Friday, May 14, 2010

Galveston....oh, GALVESTON!!

Remember the old song by Glen Campbell? This clip is when he was young.....but then so was I back then!

I have been visiting Galveston for 40 years. It has changed personalities through the times and suffered much and yet always manages to find 'herself' again!

This visit was occasioned by my daughter, Summer, who loves the beach more than the average person! I mean she LOVES the beach!!! And all that goes with it! We spent a long Mother's Day weekend together and we had the very BEST time!

We headed out on Friday after taking my mother to the beauty shop, of course, since it was FRIDAY! That gave Summer an opportunity to see her Granny!

 This picture is of me reading Mother's card to her....not sure if you can see it or not but in the foreground of that pic are the two small boxes of chocolate Summer gave Granny.....can you see what they are? Ex-Lax!!! Summer has such a sense of humor!!!! She also gave her some lovely gifts of Mother's favorite fragrance!

After a lot of good laughs and a wonderful visit with Mother, Summer and I were southbound and down!!

Summer drove ALL the way...stopping only for potty breaks and my first visit to Buccee's - a kind of TEXAS style truck stop!!! We made good time...going through Houston in the HOV lane helped! Glad Summer was driving because I would have NEVER figured out WHERE that lane was or HOW to get on it!

Benno's on the Beach for dinner! I ordered the Seafood Pasta Salad.....the same thing I have ordered since I first ate there 15 years ago. And I am happy to say that Benno's made it through Hurricane of the few places that did as it is right on Seawall Blvd! Summer, being the friendly person she is, invited a lady who was dining alone to join us and we had a lovely time visiting together! After a short 'sit' on the Blvd. watching the white surf shine even in the darkness of night, we were ready to call it a day and head to the hotel! The A/C was ice cold...just like we like it and we slept SO well!!!
Saturday was a 'tourist' day and we browsed the shops and took in a movie...Iron Man 2! It was great!

We lunched at the Olympia Greek Cafe......and the food was delicious!

This dish (I forgot the name!) was made with shredded cucumber, yogurt and sour cream with seasonings!
After lunch we did one of our favorite things....thrift store shopping! We each came up with a few treasures.

We took a break to stroll through the 'shell shops' as Amber used to call this. Murdochs was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike....only the piers remained. I was so happy to see it had been rebuilt exactly as I remembered it! Summer and I sat on the porch sipping drinks and watching the waves. NICE!

We spent a quiet evening in the hotel playing cards and reading. I LOVE traveling with my daughter....

The next day was our BEACH day and it was relaxing! It was somewhat cloudy and pretty windy but we love ALL weather and can enjoy the beach under any and all circumstances.....hurricanes not withstanding!

We each had a Route 44 Limeade Slush (which lasted us the entire afternoon!) and our books. We were set! We dipped our toes in the water a time or two but mostly enjoyed the sights, sounds and sensations of simply being on the beach!

We ended our day at Gaido's Seafood Restaurant! Could not eat anything else on our Beach Day!!
Monday we had mani's and pedi's before leaving the island! A perfect ending to a perfect Mother's Day Week end with my first born daughter!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love the trips I have taken with my daughter, too. They are such special memories!

Memories of the Lake said...

Oh Linda, I love Galveston. My daughter AND sister both lived there for years when their families were growing up. One Sat. I drove my Mom there and I remember thinking how different it was from how I had it pictured. At the time Patti was in Sugarland so it wasn't that far. She love it there and everyone was so friendly. She worked at the Medical Center for 17 years.
Tx loves NYS trained nurses, so she was hired over the phone and has been down South ever since.
I have thought of going to Austin where she now lives just to leave the snow.

I ramble....

Unknown said...

The shredded cucumber dish is tzatziki - and it's really easy to make if you have a salad spinner. I love it!