Thursday, May 27, 2010

All DRESSED up and no place to go!!

The fridge is all dressed up!! Hope it does not plan to go anywhere for a LONG time!!

I tried to weed out excess magnets.....and I did manage to throw out about OK! EXACTLY 5!

This is my 'Grandchildren Section'.......could not throw out ANY of these!

And this section is favorite pics of my kids and a couple of Louis Dean and me.....had to keep ALL of these!

This is the bottom area where I thought I would let the GK's arrange things and display their art work during MiMi Camp! The 3 magnets on the lower right side of the pic used to be Amber and Benjamin's favorites when they were little! HAD to keep these!!

So, yeah, I pretty much 'junked up' my pretty new refrigerator! Now it fits in with the rest of the house!


Tennis Girl said...

It is your house, so you do what makes you happy there. That is how I see it, anyway. I love that you have all your pictures around you :)

Linda Chapman said...

Thanks, Robin! I nearly didn't post the 'dressed fridge'....but I do love my memorabilia!

Texas Tales from Scotland said...

well you probably have one of the most unique fridges!!! so glad yall got it moved in ok and that it fit.