Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There is a MOUSE in my house!!!

Actually it is in my CLOSET! One of the drawbacks to keeping our French doors open to the lovely spring weather is that any stray critter may just wander in....and stay! At least for awhile until it finds itself VERY unwelcome! Birds fly in and out occasionally but they seldom stay longer than a few minutes. We have two sets of French doors and they open OUT. One is in the kitchen, the other in the 'sewing room' which is where the computer is as well. The front door is often propped open to prevent it from slamming shut with the winds. I have seen a bird fly in one door and swoop out the other! SO birds I can take! NOT a MOUSE!! I first noticed him (or her) last night during art class. As I moved over to get a tube of paint from the buffet which holds my art supplies, I just noticed a tail going through an empty hole in a wine bottle holder which is setting on the floor. I figured he went BEHIND the buffet so I put my shoes on as I was painting at the other end of it! I did NOT want it to run out over my toes! The doors remained open through the evening so I was in the hopes the mouse had gone back outside. NOT SO!! Apparently it spent the night IN the house!!! We sleep with the bedroom closed off from the house running our window A/C unit. The this morning I opened the house up again and had pretty much forgotten about the mouse.......until I opened the hall closet sliding door!!!!!! I was looking for LD's medicine container to put out a week's worth of his Rx's....and THERE was the MOUSE!!! I kept yelling, "It's a MOUSE! It's a MOUSE! It's a MOUSE!" over and over as it roamed over the shelf and over into MY CLOTHES on the OTHER side of the closet!!! That's where I keep my 'denim' clothes...and I was going to pick out the denim jumper for today.....I had Louis Dean do that for me this time! He also put out some mouse food......and assured me the mouse was more afraid of ME than I was of him! I am not so sure of that!


  1. I hate mice! Hopefully you catch it soon.

  2. Linda,
    I had a mouse in my little house for a month!!! That thing was haning around in our bedroom??? I was thinking, why aren't you in the kitchen were the food is? The last straw was when I was sound asleep and I kept a little glass dish by my bedside where I would take off my jewelry for the night. I heard the rattling of my jewelry. I think I just a foot out of the bed, as that dish is close to my head!!! I told hubby, that's it, I am going to the Inn to sleep. We had traps, etc set. Seems Mr. Mouse was in the basement eating all the kitty food on the work bench then scaling the cable to the tv up through the floor to our bedroom and getting a drink in the connecting bathroom, then coming over to check hubby and I out! eek!!! The next day I called Terminix and he set up bait stations, he said enough for 400 mice. The mouse was taken care of in two days. I love animals, but that mouse was more than I could handle. Sorry for the long story, but couldn't pass up telling you about my mouse :)

  3. I LOVE your mouse story!! And that was creepy to have him in your bedroom!!!! I agree with you....let me sleep ELSEWHERE!! We don't normally have a mice problem because we have such a SQUIRREL problem! LD hates the squirrels for tearing up netting, etc on the he has LOTS of squirrel 'food' out and of course that will keep the mice in line as well! I will have to blog about the opossum we had a couple years ago!

  4. Linda, have you recovered yet ?I, too, don't like mice. The only thing worse is a snake. May we never see one of those in our homes.

    My old blog had to go to bloggy heaven as for whatever reason, no one could access it. I am trying again with the title being -- Memories of the Lake....... you could give it a try. Blogger told me it take a few days for it to reach Google Reader. We shall see. Come by when you have time.......