Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple Saturday!

This has been a lovely SIMPLE Saturday! No rushing here and nice as that is sometimes! I just came in from a walk with Lucy and enjoyed feeling the wind blowing through my hair. I always think of the Holy Spirit when I hear the wind blow or feel it on my face! This has, indeed, been a simple Saturday! We started off with coffee in the we ALWAYS do! Then we decided to make a trip to Sam's for a few needed items. While there Louis Dean discovered a BEAUTIFUL potted Mandevilla in an elaborate wrought iron stand! Pretty as the flowers were...the PRICE was even prettier! Next to the display were some plain pots of the same flowers at one quarter of the price! We got one of those!

We came right home and he planted it! THEN he decided if one was good THREE would be better so we were off again to Sam's! I discovered you must dig them up and bring them indoors during the winter! So, NO! One will do. He planted bell pepper plants where he had hoped to put flowers! We have a Red Neck Garden...onions and garlic growing around the roses while peppers and tomatoes are growing in pots on the driveway!
We picked up some tea and pinto beans we had forgotten to get on our first trip. The tea Louis Dean got came in GALLON size tea bags!! Oops! We DO drink a lot of tea, but REALLY!

So we brewed some up and took a gazebo break! The geckos are entertaining to watch and this one has been going up and down the pole where we hang the bird feeder. This afternoon he was on TOP of HIS world! They are not frequenting the gazebo as they have in years past and Louis Dean is sorely disappointed!

It was a good afternoon for baking bread and an even better one for eating it....still hot from the oven and dripping with real butter! I think we will wind down our simple Saturday with a watermelon supper.
That's one half for HIM and one half for ME!


Luann said...

Monte and I had a watermelon dinner also.. however ours had so many seeds... Yours looks better. I thought I had bought seedLESS but got seedED instead. LOL someday I shall learn to READ. Love you SIS

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

The simple days are the best, aren't they? Love you life stories. Can't wait to hear what you and Louis Dean are doing next :)