Monday, March 31, 2014

Gardening With the least THREE of them, I mean!

We are loving this spring time weather.
As soon as we had our morning coffee and Bible reading - and a chapter in the Shirley MacClaine autobiography - quite a contrast there! - we headed off to our separate corners to do our work!
I emptied the dishwasher, started the laundry and did my yoga......

and Louis Dean headed out to the back yard to work on the corner pond area - levelling it up, moving a stone bench, and other things I don't know how to explain!

He put the extra corner parts we have to the gazebo over the metal fence poles.
We are hoping our Asian Jasmine - which will climb and grow like crazy! - will grow up on these thus softening the fence. This last freeze has all but killed the Asian Jasmine - I didn't think ANYTHING could kill it! This is the area we are working on to make pretty by Saturday afternoon at 5:00!
That's when I am hosting a Fun Gals gathering with my blogger buddy, Ladybug of Texas!

While we work away our critters are enjoying the good life!
Maggie prefers to drink her water from a wine glass. She has never knocked one over or even spilled one single drop!

I had a bonus visit with the quads this afternoon!

I arrived just after they woke up from their naps!

Aunt Summer had sent over a TON of books and puzzles and the babies were totally enthralled with them!

Amber took Trystan with her on errands and I was kept entertained by the remaining three!
THREE seemed so much easier than FOUR!!

Aunt Summer sent new toys and books!

Quietly reading their books!

The babies were so interested in all the toys!

Poor Amber - we pretty much trashed the play room but it was so much fun playing with EVERYTHING!
All at once!!! I'm sure she will sort and put some up. She always changes out toys and books every week.
Now she has MORE variety and the kids LOVE them all!!

I took Logan out in the front to do a little gardening.
She helped me do up  two pots of mint.
You MUST keep mint in pots!!!
I made the mistake pf putting them in a flower bed years ago and I will NEVER be able to get them out!

Logan loved being outside and feeling the wind on her face and blowing her hair!

We spent some time playing ball in the front yard.

Then we explored a bit on the side. Harrison said, "DOG!"
That's where Shiner and Jersey were - behind that fence!

It was a good day and I enjoyed this bonus visit!
Trystan enjoyed some one on one time with her mama!
It was a Win! WIN!! all around!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wild and CRAZY!!!

We had so much fun today!!!
My mother, I and two of my sisters took a mini road trip!

It wasn't far - just to Mineral Wells!
Nita drove us in her luxury car while Deanie rode shotgun.
I seldom EVER get to see Nita so today was extra special.

I think Mother enjoyed seeing us cut up and have fun.

One of our third cousins is having a baby so today was the SHOWER!
I know it's not cool to say this but generally speaking I do NOT enjoy showers!
Wedding, bridal, baby - whatever. 
However THIS shower WAS pretty cool!!!
First of all - no silly games!
Second - they had FOOD!!!

Third - we think the WORLD of this branch of our family.
We call Rachel - the lady on the left - an ANGEL!
She really IS the nicest, kindest, most giving person in our family tree!!
EVERYONE loves Rachel. She is the mother of the new mother-to-be.

Another reason the shower was so much fun - they had a photo op all set up with props!!

I think I LIKE this one!!!

It was a lovely spring day here in Texas and I came home smiling at all the good memories we made.

Louis Dean was patiently waiting for me.
He is getting so GOOD!!
This is the second time I have been gone all day and come home to NO 'Damage' as in 
He even COOKED this afternoon but you could NOT tell it!!
The only way I knew was the faint fragrance of hamburger in the air.
He had turned on the attic fan to get rid of the smell - but it didn't trick me!!

We are in the gazebo tonight - it's getting to be my regular spot for blogging lately.
We haven't even turned the TV on except to watch Ed Young, Sr this morning.
This is the way we used to do. Sit in the gazebo or on the deck or on the driveway and talk.
During the winter we spend more time inside so we tend to watch more TV.
We're getting too old to watch intense programs before bed!
The fire is still burning in the fire pit and I think Louis Dean just poured us another glass of wine.
Deanie, for dinner we had a few slices of that pizza you gave us!
 So I bid you goodnight as I close my laptop and we will sit out here awhile longer.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Synchro Morning and a Crafty Afternoon!

I had the BEST Saturday!

The morning was spent at the pool where I watched Amber as she officially judged her first synchro meet.

It was worth getting up early!!
By 7:00 I had baked 2 dozen muffins for the hospitality table.
That's for the coaches and judges.

For 11 years Amber was a Pirouette of Texas....... like this swimmer.......

doing figures before a panel of judges.

THIS day was different because SHE is now a judge!!
I must have blinked! Seems like last year I was a team mom and we were flying out to California or Florida or somewhere to compete.

I sat behind her as she judged today and wondered where all those years had gone!
She has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen!!
I think Logan got her 'good hair' gene.

Synchro in the morning......crafts in the afternoon!
My good friend, Brenda, and I drove to Rowlett for a Craft Day hosted by Summer and Sabrina.

I have blinked more than once!!!
My first born baby girl is now 50 years old!!!
HOW did THAT happen??

Little Raynie had a playmate today.
Wish I had taken pictures of her castle bed!!

Summer's Easter Rabbit!!

This is the night light I made!

Brenda made the one on the left, then mine, and then Sabrina's.

They all turned out so pretty!!

This one is Linda Beth's and it is gorgeous!!

Summer posing with the Easter wreath she crafted earlier this season!
I hope this girl never grows up!
I can't tell you how much fun she is!

Love the way the night light looks in the bedroom.
Speaking of bedroom.......I got up early this morning!
6:08 to be exact!!
I think it's time for bed!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Food Filled Friday!!!

There is nothing like being on a diet to make you HUNGRY!!!
We totally went off our calorie counting binge today!

We always have Friday Lunch with Mother. She and Louis Dean both LOVE The Golden Corral!

 We had an extra blessing today! Louis Dean's grandson, Robert!
He is visiting his grandmother who lives not far from the beauty salon so we picked him up right after we got Mother. While the buffet may not be a favorite for Robert or me - that's where we ate today and we all ate a LOT!

That's what you DO at buffets!!!

The chocolate fountains are Mother's favorite.
She dips ONE marshmallow!

They even have cotton candy!!!

The bakery GOODS are seriously GOOD!

My THREE desserts!!!
I had help with the pie and tart!

After lunch we took Robert back and stayed to visit with him and his grandma.
Robert gave me a special bottle of wine!

We sat out on the patio at his grandmother's beautiful home.
She and Mother are both 88 years old  and managed to communicate even though Mother's speech isn't always clear. She talked and talked to Robert on the drive back and Robert amazingly seemed to understand what she said! He is an amazing young man and we sure do love him!

My super cute husband.....

This house was built in a densely wooded area and was pretty much built around this tree!
It's almost spooky how close this tree is to the house!

The most touching moment of the visit - as we were leaving Mary asked if Mother needed help out to the car. She then proceeded to hold Mother's arm to steady her as she went down the step and walkway.
I did mention they are BOTH 88 years old!!

After a lovely visit we took Mother home. We could not resist stopping in at Deanie's to chat with her and Charlie for a little while. Next stop??

We picked up the older grands and filled up with yogurt at Yoberry's!!

We had a lot of fun with the kids!

Levi didn't get a lot so after he ate his - I told him he could get another cup. They sell the yogurt by the ounce and it is self serve. I even gave him my credit card to pull out of his pocket. He felt so grown up - I could tell!

Now Faith DID fill her cup up pretty good but apparently she has a hollow leg because she said she could eat some more. Her Granddad was a soft touch and pulled out a $20 bill and told her to go for it!!

Levi told us on the way home that he had written a song!
He had INDEED!

He even played it for us!

Then Sam played the guitar.
We enjoyed our visit - ALL of our visits today!!

After we got home late this afternoon I wiped out the few chores I needed to do - as in changing out the flannel sheets to regular ones - and now I am ready to go to bed.
It's only 9:30 but my head and neck aches and I think SLEEP will be just the cure.
Also some Benadryl for the allergies which is the real culprit!