Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Childhood Memory...

As I am preparing for a time of making memeories with my grandchildren, I thought of this old photograph.   My brother, Lonnie, is inside the car, and Nita, Deanie and me in front. Now Lonnie has always been LONNIE and I have always been LINDA! Nita and Deanie were known back then by their REAL names....all our names started with L. We were visiting our 'Granny'. Now I do not have all that many warm fuzzy memories of my grandmother. Actually, none that I can clearly remember.Which is what makes me all the more determined to be a real grandmother to my own grandchildren.

This pic is the four of us and Mother.....taken a LONG long time ago at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.
PS... Thanks, Deanie, for sending me these pics yet AGAIN!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What a great picture to have, Linda. I just know you are the best Granny :) I was lucky to have the kind of Granny that I am sure you are. I think of her everyday and miss her everyday.

Amber said...

so cool that you have those pictures! at least you have some fond memories with your siblings. you are a wonderful grandmother to the davis kids and i'll know you'll be a wonderful one to mine some day as well!!

Nita said...

I remember that day...this was at Shirley's house
and the shoes I had on believe it or not I think were new & Shirley had her floors so highly WAXED
I slipped and landed so hard right on my bottom!
I still remember doing my best not to cry. I also
hated that head band. Ha Ha thanks for the memory.

Linda said...

We WERE cute, weren't we? Wonder how old we were?

Unknown said...

The first photo reminds me of one that I have of my sister and me posing next to my Grandpa's big old Lincoln - I loved that the back doors opened backwards. Weren't the fifties and sixties funny times for photos?