Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gazebo Time!

We so enjoy our 'Gazebo Time!' We generally start and end our day out there.....and treat it as our outdoor living room! It came a windy rain last night as we were sitting out there resting after a long day of housework and projects! Thanks to a recent Goodwill bargain we stayed dry and comfortable! This shower curtain was $1.99 at the local Goodwill in Galveston! I added a $4 green plastic liner and hooks from the Dollar Store and we can just pull it across to block the blowing rain!

This is the wall directly opposite the gazebo. I added the temp/clock and the calendar recently!

These pretty birds visited our feeder this morning and sent us off in a flurry of collecting our bird books, journal and camera. We THINK they are a pair of Carolina Parakeets....are still trying to postively identify them! When I have MiMi Camp, the grandkids love to watch the birds along with us. And this year we will be feeding the fish in our 3 little ponds as well. I love nature and have a wildlife habitat in my own backyard!

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