Monday, May 31, 2010

It Was FUN!!!

Yesterday afternoon we drove over to my son's house in Arlington to pick up Faith! MiMi Camp 2010! Can you see their beautiful pool in the background??
As enticing as that water was, we did not linger as we had some SHOPPING to do! Faith picked out several recipes she wanted to make this week so to the grocery store we went! It was kind of funny that THREE of the ones she selected were gelatin we LOADED our cart with every flavor and color of Jello they make! We picked up some yellow cheese, apples, caramel topping, chocolate covered graham crackers (for s'mores! Bet these will be MESSY! But GOOD!!) chocolate syrup AND strawberry syrup for her 'morning coffee', lunch meat, corn on the cob, marshmallows, ice cream and ice cream cones, hot dogs, buns, chips......just about anything that little girl WANTED!

She settled into her room letting me know she knew EXACTLY where it is because, "I have been here BEFORE!" she said. While she played with her Barbies....and with 5 'Vintage' ones of Amber's (and the new Barbies DO look different than the ones I bought in the 90's!) I put up all the groceries and since she was at MiMi Camp....we decided to have dessert FIRST!

You can imagine our surprise when we opened up the box of ice cream cones and found them to be TINY! Each cone held only 1 or 2 TEASPOONS of ice cream! So, of course, she HAD to eat FIVE! Granddad teased her about telling her parents that she ate 5 whole ice cream cones dipped in sprinkles before supper!

While I was getting the outdoor fireplace ready for the hot dogs Faith entertained herself with this pair of 3D glasses I have had for 17 years! When you look at small points of light (like the many lighted garlands I have) you see USA above and below the light....all in red/white/blue! Very appropriate for this Memorial Day weekend!
I got the fire lit and then it came a real downpour! The fire continued to burn but we decided to eat sandwiches for supper instead! It REALLY rained! Second time this week....BOTH times totally unexpected!

We then spent the rest of the evening playing checkers. It was a lot of fun and I realized that I had never actually PLAYED this before. Faith proved to be a good thinker and became completely absorbed in the game. So did I. I think I will leave the set out for Louis Dean and me to play in the evenings. He is NOT a big game person but he DOES enjoy checkers!

They are studying their next move.....Games help us THINK- which is always a GOOD thing!

Faith read two of her Dick and Jane books to us.....

...and then I read the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods. Bed followed soon after! For all three of us!

Faith's version of coffee this morning....2 teaspoons of my creamed coffee mixed with a teapot of cold milk and 2 good shots of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup!

Coffee was followed by toasted pecan bread and another game of Checkers.

Faith and Granddad spent an hour or so singing a 'new' song! Lavender Ridge Farms was on our agenda for this Memorial Louis Dean found Lavender Blue from an old Walt Disney movie, 'So Dear to my Heart.' We bought the movie (made in 1940) on DVD off of eBay. Will be a GREAT film to see with the grand kids! The two kids in the movie remind me of Sam and Faith!

Alas, MiMi Camp-Faith-2010, was fun while it lasted. Early this morning she came in our room and said she missed her brother Sam and wanted us to take her home. Even after telling her about the plans for the and a movie on Tuesday, train ride on Wednesday, and a picnic at the beach (Granbury Beach) on Friday....she very politely insisted on going home. So after our morning routine we did just that. My best laid plans did not work out this year.....but they will keep! There will be MiMi Camp 2011!

PS.....Stay tuned! MiMi Camp for Sam begins June 16th!

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Faith is a very lucky little girl. I remember I used to have my coffee with Granny. I was with her almost every weekend growing up. She started my love for coffee. She would give me about 2T of coffee, the rest milk and good ole sugar :) As time went on, the milk and coffee switched places :)