Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Treasures and Spooky Santas!!

It was like old times today!! It felt so good to FEEL good again!!!
I picked Ruth Ann up and we headed right straight to Centennial Park to walk.
We both felt like we needed some gentle exercise and walking is a good way to get it!
Louis Dean bought 50 pounds of cracked corn so I would have it to feed the ducks when we walk and I forgot to bring any to the park today! I told Ruth Ann I am going to fill a container and keep it in the trunk of the car just as we used to keep peanuts for the squirrels when we walked Lively park.
Squirrels in one park - ducks in another!

Our first stop after our walk was the herb shop - Years to Your Health.
The spices are less expensive here and so much fresher!!

Ruth Ann treated me to Olive Garden for lunch and we were so hungry we ate and ate!!
We inevitably order the same thing every time - the endless soup and salad!
One of life's best pleasures is having lunch with your best friend and just chatting along enjoying a good meal and good fellowship. I am so grateful for Ruth Ann!

It's not a perfect Tuesday unless we hit up a Goodwill and we did that very thing today!
I bought a cool cover for my iPad, more 'debris', 
a strand of pumpkin lights and another lighted jack -o- lantern, October stationery, sweaters and jeans!

I was especially happy about the jeans!
I seldom 'grow out of my clothes' but I reluctantly parted with a couple of pair of jeans that made me feel like a stuffed sausage when I wore them.
I have a rule that if I can't SLEEP in something - then get rid of it!
Life is too short to suck in, squeeze, tug and pull to get a pair of pants on!!
THIS pair is adorable and I love the extra detail on them!!
I think I will wear them this weekend to our family reunion.

One more comfortable pair! Win! WIN!!!
I would rather something be a little loose than too TIGHT!!!
I dropped Ruth Ann off and took myself to the Dollar Store!
I love that place!!
I needed so many various and sundry things and I found ALL of them right there at the Dollar Store!
Sweet 'N Low, cake mixes, Comet, air freshener, fabric softener sheets, lunch meat, sliced cheese and more..........
they had it ALL! I filled half the trunk!

To celebrate this awesome Tuesday I had a Mimosa as soon as I got home and had put everything put up.

Oh, my, it was good!!

I used the rest of the bottle to make a light punch for the art class ladies.
I opened up another bottle of Champagne, added lavender infused simple syrup, fresh mint leaves and a package of fresh blueberries. This is the mixture before I added the Champagne.

It was seriously delicious!!
I had two different recipes and I didn't have all the ingredients for either one so I just concocted my own recipe!

Our project tonight was to start on our Santas!

We were busy beavers!

This is one of the LOOSEST paintings we have ever done!!

I am painting two - one large and one smaller.
The big one is actually easier!

We have a long way to to go on them but I think we did a good job of getting all that blank canvas covered!

I think I'm getting this journal entry done before midnight!!
Just like old times!

I close with the scripture verse Proverbs 14:13

"Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful, and the end of that mirth is heaviness."

When a friend of mine is in pain, then I am in pain. That's the way it works with Christians.
I have a dear friend who just learned her son in law is seriously ill.
As in VERY seriously ill. This all happened in just the last few days and her heart is breaking.
My friend lives on the other side of the world so as I sit here in my gazebo writing about my day, she has been lying in her bed for hours and hours trying to wrap her mind around this sudden sorrow that has overtaken her family. The art ladies and I prayed for her and her family tonight before we started painting and I will continue to hold my friend in my heart and keep her in my prayers.
I believe God has a plan and good WILL come from this.
But for now I am simply praying for the Holy Spirit to comfort this family as they face this situation together. Wednesday morning has already arrived for them and this will be a difficult day.

Love to and prayers for you, my dear Jutta, on this difficult day and every day.
You are stronger than you know. 
Please know God's grace is all around you and I pray you can feel his comfort.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Moments and Letter No. 11

It was wonderful to wake up knowing I didn't have to take another one of those dreadful pills!
While I am grateful they did what they were supposed to do, I'm just as grateful that's now done!

Louis Dean and I took our coffee out on the kitchen patio/deck this morning where we sipped that first cup together. We usually save pouring the coffee until we're both up......not that we don't go ahead if one or the other is a real sleepy head! I have actually been waking up before 8:00 - and STAYING awake - not just rolling over and going back to sleep. I am enjoying my glider and that chair that Louis Dean is sitting in so much that I'm now going to actively look for another one to take down to the ranch. I just can't part with this one! We take our second cup of coffee to the gazebo where we read and pray before moving on into our day. 

We are really enjoying the more moderate temps lately. Not actually COOL yet!
Even so, we couldn't bring ourselves to close up the house and turn the A/C on today. Yes, it was a mite warm in here but I pulled the curtain in the den and we did turn that window unit on when we went in there to rest. Pretty soon the leaves will be falling in earnest and not just the stray dry one drifting down. I found one brown leaf inside on the kitchen floor this afternoon. Shades of things to come but I don't mind.

Neil Diamond is singing for just another day or two now. I haven't played him constantly. Occasionally I will tune in the classic radio station or just listen to the sounds of nature if the doors are open. Still, I confess Neil has been getting on Louis Dean's nerves. Today when I asked him to figure out why I couldn't get the lights on in the kitchen ceiling fan, he said he would work on it IF I turned Neil Diamond OFF!! Just two more days and I will pack him away until next year. Louis Dean asked me if I would be playing an 'October Song' and I assured him I didn't have one. I didn't think that was the right time tell him about Loon Song by Nature Quest and Whispers in the Night by Relaxing Nature and Lakota Traditions which is a CD of beautiful Native American music. No, I didn't say a word about those but I do have them stacked right by the stereo for Wednesday morning!

It's been so long since I have shared a letter from my Katherine Krueger collection even I lost the thread of what was happening and had to go back to the last one. Only four more left!

I hope you can  read these! I just love looking at the writing but it is a bit of an effort to decipher the words. The w's all look like m's to me.

We recorded Scorpion so that will be our evening's entertainment.
It's been a good Monday!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Easing Back into Life!

I haven't been out of the house in 8 days other than the trip to the doctor last Monday.
What better place to go to begin the process of easing back into life than church?
It was SO good to be back in the worship services! 
I sat by a beautiful lady named Mary. Louis Dean and I met her at Whataburger one Sunday afternoon last spring. I noticed how elegant she looked and walked over and told her so! I mentioned that people don't always dress up for church anymore and inquired as to which church she attended. I was surprised when she answered, "The same one YOU do!! I usually sit right behind you and I always notice you since you come in late." OUCH! She wasn't being tacky, I assure you! She said she thought my hair was pretty. Normally she ate lunch out with a group of ladies but none of them were at church that Sunday. Today I asked if I could join her and the others for lunch and she was so gracious. She even suggested I ride with her and her friend. We ate at Arby's and it was really good. They were sweet ladies. One is 90 years old, another 85, and another 80 and the fourth one I have no idea except she was quite a character! I got up to get my drink and when I sat down she said - loudly - "SOMEBODY is wearing some STRONG perfume!!!!" We were the only ones in Arby's.
I confessed that I must be the one! The other 3 quickly claimed they couldn't smell anything!!
When we finished eating and were visiting, I told them I was going to Sherwin Williams to order wallpaper whereupon she quickly informed me that wallpaper was OUT OF STYLE and had been for a long time! I was just as quick to tell her that wallpaper is ageless and has been used since the 1600's at least! My last boo boo was to stand beside her as she was stepping off the curb to get into her car. The car I was riding in was right next to hers so I was basically waiting for her to step down before I did. She stood there and stood there and stood there. We were all lined up behind her except for the driver of the car she was to get in. Finally she said - in a LOUD voice - "You are making me nervous! Go ON!" So I did!! While Mary waited for Nita (that was her name and I will not forget it since that's my sister's name) Pat and I got in the car. I settled in the back seat and must have given a sigh/groan/sound when I got in. She said you do the same thing we do. Grunt when you get in the car and then laugh! About that time Mary got in - grunted and we ALL laughed!!!  We all had the best time!!! Nita may not have acted like she likes me but guess what??? I am going to be extra nice to her every single time I see her! Not overly and not obnoxiously. Just normal nice! I will win her over - just wait and see! Right now I am counting my blessings that I now know FOUR ladies' names at church! Having been a member for over a year, I never dreamed it would take this long to make friends. It's my own fault though. We never get there for Sunday School and since the church is in Dallas and we live in Irving, there are no small groups close to us. Still.......I made a little progress today! I think the older ladies are my best bet since the younger ones are all so busy. I volunteered to help decorate the church for the Hanging of the Greens last year and I cannot tell you any one's name from that afternoon. Now mind you, our church is friendly! Everyone is nice. People are just busy and I need to find the right slot to fit in. I'm working on it!

Now in other news......

I went back to Sherwin Williams and have hopefully ordered paper for my dining room!
This is close to the original pattern I had ordered previously but that one was out of stock.
The only difference is this one is a tad darker but I think I can live with that. You don't really see my walls anyway! They are all covered with debris or by furniture! It's not so dark as to make much difference and I do so LOVE this pattern!!!

From THERE - since I was so CLOSE - I simply HAD to stop in at Quadville!!!
Amber had been sick all weekend so I thought she could use a hand in getting the house in order before her week started back up. I worked in the kitchen - you know how I love to clean - and scrubbed and washed and wiped until all the dishes were done and the counters and stove were clean.
Amber worked nonstop on the playroom and laundry.
I tell you, she could keep a full time housekeeper busy 8 hours a day everyday what with the four children, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a set of parents!! She does an amazing job in mothering these precious grand quads and keeping up with their needs!

The bonus of this time was the kids were at the other grandparents so it was just the two of us.
We seldom get one on one time anymore so I loved it!

I was still there when the kids got home! Win! WIN!!!
Harrison is putting puzzles together all by himself!

AND Kailey is all about looking at my pictures. On my phone.
She is a little teenager!!!

Everyone is SOME ONE'S 'Mini Me!'

Trystan is the cutest thing!!! She loves to talk and tell stories!!!

Makes me SMILE!!!!!

Logan is MY mini me but here she is withe her sweet mama!!!!

It's been a really good day!
I came home and Louis Dean met me at the door telling me his chest felt funny.
I never like to hear that. We brewed up some green tea for him and he finished watching his football game. He thinks it's more of a lung thing than a heart thing but I had told him when I got home to get his wallet, slippers and socks and put them by the front door.
For some reason when I saw them there awhile ago as we went out to look at the moon tonight, it gave my heart a tug. I treasure every day he and I have together and never take this time for granted.
I am trying my best to live my life with no regrets.
Now he is back out there watching the night sky and I am about to join him!
No wine tonight. We haven't had wine in a long time, it seems. I took my last pill this evening so I am hoping to slowly get back into the swing of things!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Happy Saturday and Celebrating An Anniversary!

It was a good Saturday morning at the Chapman's house!

When I woke up - after turning the light out last night at 11:00 and waking up at 9:00 this morning - 
Louis Dean had my coffee ready and was cooking breakfast!

While HE cooked, I took that first cup out on the deck and sat in my glider.
I am LOVING that glider!!!

Breakfast - complete with homemade biscuits!
It was SO good and he even cleaned up after himself!!!
At least he did the best he could!

We sat out in the gazebo to do our reading and I am happy to see that Blogger allows me to post video snippets again.

He is just the cutest thing!!!
Our family reunion is next Saturday and we have been going over some songs.
I don't think we've ever had 'live music' there before - at least the times I've attended.
I flat out can't sing - so we will just call what I do 'entertainment' as in COMEDY!!!

Last week we noticed this separation on the side of the house.

Then a few days ago I noticed THIS separation on the INSIDE!
See it up there??
Louis Dean has his work cut out for him.
It's always something, isn't it???
I have absolutely no idea what I would do without him!
He can fix ANYTHING!

While he was studying the situation and doing things outside,
I made muffins. Only two ingredients + spices and chopped pecans.

My sister made the same thing this morning and I think hers turned out prettier than mine.
Probably all the spices darkened mine up.

I felt better today than I have in a long time. Still a little wobbly after I take my meds but I managed to finally clean my kitchen today. Or at least most of it. Over half. I think. Unless you count the fridge so, no, I only got half of it done. Still, that's quite an accomplishment since I haven't done much in over a week!

I just love the smell of CLEAN!

My planner area had really piled up!
Now it's all neat and tidy with the random recipes I had clipped and saved all sorted and in the proper places.
The box holds some of my favorite vintage cook books.

This small box holds all those clipped recipes that aren't on cards.

This cook book is really old but I'm too tired to go in there and check the publication date.

I don't remember where I found this small book of handwritten 'receipts' but the date on this tax formtis 1933. That's 3 years before Louis Dean was born. I just discovered this paper tucked inside the back of the book this afternoon. What makes it interesting is that my granny was a Hancock. Hmmm...

I didn't get to the floors yet, either, but everything else has been cleaned! Top to bottom.

It has been scrubbed and polished to a high shine!

I love my kitchen.

I know the counters are covered and you must move the ceramic pie plate off of the toaster if you want to toast something.....but I don't mind and Louis Dean has got used to it.......finally.

I made it as far as the coffee stand - minus cleaning the fridge.
"Coffee's ready for in the morning!"
Louis Dean LOVES it when he hears me say that!
He tends to stumble around in the morning and spills coffee grounds all over the pace and even spills the water sometimes. As for me, it's easier to have it prepared and ready to turn on than to clean up the mess. I stay in bed after I wake up until I'm NOT stumbling around!

I have my work cut out for me - this is the REST of the kitchen yet to be cleaned!
That's a job for another day.

September 26, 2005 was the date Mother suffered a massive stroke.

April 2014

Deanie wrote the following this morning on her Facebook page:

10 years ago today in the early morning hours, our mom suffered a massive stroke!
Today she is very healthy & 106 pounds less in weight. Her only impediment is her speech. She is very blessed.

I shared hers on my page and added to it:

Who knew God would bring so much ultimate good from a serious stroke? We have grown together as a family in our relationship as we have cared for our mother. Mother has had the very best care possible! She lived with Nita for 7 years and now lives with Deanie. Thank you, my amazing sisters, for bearing the brunt of all the responsibility in taking care of her!

We are grateful every year to be able to celebrate yet another anniversary!

Now it's time for me to toddle off  to bed.
Louis Dean and I have been acting like little old people.
We used to sit out in the gazebo and have a glass or two of wine late at night.
Now we are showered and in bed along about 10:00- 10:30 and then read for an hour or so before turning lights out.
Ah, I remember those good old days and I hope to see them again soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I am Now a Sassy Sixty-Seven Year Old Lady!!!

Today is my BIRTHDAY!
 I have had a GOOD day as any birthday is a GOOD day!!
The reason I KNOW I'm SASSY is......

The Ladybug From Texas TOLD me so!!!

I woke up on the shaky, dizzy, wobbly side this morning so I cancelled my lunch plans with a dear Sister September Friend to spend another day resting.
I am enjoying the glider and think I will need to get ANOTHER one for the ranch because I may not be able to part with this one!! I sat in the sun and read for a good while this morning.

I am so happy this little weed ground cover is looking so good and I  love the way it snuggles up next to the patio stones!

I did some very light housework.

See the pretty Trumpet Vine we got? I bought it and Louis Dean planted it and I think it will be just perfect there by that honking big ugly telephone pole! 

My son, Jesse, called me as soon as I got up this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday and told me he was ordering our lunch to be delivered at the time of my choosing!
Louis Dean was SO excited about the Buffalo Wings! He's been on a real kick about them lately.
I had Garlic Knots and Spinach Alfredo Pizza. Let me tell you - it was DELICIOUS!!!

I felt a little stronger as the day went in and I think I am tolerating the medicine better.

Now let me tell you how I spent MOST of this day!!!!

Watching a Mountain Man Marathon!!!!!
Seriously!!! All day long.
It just ended - we had paused the show and then would go do a little something and when it ran out of 'pause' time - we'd run back in there and watch some more.
I am seriously involved with these men and their families!

Tom Oar

Now TOM is my very favorite!!! Probably because he reminds me of my dearly beloved neighbor, Doug Stiegler, who lived next door to me for 17 years along with his lovely wife, Reaoma. She is the dear friend I visit with now that she has moved back to Irving. Doug was so much like Tom! He even looked like him, too. Sadly, Doug has been gone for three years.

Eustace Conway

I really got concerned about this family because they were about to lose their land.
HE reminds me of Louis Dean the way he figures out how to do things!

Marty Meierotto

I sure hope this guy can get home to his wife and daughter up there in Alaska.
I left him stranded in his plane on a frozen river with his landing skis frozen to the ice.

Praise God next week is the Season Fianle and I will be able to find out what happened to everyone!!

I know this sounds like the strangest thing coming from me - but in another life I would have dearly loved to have been a mountain man!!! God would have had to have given me a MUCH stronger and healthier body - but I would have LOVED it!
Did you ever see the movie with Robert Redford, Jeremiah Johnson? It's my favorite movie of all time and it is based on the book by Vardis Fisher.

I don't think I have EVER watched as much TV in one day as I have today!!!
I am feeling better tonight as I write than I have felt in several days!
I think a hot shower and reading in bed is just the way to end what has been a really good birthday!

Thank you for all the emails and Facebook postings!! They have kept a smile on my face all day long!
 I do not know how these clever friends of mine know how to send such creative pretty Happy Birthday Greetings such as I have seen today!!
I love you all and I have so appreciated all the well wishes and prayers!
It's going to be a GREAT year!!!
As someone told me -  I will NEVER be this YOUNG again!!!!