Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Taking Care of Each Other!

Louis Dean and I getting sick at the same time makes it hard!
We have gone from bed to recliner then back to bed again. All day long.
I do believe women are better at being ill and taking are of ourselves than men!
Louis Dean pulled a muscle from coughing so hard. He woke me up as he stumbled down the hall moaning in pain. Scared me because I thought I might have to take him to the ER. Thankfully, I gave him something for pain and he is doing better.

pic from Pinterest

We have not looked pretty today!

It is a tradition to eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day.
I put some in to soak overnight so sick or not we will have them for lunch tomorrow.

There is always a silver lining in everything and for me that is having extra 'thinking and praying' time.
I'm also plowing through a few books that I have been wanting to finish.

Books, flannel sheets, flannel nightgowns, hot tea, oatmeal and bacon, electric blanket, Scrabble games on my phone, Vick's Vapor Rub, candles and a fireplace are all comforts.
Since we are sick  - and we do not get sick OFTEN! - we intend to do it up right!

Tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day in the 60's with clear skies! 
That will make anyone feel better!!!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. I shall wish you a speedy recovery - to good health and happiness in 2014! Cheers and Happy New Year!

  2. Be well for the New Year, and may your year be filled with blessings.

  3. Hoping this crud will pass soon, and you'll be back to yourselves. I love the way you and DL tackle sickness!!
    Your tradition of black eyed peas is a good one. Although it's not a New Years Tradition, but I grew up on them, and my cousin grew some this year so I have several packages in the freezer. I do love them.

  4. Hope you're both feeling better soon. Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year!

  5. Oh I am sorry that you're still under it. Take good care and rest, rest, rest. Hope that you know when it's time for a little extra attention from a medical professional.

    On that cheery note, here's wishing you good health and prosperity, love and joy, and pleasant adventures in the New Year!

  6. Love your new look, Linda!
    I took sick yesterday. It sounds like we are battling similar crud!
    I wish you and LD a speedy recovery!
    Happy New Year!

  7. This flue crud is terrible, seems to last about 9 days:( stay hydrated & "REST"
    The precious quads won't want to be without you two:)
    Happy New Year & take care!

  8. Happy New Year and hope that you both are feeling better quickly! No fun welcoming in the new year being sick. At least you have your black-eyed peas. Isn't that supposed to be good luck to have them on New Year's Day? We have never done that in our family. For us it's fish on New Year's Eve and pork on New Year's Day. But a lot of people do eat those peas.

  9. Linda, I pray that you both feel better very soon! Your header photo is lovely, you look radiant. Happy New Year!

  10. I'm so sorry you are sick. Praying to away soon for you. Not a great way to bring in the New Year

  11. BTW, the header picture is wonderful. I can feel your happiness.

  12. Happy New Year Linda and LD! May this year be a great happy adventure for you and your family.
    Hopefully you will get well soon and ready to rock and roll again.
    The photo of you holding a baby is priceless and your smile with eyes closed says it all - love is the most wonderful feeling that beats everything else. Linda your face and expression says it all!!! And I think BW picture is way better than color one - the attention / notion is where it should, in the expression of the love inbetween those two persons and nowhere else.

  13. sorry to hear you are sick, and oh my on both at the same time. our peas are soaking to.. sounds like you have every thing under control even from your bed.

  14. Take care of each other and Happy New Year...

  15. I'm so sorry that you're both still sick! I hope you can continue to rest and get better soon. I forgot what you're supposed to cook on New Years Day to bring you good health, but you need to cook it today! LOL.

  16. Hope you both get better real soon. Keep up with that vicks! Cheers

  17. We never got out of our jammies today. It's been nice being off work. Hope you feel better real soon.

  18. How are you guys? I've been praying every day that I sail past and there's no post. Hope that you've been to the doctor. Drink lots of fluids; get lots of rest. Love to you...