Friday, January 31, 2014

Redeeming Friday!

Today Mother had a lot of fun! I have the pictures to PROVE it!!!

We were right on time to pick her up at the beauty shop!

Our first stop was Ross for Less where she found a few things!
THIS top was NOT one of them!

Our 'brunch' place was IHOP!
Mother said, "But he doesn't LIKE it!!" while we were on our way there.
I assured her he WOULD!

Louis Dean is always teasing Mother!!

Good times! Coffee all around!

Louis Dean had a BALL because he got a lot of extra attention from our waitress!
He's a wimp and could NOT find the seam to get his utensils out!

Mother LOVED her cheese blintzes!

I think they BOTH liked their meals!!!

I love this series of photos!
She was wanting to make sure Louis Dean liked HIS food!!

She ate every.single.bite.

Louis Dean actually brought half of HIS home!

He is now a big fan of IHOP! At least as long as we get BRENDA as our waitress!!

Mother was happy with her new tops.......

as well as those reed infusers she was wanting.
Her bedroom window has a whole line of these across her window sill.
She said she NEEDED them and they DO smell good!!

When I picked Mother up this morning I came prepared with a recent pic of the quads to show Donna, her stylist. You remember last week I did NOT have one! She loves to show off  that SHE is a GREAT-Grandma to QUADRUPLETS!!
Amber was born on June 6th and shares my mother's birthday as does one of her great grandsons!
After we took Mother home we spent another hour and half showing her all the recent  pictures and videos on my laptop. She was a happy camper!!

After leaving Mother we headed over to visit Charlie and Deanie!
They are always SO much fun!!!
Charlie has learned how to push Louis Dean's buttons!
We all visited and laughed and laughed!!
More good times!!
This week I got TWO sister visits in!! 
Tuesday with Luann and Friday with Deanie!!
Nita, I MISS you!!!

I DID take a couple of pics at Nita's.
I love going to her house every Friday - even though she is at work and we seldom see each other!
There's usually something new every week.
Today I noticed this cool drink tray.....

and this canister.
Nita has SUCH an interesting home!!!

After leaving our house at 9:15 this morning we returned home at 5:00!
I gave Lucy a much needed bath and took her for a walk.
It was 74 degrees today and the low tonight is 58!
Not bad for January 31st!

I was motivated to give Lucy a bath - this time a nice warm one in Louis Dean's bathtub - because of what I bought at Ross for Less!! A new cushy comfy dog bed! Her old one is black and showed every single one of all those shed white dog hairs!! I also bought one to fit her kennel and another one to keep at Amber's in the guest room since she sleeps in there when we spend the night! Her old black one has been washed and is in the dryer now. It will 'live' in our camper. So this ONE dog now has FOUR beds! Sounds about right!

Especially if you consider that our cat prefers to drink her water from wine glasses!

I do believe I have REDEEMED myself and am pretty sure I was a GOLDEN child today!!


Deb said...

I'm sure you are always golden in your Mom's happy you had a good day...enjoy this spring like weather...old man winter is headed back...drats and double drats as Hotrods of his new

Linda said...

Linda, your mother is such a fine dresser! She always looks so chic! The meal you all had a iHOP looks pretty good. Brenda looks like my kind of waitress. Looks like you all enjoyed your time.

Wanda said...

Linda, you get an A+ for "Redeeming". What a happy mom, and loved the sequence at IHOPS..DL and your Mom. Isn't it fun to have a really special waitress. I try not to cook on Sunday, since I do a lot of cooking during the week. IHOPS is one of our favorite places to stop after Church, as I love breakfast and Don wants lunch. Thanks for sharing your fun day.

Pondside said...

You were, indeed, a Golden Child.....and your pets are certainly Pampered Pets! I loved the shot of the cat drinking from the wineglass. I could be on the front of a humorous greeting card!

Deanie W said...

We enjoyed your visit & who doesn't LOVE LD:) Charlie certainly pushed his buttons, it was SO funny:) I also liked the sequence of photos, she was all up in his business to be sure she liked his food. She likes to tease him too. Nice post!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love reading your posts, Linda. They are just filled with warm good times! Please tell us sometime the names and order of your children and brothers and sisters...I get confused. But never confused about the love you share! :)



Estelle's said...

I enjoy your posts so much Linda! How fortunate you are to still have your Mother....she is precious! Now, I want to go to IHOP!

Vee said...

You are well on your way! Six more "golden child" days and you'll be all set. =D

Everyone looks happy today!

Susie said...

Linda, I think your mom enjoys every moment with you and LD. I could see LD making new friends where ever he would go. You too. Your a happy couple and it's catching. love that. xoxo,Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

Looks like a fun and busy day! Your mom looks awesome. Does she live alone? I'm sure the photos of the quads were exciting for her.

I bought my dog a new bed before Christmas. He wouldn't have anything to do with it! I did the same when I moved here...nope, had to return it too. He has 3 beds here in this 1 BR apt! :) Two are almost worn completely out and he loves them. Go figure ~


Aloha Acres said...

Oh my goodness. What a great day. Your mother seems precious. I know you enjoy your time with her.

Carla said...

I saw some Happy Plates. Can't believe your mom ate the whole thing. LOL