Monday, May 3, 2010

Hair Cuts and Fireplaces!

These two things always make me feel better!


I have tried to let it grow! I just can't stand it when it gets too 'long'. I had truly long hair til I was in my 30's when I went to shoulder length....then in my 40's to an even shorter version...and finally in my 50's to SHORT! I discovered I really LIKE short! I love being able to wash it and barely blow dry and I am DONE!
Since my son has a brand new HUGE swimming pool.....I figured a short 'do' was a MUST for this summer!
I like the back......could have been a LITTLE shorter...maybe next time!
Notice the pink tinge on my neck....earlier in the day I was out in the yard pulling weeds and sweeping up the pecan 'beards' that are falling like crazy! The day was blue skies and SUNNY and rather WARM! We had the attic fan on and enjoyed eating our sandwich lunch sitting in the shaded gazebo. After my hair cut I felt a bit more enegetic so we headed out to Home Depot to buy paint for the house. This is my third summer to be painting the house! When I finally get it all done (exterior) it will be time to start over....kind of like the way they do the Golden Gate Bridge. Start at one end and paint till it's done and then start all over! The main color reminds me of the Fudgesickles I used to eat as a kid....and the trim is like Hershey's Chocolate Syrup! For some reason I only paint May-July on the house...possibly because it is WAY too hot after that! I have our storage building and the 'shoe house' now storing lawn equipment and the east gable plus some touch ups. I should be able to 'get r DONE' soon!


As warm and suuny as the day was we were surprised for it to turn cold, rainy and windy while we were out on our errands! SO I am ending my day with another comfy favorite.....a fireplace! I had just cleaned it out thinking it would be fall before we used it again. No problem! I LOVE the aroma of the fire and can spend an hour simply watching the play of the flames. I think I will put on my nice robe and slippers and REALLY enjoy the rest of our evening!



Marie LeJeune said...

I love the new haircut, the fire sounds just lovely too!

Amber said...

love it!!! i need to get my blog updated... :)