Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Memories!

Saturday morning I got up at 5:55 and was HAPPY about it!!

For 11 years Amber was a synchronized swimmer and practiced every Saturday morning from 7-11.
I nearly always took her and stayed! I love everything about synchronized swimming - the music, the moves, the sound of the water splashing, the girls trying so hard to master the techniques and learn the routines. I even love the smell of chlorine!

The reason I got up so early was to bake up a batch of these delicious muffins!
It's probably not a real smart idea to try a recipe out for the first time to take somewhere but I lucked out and this one is a winner. So much so I am baking another batch in the morning.

This is Amber and Patti - the head coach from her years as a member of The Pirouettes of Texas.
The reason Amber was back at the pool? She is learning to be a judge!

I think she will make a GOOD one!!

The reason I was at the pool was the same reason I was there through all her years of swimming -
to watch her!

Some things have changed in the sport but many things remain the same.
See these clever team suits?

I certainly enjoyed myself!

 I could watch these girls swim all day long!
This was the very first meet of the year so the routines will just get better and better as they practice and compete!
I also enjoyed seeing many of my friends from our synchro days. These friends had continued on in the sport as coaches and judges. Amber and her team have remained a close group of friends all these years.
Medley is now the head coach but several others from the team are filling spots as assistants and judges.
Amber had a total of four coaches in her time with PTX. Martha, Candie, Megan and of course Patti was the head coach. Good times and good memories!! It would have been wonderful if Megan and Candie could have been there but I bet it WILL happen someday!
Rumor has it Amber may be at more Saturday practices!

Saturday evening a sister blogger friend, Debbie at Ladybug From Texas, invited a bunch of her gal friends over for a evening of crafts, snacks, drinks and a campfire! It was AWESOME!!!
We made a Valentine craft......

that turned out so pretty!! A big thanks to her hubby for forming all those wire hearts!
We all made the same thing but Debbie noticed that every single one turned out differently!
It was such a fun evening with fun people!!

Today we did a variety of different things - from attending church to making a trip to Home Depot to working on some unfinished projects around here - like the trim in the hall and around the front door!
Now we are ready to settle down with a glass of tea and watch Downton Abbey! I have 'paused' it while I finished this journal entry and it will time out on me if I don't hurry! And you know WHO is going to watch it WITH me??? Louis Dean is now a fan!!! Who knew THAT would happen??


Wanda said...

That pictures of you and Amber is so darling. Wow, made me think of Ester Williams...Loved those old movies. How exciting to become a Coach!!!
What a fun day you had.

We went to Sunday School and Church, out to CoCo's for Lunch..and then attended as Annual Meeting for the CBA Churches. Met a lot of nice people. Now home with a cup of decaf and a scone.

Kathy said...

I think having done the swimming Amber will make a fantastic judge. She looks so happy to be there.

The little heart you made looks so cute. What a great kind of evening with friends.

MadSnapper said...

i love synchronized swimming... we watched Splash last year and in between the dives they had swimmers that were fantastic... i love the watching her learn to watch.. and judge of course.

LV said...

What a special time filled with treasured memories.

Vee said...

Love, love, love synchronized swimming, though the networks apparently do not as I can never find it on tv (not even during the Olympics). Frustrating! This sounds like a fun thing for Amber to do. And you!

Sweet craft and fun to get out with the gals.

He is?! Wow. I even got John to watch with me last night, but he watched only about 40 minutes before he left me in the lurch. Ha!


She must have been a beauty to see in her synchronized swimming, what a beautiful sport for a beautiful girl! How wonderful she's gonna be a judge and with her experience she'll make a great one! Congrats to her and to her lovely mom Linda! Thanks for your sweet comment on my Little girl's b'day, although she looks like her mother and Alejandro, fair with fair hair and light eyes, lol! Have a super week Darling.

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a fun way to re-visit the past for both of you! The video is neat!

These little craft parties sound like fun, I wish I could find something like what you went to. I'm not talented enough to come up with anything...I'm more of a follower than a leader! :)


Carla said...

Okay I'm jealous you got to go hang out with Deb at Ladybug. LOL
So are you trying to be a judge to or just watching?