Monday, March 30, 2020

Good Report and Keeping Busy.....

Chandy went for her 20 week check up on her baby boy this morning.

While they live in Big Spring, they must drive all the way to Midland for her appointments since she is a high risk pregnancy and the specialists are in a bigger city.
It was at this point when she was pregnant with Bella that they learned about the baby's kidney problems so she was, understandably, nervous as well as excited about this appointment.

The baby boy looks perfect!!!
And she said, YUP! He's still a boy!

It's wonderful to get good news always and especially now.
I am committed to not opening up any window to the world in the mornings until I have spent some quiet time with God.

I have put off starting one of the last two rooms in the house to clean - the sewing room.
I had pretty much piled it up as I was clearing out the other rooms as I went.

So today I put on my big girl panties and went to work.
First of all, I dealt with all the things I needed to do online.
My desk is in the sewing room so this still counts as 'work' to be done in there.
My #1 concern was finding a good number for my urologist and contacting him.
 I needed to verify my appointment for next week and also ask for a refill for my bladder medicine as I have been out for a couple of weeks now. The pharmacy tried to call them but I guess their number had changed or something. I got through and they took my information and said my appointment would not be in person but a Tell something. On the phone, I am assuming. 
A nurse will call and tell me what to do.

Next I filled out a follow up questionnaire regarding my knee surgery.

Then I went online to select the energy plan this year for our electricity.

The last thing was to order my blog2print book for the first quarter of 2011.
My 2010 Journal was made into two parts but I must have written more often that I did in 2010.
I've been getting a coupon in my email every month so this will help since I will need four books for 2011 and no telling how many for 2012 as I probably wrote some really long posts that year!

Kailey sent me a text asking if we could video chat.......
I told her in 2 minutes!
I had to at least put on some eyebrows and lipstick!

And I can use the clever disguises that are on the app.
Kailey found her little guitar and played a song for Granddad!
Then she played a special one for I would feel special, too!

I chatted with Logan next.
They are so good at technology!

There's not much I can do to fix all the problems of the world right now and it's crazy how we are all in this same situation together. I can pray - and I do - and I can stay busy doing postive things. 

I decided to make a new recipe every day.
I chose a cookbook and started at the beginning.
This was the first recipe I came across that I had all the ingredients it called for.
Except, I guess I didn't. I didn't have green pepper or pimiento but I did have those small colored peppers. Close enough. I had the green onion! I followed the directions until it came to the seasonings......and I went a little wild with some organic dill, parsley, garlic salt and some white pepper. It was delicious!

Photo from the cookbook.....

You are supposed to let it sit in the fridge for awhile so I made us a sandwich lunch and we watched an episode of The Closer.
We are in the last season and know all of them by heart!
It has been our very favorite show!

After lunch, (whish was served around 3:00) I was thinking ahead to tomorrow so I made a pasta salad and used some fresh herbs from my garden.

By this time it was after 6:30 and I received notification - my prescription was ready!

My sweet husband went up to get it by way of the drive through
It was 3 weeks ago I came home from Fort Worth after visiting Lillian.
We have been pretty much in the house together ever since.

Today he wanted me to hear him play a new song.
His music continues to improve and this song he played along with Willie Nelson on YouTube.
He didn't even need his chord notations.

He was so excited and I was, too!
It's called 'Somebody Pick up my Pieces'.....written by Willie Nelson.

Louis Dean and I are so blessed because we can entertain ourselves for as long as it takes.
I will never run out of things to do and he will never run out of songs to sing.

Last night as I was doing my journal entry......I heard a whirring noise and looked up.

This gecko had caught his dinner and it was flapping its wings!
He was holding on to it and I suppose he was waiting for it to give up and die.
I took a pic and then went back to writing.
That thing FELL on me!!!!
It must have lost its grip and it fell straight down hitting my back and I am telling you - I came up off this chair so fast!!

I would like to give you an update on Summer.
Her spinal cord stimulator surgery would be an elective so she is on hold for now.
All her pain has returned and she is having a run of bad days.
She has been taking Celebrex and they say that IF you get the Covid 19 virus - taking anti inflammatory drugs can pose a problem. So she quit. And it is taking a toll.
I also take Celebrex so I am going to stop, too.

And with that I will say Goodnight! 
Talk to you again tomorrow!

PS....does anyone know why spellcheck on blogger doesn't work anymore?

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Grands, Coffee, and Cookies! Our Weekend.....

We have great grandchildren in Big Spring and they are homeschooling, too.

Peircyn is doing his homework.
Chandy is wearing many hats these days with Teacher being her latest!

Now that everyone in her household is home nearly all day's a wonder she doesn't live in the kitchen! Thank goodness her husband is a Grill Master!

I love that we stay in touch and Chandy encourages her children to not forget 
Grandmom and Granddad!
Did you see how Bella was motioning Piecryn to say hello??
She is a Little Chandy!

Granddaughter Kaitlyn!
Don't you love that long beautiful hair??
She was up late Friday night baking a cake!

I celebrated Friday night with a homemade Margarita!
Not nearly as good as a restaurant one but it will do.

Louis Dean and I went out to admire the night sky before going to bed.
No matter how badly the world is reeling from this terrible Covid 19 -
the night follows day and the seasons and time continue.

Saturday morning I made fancy French press coffee using the Christmas gifts my son, Jesse, gave us.
Amber gave her dad that John Wayne cup a couple of years ago and I finally talked him into using it!
I firmly believe in using the nice things we have! If not now - then when??

Every day I video chat on messenger with the grandquads.
I love seeing their faces and hearing their voices.

Saturday afternoon I baked cookies.
The chocolate chip cookie recipe has been well used.
I believe it's the same one on the chocolate chip bag but I always use this one in the book. 
I don't always date it since I make it so often....but this time I did.
I nearly wote something about taking cookies to people during the Coronavirus....but I didn't.

This morning (Sunday) after watching church online.....

I went out to deliver the cookies.....sometimes leaving them on the porch or maintaining 6 feet between us as I pitch them the bag. I carry a can of Lysol spray with me now, too.
After my deliveries, I decided to go ahead and pick up a few groceries.
Using that can of Lysol, I sprayed a paper towel and went first to Aldi and wiped down the buggy handle before shopping. Everyone was very polite is keeping our 6 feet of protection between all of us. I called Louis Dean to tell him I was on my way home and he asked me to go to Krogers and get him a box of wine. Not that he was out but he doesn't want that to happen!
I found the shortening there as well as the wine and then I decided to go ahead and look for some toilet paper.

I will have to shop a Senior Shopping Hour next Tuesday.

I made a steak dinner with salad, baked potatoes and garlic bread tonight.

I meant to make this yesterday but as I was turning off the lights and getting ready to go to bed - it hit me that I forgot to cook dinner!! Louis Dean stayed up in his music room learning a new song and he was still up when I checked on him at 3:00 AM and at 6:30 AM!!
By the time I woke up at 8:30, he had finally gone to sleep in the guest room.
So he was sleeping while I delivered cookies and shopped for groceries but he was awake to haul them all in for me. He also had two rags with Lysol on them and wiped down everything he brought in. We are being very careful.

Tonight I painted on Winston....

I just need to stop!
It's much harder for me to paint something paticular for someone.
I'm always afraid it won't be what they expected.
And a portrait is really supposed to look like its subject!!

Now we are ready to start another week.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Staying in Touch!

I am loving how we are all staying in touch with one another!
By Video Chats, FaceTime, emails, snail mail, Facebook, distance in person and so many more opportunities to touch each other's lives while maintaining our 6 degrees feet of separation.

After my special mail from Debbie yesterday, I had no thought I would get a bumper crop of personal mail today!

Postcards from Summer!
We LOVE the Lucille Ball and John Wayne pics!!

And a thick envelope stuffed with notes from the Bells!
Each one was precious including and especially the one from Amber!
Love how Trystan signed hers ....Sincerely.
And Harrison said to write back!

Speaking of the Bells......

Who knew they would be loving Home School????

After their lessons are done they get free time on their tablets or Chrome Books to Video Chat!
They are teaching me all kinds of cool things!

Pretty little Trystan!
She sent me a message first asking if I could chat.
My phone was charging and I was in the den so it was a little while before I saw and answered her message.
Her reply??? "You finally responded!!"

My sweet Logan!!
I chatted with Kailey too but I can't seem to find the pics we made!

Chandy sends us a message or two every day......

She is at the halfway point in her pregnancy and doing well.
Isn't she cute??

How we would love to squeeze this Bella Boo!!!

We hope soon......

I am continuing my cleaning streak and am so happy to say that tomorrow will be my last day in the kitchen. It has been a daunting task to clean every item, cupboard, drawer and shelf....but I am nearly done!

Just look what my 83 year old husband did today!
This is an extra fuel tank and maybe tool box combo.
He loaded it all by himself!
We hope to take it down to the ranch where Dean and Sherry will put it to good use.
Louis Dean bought it back in 2000 when he bought his truck. He could travel to Arkansas, Missouri and back to Texas with this axtra tank of diesel.

He knew I would want to see this possum skeleton!
It probably got under the tank and couldn't get out.

The AC man came this afternoon and our unit outside is humming like a liitle song.
It was 82 in the house this afternoon and it's now a cool 74 degrees!

So far we are doing a good job of using what food we have and not wasting anything!

Today was a much better day and I am more light hearted than in the past several days.
Now I am cleaning to get it done - not like it's a compulsion that will save my life!

Due to several terrible anonymous comments recently, I have changed my settings temporarily.
They seem to come in waves and once this is over, I will change it back for those who can't comment any other way. And I DO love to read YOUR thoughts and words! That makes the blog more of a two way relationship!

Until next time.......

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rosemary and Mint Bouquets, Friends Who Encourage Us and Keeping it Real....My Wednesday

This day has ended much better than it started.
Last night I went to bed with a feeling of desperation.
No real reason. I have faced some very real serious situations and handled them with calm and poise.
But when I had not one but TWO leaks in my bathroom - it sent me over the edge.
I woke up before 9:00 this morning but couldn't bring myself to get out of bed before noon.
I sipped coffee in a stupor as I ate a Mambo Banana Pie. 
I prayed and sang hymns - to myself - and meditated. I journaled in my Country Diary.
I braced myself for the news of the day as I opened Google and Facebook.
I felt like I could cry at the drop of a hat.
I wrote three letters.....and put them out in the mailbox.
If I am feeling fragile, I feel like perhaps others are too.
I feel very deeply about my friends....and pray for them regularly.

I was going out the front door to cut bouquets of rosemary and mint from the front flower bed and as I went out, I prayed to God that he would send me a sign of encouragement.
Since I was mailing letters, I thought aout getting something in the mail.
I have received such mail blessings from Denise and Susie Q recently, I guess that's why 'mail' crossed my mind.

No sooner had the prayer left my heart than, as I was stepping down form the porch, the postman was walking up. I gave him my three letters and he handed me my usual stack of junk mail. Except I saw a bright green envelope and tears immediately came to my eyes.
It was from my friend, Debbie, who often sends me uplifting and sometimes funny text messages.
She is also known as Ladybug From Texas on her blog which is how we originally met.
We both live in Irving and have since developed an 'in person' relationship.
I started to say real but I have so many REAL relatiionships with ladies I will most likely never meet face to face this side of heaven that I have to say 'in person.' 

That one note written a few days ago arrived at precisely the right moment.
God's timing is always perfect!
It turned my day completely around and the tears I shed were in gratitude instead of frustration.

Louis Dean went in and tackled that leak in the bathroom.
He admitted that he has lost some of his confidence in fixing things and stepped up to address this issue since it seemed to be really bothering me.
I mean - in light of the Covid 19 virus and all the world practically shutting down - of course a leak in my bathroom would send me over the edge!

He found the problem and it meant a trip to Home Depot.
I made him wear the facemask Summer had given him and we were very careful.
While I worked in the kitchen, he fixed the problem and all was right in my world. Again.
Plus a lady from Human Insurance - which is Louis Dean's provider - called him and he gave the phone to me. He does that. She was so kind and we had a nice visit. I assured her we were in good shape with food and medicine. She kind of choked up when I aske how SHE was doing.
After she said all the required things -which I knew and we have been practicing - she and I had a frank talk about whether I should take Louis Dean to the comparative safety of the country.

I have been so at odds with myself about what would be best for him.
Let's face it. He will be 84 years old in November and has heart and lung issues.
It was wonderful to talk freely about this with a health care person. 
I described the camper and where it was located and the fact that there are NO cases of Coronavirus in Falls County. And that Dean and Sherry both work from home and .....
We had the best conversation!
 Person to person. Wife to wife.
She advised me to stay put for the time being.
In a week or two - if restrictions are loosened - then that would be a good time to take him to a safer place. So we are playing it a day at a time.
So far I have had a 'check in my spirit' about leaving even though I am yearning to be in the country!
God is good and has certainly met me where I am in my distress.

Another way he lightened my heart was video chats with Kailey and Logan tonight!

I know in my heart that we will get through this crisis.
It's just that sometimes we get scared like I did today.

Now I am going to plate the dinner Stephanie left on our porch bench this evening......
and thank God for all the blessings he sent me today.......

Another gift from Debbie in my messages today.
She is right!
What day is this???
I thought it was Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bathroom Leaks, Laundry Detergent and Kitchen Debris - My Tuesday Treasures

Louis Dean got a fairly good night's sleep and was up at a decent time this morning.
He took no naps today so I am hoping tonight he gets back to a more normal sleep pattern.

I found these pastries in the freezer - I bought them on our way home from the ranch in January at a pastry shop in Hillsboro. I noticed when we went by there in February they had gone out of business.
There's no lack of Czech bakeries around there but I will miss this one.

Last night before I went to bed I noticed my toilet - or commode - what do YOU call them?? - was leaking. I took all the debris away from the area - and I had a lot! Louis Dean checked it out and said it was an easy fix. A doohickey had come loose and he put it back in place. GUESS what he used?? Yup! Gorilla Glue!
In the night I noticed the floor was still wet and I put down a big thick bath towel and by morning it was soaked! Seems the sink was leaking, too! It was the hot water valve and when I opened the bottom cupboard, a container I had put my hair things in was full of water.
Louis Dean turned the valve off and I took all my stuff out. He put a dishpan in and I will do without hot water in the sink for awhile. He thinks he has a replacement but it will take time for him to find it.
I just checked and the pan is a quarter full of water so it is still leaking.....I hope he finds it soon!

I've had the dishwasher and the washing machine going for much of the day.
Last year we had an 'incident' with the laundry detergent and I was forced to pour it all up in bottles.
Hmmm....I kind of liked that. That big jug is way too heavy to be lifting and pouring from so I have continued to store it in pretty bottles. Summer was here in January while we were at the ranch and she was going to run a load of laundry - but she couldn't find the detergent. And she KNEW I would have plenty! When she called me I told her it was the  blue liquid in the pretty whiskey bottle on top of the washing machine! Duh!

That's not to be confused with the purple Fabuloso on the kitchen sink.

Today I 'girded my loins with strength' and tackled another section of the kitchen.
This area was hard work.
I climbed up and took all the debris on top of the cabinets down.
Then I swept up the dust and true debris and wiped everything down.
I washed all the decorations by hand, in the dishwasher or the washing machine.
I won't describe the mess of washing a bunch of the stuffed cotton sacks and the stuffing all came out and it was all just awful! I threw most of it away and used a bag of new fiberfill Amber had given me to stuff the sacks I kept.

Louis Dean got up there and sprayed for bugs and such before I put all that debris back.

I don't think I could live with blank spaces up there.
I know that must say something about me but if there's a space - I am compelled to decorate it.

Another section done!

These are my favorite bowls and we use them all the time.

I set my candle in two antique pottery bowls.
One was Mrs. Morrison's and one I bought in 1963 at an unclaimed freight in Dalls. 
I was 14 and this was my first purchase for my own household.

I'm truly looking forward to getting new counter tops this year.
These are old and damaged and between me and Louis Dean, we have filled the sink to overflowing so many times the corners are all warped.
Once I came in and opened the drawers and they were full of water.
We haven't done that in a long time but for several years we were on a roll!

I like keeping things on the counters so you can't see how bad they look.
I am the Queen of Cover Up!!

That corner by the lamp - the seam is so swollen you can't set something flat on it - it tilts!

Both the Cappuccino and Latte drawers have been filled with water more than once.
Louis Dean had to rebuild that Latte drawer!
All these drawers will be my work for tomorrow....including the cupboard under the sink.
I am dreading that one.

I want all this cleaned up before we get the new counters.
We have settled on a darker butcher block and a high quality laminate.
No marble, granite or stone for us.
Like I told Louis Dean - it only has to last us another 15-20 years!

Supper tonight was courtesy of our sweet neighbor, Stephanie!
Since we are all 'Sheltering in Place' you can hear the neighbors out in their backyards.
I love it when they are out there playing music and laughing.
It makes being isolated not feel quite so isolating.

And we have all that! 
A house that's getting cleaner by the day,
good food and the best neighbors we could ever ask for!