Sunday, June 30, 2019

Back Home and Catching Up! Thursday to Sunday.....

Our vacation is over and we thank you for all the sweet comments for our anniversary.

We were packed tighter than a drum going home but we managed to get it all in!

We saw this card at Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield on our way home! 
I'm happy to say that we are still at the 'Two hearts and a diamond' stage of our marriage.

We had one last hurrah of a lunch at Sam's and got home at 4:30 Thursday afternoon.
I unlocked the front door, stepped inside and sniffed.
The house smelled good so I knew we didn't have a water problem with the storms that came through while we were away. As usually happens with us - we did have a minor crisis!
Louis Dean cut the water off before we left - to better insure no broken pipes or anything when we were gone - so when he turned the water back on - there wasn't any!
I knew it hadn't been turned off because we still have a credit from when they adjusted our bill from the last water leak that costs several hundred extra dollars.
Both neighbors had water so - Louis Dean needed to try turning it on again.
I walked out and turned a hose on by the rose bushes so I could tell him when the water came on.
He said that wasn't necessary since he had a faucet right there beside him.
Problem turned out to be - he had turned that faucet OFF instead on ON and no matter what way he turned the water - the faucet was not going to work.
We had a good laugh about it - later!

We got home early enough to put things to rights and by bedtime the laundry was going and we were all unpacked and back to normal.

Friday morning I was up early and out the door by 9:30 to pick Lillian up for lunch and shopping.
We ate at La Madeleine - she had never been there before!

I had planned on taking her to the grand opening of a new Goodwill located at I20 and Hwy 377.
However, Deanie warned me that it was so crowded so I decided to shop at McCart Thrift instead.
It's a big store with wide isles and that's important since she was in a wheelchair.

She found four cute tops.
She mentioned she thought the prices were a little high for a thrift store.
I said, "Lillian, I'm pretty sure I can afford anything that is in this store!"
Less than $20 for all four.

Of course, I found a few treasures of my own!

Lillian spotted this top and said, "Linda, this is just perfect for you!"
And it is!!

Brand new candles in little silver pots for the kitchen - they smell SO good!

I love the sunflowers!

I like this lacy top but I'm going to undo the elastic at the bottom and let it hang straight instead.

We had a successful day!
Lillian is still in the private temporary room but plans are to move her soon.
Thanks to our making such a big deal of the audio recording in her former room, I'm glad to say that it is no longer allowed. The video - yes and I can understand that. But audio? Without permission?
The staff assured me we did nothing wrong in calling attention to it being against the law.
As a matter of fact - I think they are relieved!

I got home about 4:30 on Friday.
Guess that's my magic hour these days!

We are back to working on the back decks and cutting back the jungle of overgrowth.
It's summer in Texas and, while it hasn't hit a100 degrees yet, it is still hot!
So it's better to work as many hours as we can after the sun goes down enough to give us some shade.

Saturday he went back to work outside and I went to a baby shower!

Stephanie's oldest daughter is expecting her first child on September 1st!
I made a large denim quilt for her and a smaller crib quilt for her baby.

I just love this photo of Stephanie!
The last gift to be opened at the shower was for her!
A grandmother gift with things she will need when the baby visits.
I am so happy for Stephanie......she's going to be a wonderful GiGi.

I couldn't be in two places at the same time......

but there was another baby shower and I had sent the gift down with Summer and they were kind enough to snap a pic for me.

Louis Dean was working hard when I got back home.

Bless his heart!
He's such a hard worker and I just keep telling him that there's no deadline in getting it all done - just as long as it's finished this year!

We closed out Saturday night with a glass of wine and were in bed before 10:00!

It was good to be in church this morning!

The current series is At the Movies and Ed Young takes a classic - Top Gun was the movie today - and has it edited to show the gist of the film and then it switches to him in scenery like in Top Gun and he gives his message as the film progresses. 

The Bells had saved seats for us and guess who sat beside Granddad??


There were photo ops all over the lobby and Amber snapped this one of us with the grands.
Look how they have grown!
My sister, Nita, noticed the girls are all standing like dancers and Harrison is so cute!!

We all went out to eat like old times!

Logan was hugging Granddad and Trystan was standing beside me and said, "You should take a picture!" By the time I got my phone out the scene had changed but I love the way Granddad is paying such close attention to her.

This was a perfect Sunday!
Gospel music as we got ready for church, a good service, lunch out and an afternoon nap!

But it was back to work late this afternoon.

Louis Dean knows what he's doing but I can't remember what it is.
French drains, another sump pump, pouring concrete and replacing decks.
And then there's some landscaping that's going to need some attention.
And the gazebo needs to be put up.
Step by step.....
Louis Dean says he plans on getting the gazebo up this week and that would be really good since it would give us a shady place to rest out of the sun and we can plug in some fans to cool off.
The heat doesn't bother him as much as it does me.
In closing, I would like to say that our beach day was just wonderful but it was hot!
The fact that Louis Dean would sit for hours in the sun with his overalls, tennis shoes and socks on - and never once asked if it was time to go - is proof that he really loves me!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Celebrating Our 14th Wedding Anniversary!

We had our Beach Day and it was wonderful!

Cloudy skies gave way to blue as the day went on and we walked the short 5 minutes to the beach.

Notice how clever Louis Dean is with the bungee cord slung over his shoulders to help hold the beach chairs?

Ahhhhhhh.......I'm here!!
I loved the sounds of the beach! Seagulls calling and the surf rolling in.......
children's laughter and parents calling and everyone having fun.
I had my book, iced tea, sunscreen and hat. 
It was a great afternoon!
I read and napped. I prayed and thought. I stopped doing and simply sat soaking up the sun and the sounds of the beach.

I thought Louis Dean would stay in the room working on his music but he said he wanted to spend the time with me. He had his book and we sat for hours together.

Occasionally he would walk and collect shells.
Then I would walk along the beach and dip into the water to cool off.

It was a lovely day.

And not once did Louis Dean ask if I was ready to go!

But when I said it was time to leave, he said, "Really??? I could have easily stayed another four minutes or so!"

I just love beach days!

We cleaned up and went out for our last dinner in Galveston.

This was a good choice!

Louis Dean was in such a good mood!

So was I!
Amazing what a few days of rest and relaxation will do for you!

We have had the best time!

It is so much fun being married to Louis Dean!
I thank God every day for bringing him into my life!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Stormy Day in Galveston!

We woke up a second morning to stormy weather complete with thunder and lightning!
Louis Dean went up to the office and brought back a light breakfast and some coffee.
We spent a leisurely morning in the room reading and watching movies.
The rain let up around noon so we went out for lunch.

There are such pretty houses here!
We may drive around and take some pictures of them before we leave.
Renting a house here would be so cool and I saw some that were just adorable.

Our lunch choice was The Sunflower Bakery and Cafe.
I sent this photo to Amber and she showed it to Trystan and they both agreed Granddad looks so happy because of all the food on his plate!
Trystan said, "Yeah, he eats a lot."

There were lots of sunflowers everywhere!

This painting was in the ladies room and I think it is so pretty!
I am planning on making a big bouquet of sunflowers, taking photos and painting my very own!
Wish I had taken more pictures of the ones Dean and Sherry gave me a few weeks ago.

We paid our bill but the storm was really raging so we lingered in the gift shop.

It was really pouring!

Louis Dean started reading the clever cards in the shop......

He read this one out loud to me......

and we laughed so hard!
Our little waitress came in and said, "Y'all still here??"
He read the card to her and she started laughing!!
Then she read one to us and we went back and forth for a little while.
Having fun!!!

It didn't look like the rain was ever going to stop and, sure enough, it rained all day!
I had on sandals so I didn't mind walking in the rain - or water - as there were really deep puddles on both sides of the car that we would have to wade in - so Louis Dean took his socks and shoes off!
He was wearing his moccasins and did NOT want to get them wet!

What to do on a rainy day in Galveston??
Since there was still thunder and lightning - we couldn't even walk on the beach in the rain.
So we went to a couple of thrift stores.
There's a Goodwill and a Salvation Army but I found two other thrift stores we had never been to before. One is called RCC on Broadway and then further down the For a Cause Resale shop.
This last one is the newest thrift store in Galveston!

 "We want to create a better world with kindness to animals through dedication for the protection in their natural communities. We, as a charity will, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals and helping to place them in loving, responsible, forever homes. We stress the importance of spay and neuter as a means of controlling the number of unwanted animals and connect with other groups and people that assist and adopt.  We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed. 

Our stores sell unique items not typically found at other stores.  Come join us for a "treasure hunt" shopping experience ... you never know what you are going to find day-to-day! We hand select each item that goes onto our selling floor to make sure it is suitable for reuse and meets out quality and cleanliness standards.  When you shop our store, you'll love the quality, assortment and prices!!!"

We found a few treasures!!!

I'm a sucker for chickens! The dinner plates were $0.75 each, salad plates $0.25 .....

....and the bowls $0.50.
$6 for a service for four!

I couldn't find a price on this cute little Santa.
The lady said, "You can take him home for fifty cents!"
I promised to take good care of him!
He's actually two boxes and the top portion fits into the bottom for storage.

Cute little bird! $2!

I did not need this glass bread plate with the Lord's Supper but kept coming back to it.
It's so beautiful! The photo color doesn't do it's really a pale pink and very heavy.
$1! I simply couldn't leave it there.
When we were checking out the lady said she was so glad to see it go home with us.
She had been waiting to see who would take it.

I nearly missed this super cute skirt!
It's a size 8 and I don't usually fit into an 8 any more.....but I bought it anyway!
Surprise! It fits! Still, I have been flirting with the idea of a fun kind of garment where you take a denim or flannel shirt and sew other kinds of fabric to it and turning it into a dress. $3

This rolling vinyl bag will be perfect for the beach tomorrow!
Louis Dean says we are going even if it's raining!!

This was just $2 and I thought it would be the perfect thing to take home to remember our 14th anniversary in Galveston!