Thursday, May 27, 2010

All DRESSED up and no place to go!!

The fridge is all dressed up!! Hope it does not plan to go anywhere for a LONG time!!

I tried to weed out excess magnets.....and I did manage to throw out about OK! EXACTLY 5!

This is my 'Grandchildren Section'.......could not throw out ANY of these!

And this section is favorite pics of my kids and a couple of Louis Dean and me.....had to keep ALL of these!

This is the bottom area where I thought I would let the GK's arrange things and display their art work during MiMi Camp! The 3 magnets on the lower right side of the pic used to be Amber and Benjamin's favorites when they were little! HAD to keep these!!

So, yeah, I pretty much 'junked up' my pretty new refrigerator! Now it fits in with the rest of the house!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It is your house, so you do what makes you happy there. That is how I see it, anyway. I love that you have all your pictures around you :)

Linda said...

Thanks, Robin! I nearly didn't post the 'dressed fridge'....but I do love my memorabilia!

Amber said...

well you probably have one of the most unique fridges!!! so glad yall got it moved in ok and that it fit.