Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Santa Paintings!

I KNOW! It is NOT Christmas or anywhere NEAR Christmas! However, I am working on the Santa Painting for this year and thought I would show the ones I have done in years past. I want to paint a Santa for a 'little girl' I saw grow up here in the neighborhood. She moved away to Arkansas during her teen years and is now totally grown up and married with a new home! I am asking her to choose WHICH Santa she would like for me to paint her. I did one of the 'Old World' ones for her mom years ago. Each Santa turns out a little different even when you try to make them look alike. I will start with the one for 2010 since I am painting 2 of these (actually THREE!)

He is not quite finished yet and the other even more so....

This was last year's Santa.....If I had it to do again I would only paint the SANTA part....
This one was for 2007...I could NOT get a good pic of it! I do remember I enjoyed painting it!

I painted 2 Santas in 2007....perhaps because I missed 2008!
This Happy Santa was painted in 2006.....he is small 8 X 10 but could be painted larger as well.

2005 Santa....and my name then was Davis instead of Chapman! I especially like this one and he is BIG!

I skipped a few years....this jolly red Santa was the project in 2000.
This was my very FIRST Santa! He was on a cardboard gift box and I just fell in love with him! This was 1994 and for several years I continued to paint him as gifts for friends and family. Each of my children have their very OWN 'Old World' Santa in their very OWN homes! I think he is my favorite!


Marie LeJeune said...

I love all your santa paintings! I remember mom taking classes with you and painting the last one.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

They are all wonderful, but Santa in the sleigh is my pick :) I didn't realize you were sort of a newlywed :) I have only been married 9 yrs this June.

Amber said...

i love them all!!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my tabletop. I will be glad to be back to the cape house, where I have all my personal dishes and things. :)
I hope you are making progress on the damage control. :)


Unknown said...

I never realized you painted the Santa's. What talent! I cannot imagine how anyone can do that. You have quite a talent so let's see more down the line.