Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oops.... I did it AGAIN!!

Another late night   early morning (1:30!) run to Whataburger! The evening started out just fine....after art class we settled in the gazebo for an evening glass of wine and some catch up writing in my journal. Just about the time we were thinking of heading off to bed I realized I had not watered my flowers/ I proceeded to do just that in the back area. We then sat out in the front yard while I gave everything out there a good drink.  One of us.....OK! OK!! I said how good a hamburger, french fries and onion rings would taste and before we could change our minds we had flung ourselves in the car and headed down MacArthur to I635 to the WHATABURGER!!! And they WERE!!! Louis Dean ordered the biggest one they had  and a JR. Whataburger for me. We split the fries and onion rings......and to be healthy we drank water!! (smile) By the time we got home we were SO ready for sleep.....and SLEEP we did!! Like a couple of teenagers! We did not wake up til nearly NOON today! And as of 2 pm when I am writing this......we are STILL full! I am glad it doesn't take much to give us a thrill of adventure! Even if it is just a late night Whataburger run!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

So cute. You two have the best fun :)

Connie said...

Sounds like fun.
What's a whataburger ? Everything on it, I bet.

Thanks for stopping over and especially glad you were able to get through. Have a good weekend. Hopefully, it will warm up and we will have some sun.

MadSnapper said...

what a difference 10 years makes, this is the shortest post i have ever seen on your blog and only 2 comments not 200. ha ha... i can tell you i have never done this, and have not been up at 1:30 am or even midnight more that 4 times in my life.