Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Great White FRIDGE!!!

This is my new TEXAS size great WHITE fridge!! Took this photo while it was still naked! I have since 'dressed' it with my memory collection of magnets......and enjoyed seeing all the old snapshots and keepsakes from through the years. Will post a pic of it 'dressed' later! It really IS a lovely fridge!!


Valerie Gilliam Barnett said...

I truly enjoy your journal entries!! Your home is so cozy and welcoming!! If they could put you on the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens I would be very happy!! Luv you!!
Valerie Gilliam Barnett

Linda said...

That is such a sweet thing to say, Valerie!! Thank you!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Your fridge is great! I love that big bottom drawer! I love white appliances, too. In the little house, they are all white. :)

Amber said...

and there it is!! looks great, love the big freezer drawer. it's very similar to the one we had in our katy house, except we had one fridge door and not two. bet you are enjoying it!!!

Nita said...

Linda, what a nice will enjoy the freezer drawer...but I can't be sure it's yours
until I see it all dressed up!