Sunday, May 16, 2010


Inspiration has STRUCK!! Louis Dean and I were on our way to Abilene to visit with some of his family on Saturday. We stopped in Thurber, Texas (once a prosperous mining a certified ghost town!) at the Smokestack Restaurant for breakfast...we were up and on the road EARLY! As we drove up in the gravel parking lot I saw the coolest painted fence! An artist from Gorman, Texas had been commissioned to paint this 40' X 8' fence and filled it with a traditional Texas spring landscape complete with an armadillo, donkey, long horns, horses, church, streams, waterfalls, and of course, BLUEBONNETS! It was beautiful!!! Alas, I cannot credit the artist as she did not sign her work. Perhaps she was not finished although it certainly LOOKED finished! As you can tell by the pictures, she (or HE ) is extremely talented!

Well, I have been INSPIRED!!! As it JUST so happens, my husband is building a new fence for the back yard.....and I got to thinking........!!! And if not THAT.....I DO have the playhouse turned shoe house now lawn equipment house that could use a drop or two of INSPIRATION as well as IMAGINATION! One side faces the gazebo and he is putting in our FOURTH pond there in the old spa location. THIS would make a perfect backdrop! And then there is the front of the little house that faces my back bedroom many possibilities! I think I will get motivated to finish painting the HOUSE (exterior) that I have been working on for this, my third, spring! Then I can start a REALLY creative project! Can't wait til Amber gets home from Scotland to see all the changes we have made in this past year! I am going now to get my paint clothes and the paint stuff out and ready for in the morning....I have LOTS to do!!


Amber said...

that will be a BIG paint job!!

Luann said...

They do alot of that in Germany.. Mainly on garage doors if they have them. It is always alwesome to see such on the side of a building, fence or where ever.. Murels rule! and YOU are a good enough artist to accomplish such a venture.. have fun Sis

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Can't wait to see what you paint. I know you enjoy every minute of it!

Unknown said...

You are so talented I know you could do this. I know we are new neighbors, but may I ask you a ? How did you find my site and be able to reach me ? I have been working with blogger forever it seems and they have asked how the 5 people that visit find me. I thought I would ask as I haven't a clue as to what's going on.
I had a blog for two years, and never had any problems - this is a newbie.
Perhaps if we/they knew how you got to me, that might help them. I feel like I am blogging to a huge bare wall about now. Some people have said they are not receiving my feeds, but I can't get the feeds on this blog.
I would so appreciate it if you could clue me in as to how you would access me or my blog. I ramble........
Thanks so much,