Saturday, May 1, 2010

A 'Sibling' Saturday!

It is not often I get to visit with both of my sisters as well as my brother AND Mother all in one day and in one place! The occasion was a baby shower for Michele's daughter....Michele is Lonnie's wife. The  baby girl (Katy) was born prematurely at 2 lb. 10 oz. She is now up to 3 lb. 7 oz and doing very well. As I was touring Lonnie's garage and admiring the work shop areahis father in law and brother in law built for him, it dawned on me to take a picture of us while we were all together! I am always in Fort Worth on Fridays and often get to visit with Deanie and always with Mother and occasionally arrive early enough to snatch a brief conversation with Nita. However, Lonnie works nights and sleeps days so it is seldom I get to see him. It was just a special joy to all be together today.

This is the crib quilt I sewed for Michele's daughter, Amber.....I hope she does not notice how 'Katty Wompered' it is in the back....I have one more quilt to make for 'Rosebud'....Sabrina's soon to be born granddaughter! Then I am going to start on some book covers!

I think this is our 'Bobble Head' pic....but now you can see Deanie's beautiful face that was partly covered up in the first one......with my HAIR! I really need to get that cut!!


Luann said...

Everyone looks great. Glad you could have the shower I know it was alot of fun and such a blessing for the baby. She will use that quilt her whole life. Hugs to all.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

So glad you got to be with you siblings :) Looks like you had a nice weekend.

nita said...

I like your hair just the way you had on Saturday.
It was good to see us all in one place...that is few a far between, I'm so glad it dawned on you Hey
look we're all together...lets take a picture, you were always the smart one!

Amber said...

what a great afternoon!