Friday, April 30, 2010

My Mother's Hair!

Every Friday morning I leave Irving and drive the 40 miles over to Fort Worth to see my Mother. Her hair appointment is 10 am and believe it or not I have only been late once or twice! (I am usually a little late for nearly everything!)

Mother is always waiting with her check, bottle of water, garage door opener and the tip $ for the shampoo lady! Many a Friday we find ourselves dressed like Twinkies! It's amazing! Often we are both wearing black...or denim...or beige....It could be we are very much alike in many ways!

This is Mother after her hair is done...Louis Dean says he can never tell the difference! But then, he is a M-A-N!! And by the way, Mother is always M-O-T-H-E-R! Never Mom! Although she does answer to Mama as well!

THIS lovely lady is Donna, her stylist. She is absolutely wonderful to Mother! And if MOTHER is happy.....EVERYONE is happy!!


Tennis Girl said...

What a sweet post for your Mom. I love that she loves to go the "beauty shop." :)

Luann said...

I'm with LD , the hair always looks the same.. GOOD... and that is a blessing!

Nita said...

Linda that was a very sweet post for Mother...I noticed you didn't write about Light Bulbs(:
God love Louis Dean he's such a good guy!