and then she gave the chart to me!

We had a good visit!
Louis Dean tells Mother every week when we leave -
"Now NO dancing or staying out late!!! No drinking or honky tonking!"
And SHE always says, "Why NOT???"

As soon as we got home I changed into comfy clothes and crawled into the guest room bed and took a good little NAP!!

Yesterday Louis Dean took our hall closet doors down and since we didn't have the white spray paint to do the metal trim all I was able to do was Kiltz the doors (which is just inexpensive panelling.)
So today we got them painted and hopefully he can hang them back up tomorrow!

Then it was time to sit on the driveway and enjoy this 80 degree weather we're having!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Wednesday in Quadville......

Every Wednesday morning Louis Dean says, "We get to see the babies today!!"
We have our coffee, do our reading and then we head to Dallas!

I nearly ALWAYS take a picture of Granddad holding all his quadlings!!

The fish pillow I scored at Goodwill was a big hit!!

The girls love to wear my earrings so I took extra pairs with me yesterday!

That Trystan is adorable!!! They ALL are!!!

Kailey spends lots of time sitting in Granddad's lap!
Normally she doesn't stay still for long - unless Granddad is around!

I am always so impressed with Amber's 'Golden Schedule!' They all four take good naps every day after lunch. Yesterday I took one too!! We went upstairs to get them from their cribs and put sweaters and mittens on then wrapped them in blankets to go for a walk.

It was a bit nippy but we ALL enjoyed it......
except for Granddad who didn't bring his coat and was being rather wimpy about it!

Kailey was especially photogenic!

They took their little snacks cups with them and I had a bottle of water with me.

All three girls kept their mittens on while eating their crackers!

When we got home and took the mittens off their little hands were still warm!
Not so with Harrison who had his off before we even got to the sidewalk!

I do so love seeing LIFE through the eyes of children!

Logan is the little homemaker!
She stirred the baked beans and helped me place the strips of bacon on top.

This picture is a bit deceiving.....
Logan hasn't managed the FOLD yet but she's pretty good at UNstacking them!!

Kailey has been calling me MeeMAW!!
I bet I'll answer to WHATEVER they want to call me!!!

After dinner Granddad helped me herd them all upstairs where Amber had their bath ready!

Not one of the babies is afraid of the water and they don't mind getting their faces wet!

They LOVE their bath times!!!
Amber has taught them to sit on their towels once we get them out of the tub and wait their turn to get dressed for bed.

We ended our day with a nice glass of wine and visiting with Amber.
These days are going by so quickly!
The quads will be two years old soon!
HOW did that happen so fast??

Have y'all heard about the Fugate Quadruplets?
This is from their Facebook page.......


Quad Squad #kquads
On February 8, 2014 Quadruplets were born to Craig and Kim. Kim found out she was expecting (surprise #1) went to her first Dr visit, found out it was Triplets (surprise #2) then at 28 weeks she went into labor and they couldn't stop it. In the delivery room, they delivered 3 babies. Dr and Nurse said, "There's more feet" (surprise #4). They were blessed with 4 sweet and tiny baby girls.

They were all 14"
Baby A 2lbs 1oz
Baby B 2lbs 5oz
Baby C 2lbs 8oz
Baby D 2lbs 6oz

They are all identical! Can you imagine??
They all have names starting with 'K.'
Three of the baby girls are gaining weight and doing well.
Little Kayleigh is on an Oscillator and they hope and pray her lungs will get stronger.
I am reminded of our own Harrison whose lungs were so delicate 10 days after birth that he was hanging onto life with every breath.
Prayers made all the difference.
Praying for Kayleigh......

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures!!

This morning Ruth Ann and I both decided to stay closer to home so instead of going to Dallas for our movie and Goodwill day - we stayed right here in Irving! It was Ruth Ann's turn to pick the movie and she chose wisely. Saving Mr. Banks. I had seen it when it first came out but a GOOD movie is worth seeing more than once! This one led us to a good discussion this evening in art class about happy childhoods. Louis Dean, Ruth Ann and our daughter in law, Sherry, and her sister, Cindy and I all sat in the living room telling tales of our childhoods. They all had HAPPY ones!! I confess I did not! Nor did any of my siblings. It is what it is but I am grateful that all my grandchildren are enjoying normal, healthy and HAPPY childhoods!! I'm not sure my children would say THEY had happy ones. But at least THEIR children are!

After the movie we went hunting for treasures at the local Goodwill!!

I found a whole buggy FULL!!!

This Step 2 chair was just $2.99 (less 25%!)

A Vera Wang coin purse was $0.75! Kailey will LOVE snapping it open and shut!

These colorful toys stack and interlock and should be interesting for the quads to play with.


MORE debris.......

Fall debris!

LOVE this cool fish pillow and I'm betting Trystan will love it too!!!

This was a high quality lamp shade and it goes perfectly in our den!

When I got home Louis Dean was watching a  movie of his own!
Big Jake with John Wayne. He can quote the entire movie!!!

The house smelled so good when I came in! Louis Dean loves to cook huge picnic hams!
This one was DELICIOUS!!! We ate big slices on a piece of bread while standing at the kitchen counter.
YUMMY!!! He has sliced up the whole thing and bagged it. We put some in the freezer and some we are taking over to Quadville for dinner tomorrow night.

Out came the turpentine and ART was underway!!
Sabrina couldn't make it tonight so it was just Ruth Ann and I.
I think I am calling this one DONE!!!!
Not my favorite but I think I can live with her now.

I forgot to take a picture of Ruth Ann's but this is my landscape all based in.
Next week we will put in the details and highlights.

A good movie, treasure hunting, art and a good visit with some of our favorite people!
Did I mention today was Sherry's birthday? She brought over a big chocolate cake to share and.......

WINE Ice Cream!!!

Now THAT'S how we do a TUESDAY!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Gown and Robe Kind of Day...........

I didn't get up until 10:00 this morning and I am STILL in my gown and robe! The beauty of being 'retired' is that we don't HAVE to do anything! We can sleep late and stay up late if we so desire!

Louis Dean had coffee made and a fire burning in the den when I finally got up!
He said he was just about to come in and make sure I was still breathing!

It took us all day to get the den put back to rights!

I keep the window unit covered when we're not using it so behind that curtain is a brand spanking new A/C/Heater!

 There's a good dozen cords hanging down but we managed to get the TV/VCR/Sound Bar/Cable all hooked back up and working! It takes us a good bit longer to do this electronic stuff than it does young people!

Lucy was confused all day yesterday and today because her bed wasn't in its proper place.
Everything is back now and she is happy!

We have a baby grand piano in the corner of our den. It has a shiny lacquered black finish that collects dust like crazy! I keep it covered up too. This quilt is hand made and in excellent condition. I bought it at a garage sale for $4! It saddens me to see how little some people value the handmade treasures they are given. THIS one found a good home here!!

Our sweet neighbor, Stephanie, brought in food today! NO cooking for us!!!
It was an Italian casserole with garlic bread and sauteed mushrooms.
DELICIOUS!! Thank you, Stephanie!!!

We caught up on our Downton Abbey episodes this afternoon!
It's amazing how fast they move their storyline along!
Every Wednesday Vee at A Haven for Vee has a discussion post and I look forward to that every week!

Now we are fresh from the shower and in clean bed clothes just waiting for The Black List to come on.

We do love us some James Spader!!
Normally we don't watch it 'live' but record it for the next afternoon's entertainment.
Tonight we decided to be bold and see it before we go to bed......and hopefully we won't have bad dreams.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snippets of Sunday

This morning Louis Dean and I went to church - Fellowship Church in Grapevine - after watching 'Winning Walk' on TV. We have the best of both worlds and each Sunday we hear Ed Young, Sr and then Ed Young, Jr! We enjoy going to the 11:30 service since we are NOT 'Morning People' but even we can get to church on time when it's this late!

I dropped Louis Dean off at home before picking Amber up in Dallas.
We both love movies and that's what we did today!
Three Days to Kill with Kevin Costner.

From there we stopped by Tom Thumb for a few groceries.........I scored BIG TIME with the reduced fruitcake mix! I have enough for cookies all year long now!

We each managed to fill as small cart!

Amber looked like a teenager to me today!!

By the time I took her home the babies were all up from their naps!
We had so much fun with them! Poor Granddad missed out today!!!

Kailey walking in her mother's footsteps!

Little Miss Logan went on a cleaning streak!!!
She wiped down just about EVERYTHING in the kitchen!!!
She even asked for a fresh baby wipe from time to time!!

After wiping down all the bars on the baby gate she proceeded to clean the chalkboard!

They were ADORABLE!!!

I have a brand new package of washcloths for them when we go over on Wednesday.
Folding washcloths was the very first 'chore' all four of my children learned!

I think they are ahead in the cleaning game!!

It's been a wonderful Sunday!
However - whatever the wind has blown in has had me sneezing like crazy and I am off to take some Benadryl and put Vick's on my chest!