Friday, May 21, 2010

Pure Bliss!!

My son has a HUGE new swimming pool and spa and last night was my first plunge into the HOT spa and then the COOL pool then back to the HOT spa! We had a ball! It was only Jesse and I out there and it seemed like old times to me! Years ago when he was growing up we had a spa. So many times he and I would take our books out there and just soak in the hot tub while reading and day dreaming! One fond memory is when I put several clusters of grapes in a Tupperware bowl and we floated them on the water pushing them back and forth as we ate!  We loved to go in the spa so much we would even take umbrellas to hold over our books if it was raining! We are both avid readers! I love good can take them out and experience them again and again! We are constantly creating new ones as we live each day......"Lord, help me be attentive to my 'memories in the making' and may the majority of them be GOOD ones! AMEN!"


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It looks great! So glad you had a good day. We made it to Fla safely and I found a place in the condo where I can get the internet!!! Yea! Mom and Dad leave tomorrow, so I will be checking in with you all more frequently after that.

Linda said...

What a treat to see your comment and here you are on VACATION!! Looking forward to your postings about your trip!