Monday, May 17, 2010

He Brought Her Roses While She Lived....

We drove to Abilene on Saturday to visit with Louis Dean's brother-in-law, Bob, and with Terri and Laurie, Louis Dean's nieces. LD's sister, Bobby, has been gone two years in August. Bobby made such a difference in the life of my husband. He tells how, she being only six years older, gave up the pleasures of HER childhood to take care of HIM. Their mother worked and it was Bobby who 'mothered' him and allowed him the luxury of being a child while she shouldered the responsibilities of cleaning house and preparing meals as well as watching over and protecting him. He dearly loved his sister and never forgot all she did for him as they were growing up.

Terri, Louis Dean and Laurie

We visited Bobby and Bob five or six times after our marriage. I am glad I got to know her even just a little because she was so important to Louis Dean. He always brought her roses when we would visit. And she seemed to enjoy them very much! We would sit in their living room and I would listen to them all reminisce about their childhoods. Bobby would show us old photos and even made sure Louis Dean had some copies of his own. He loved his sister!

We went to the Iberis Cemetery with Terri and Laurie to visit her grave. It meant a lot to Louis Dean having them all together as they visited.

He lingered for a moment before we all returned to our cars and back to the routine of life. On the way home Louis Dean said he had no regrets.....he loved Bobby and she knew it. And he brought her roses while she lived. That's what I want to life with no regrets and not fail to show my love while my loved ones are living.


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Very sweet and touching post. Thanks for sharing :)

Luann said...

made me cry. LD truly is the sweetest man.. and it is unusual to me for a man to really recognize what someone has sacrificed or done for them. He is very special and I am glad you got him. Hugs!

Linda said...

Thanks, Luann.....I am so happy to HAVE him!! He is the nicest man I have ever met in my life! And he has such a tender heart!