Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Family Dinner Day!

Though she be but little she is fierce

Granddaughter Crystal (Sherry's daughter) has this sign in one of the rooms of her gorgeous home!
Sherry said she has had it for years and I think it describes Crystal perfectly.
As her name is - so is her love for all things 'crystal!'

Love is another word that describes this amazing young lady.
She dearly loves her people and her dogs.....and surrounds herself with all manner of things to love.

Gardening is one of her loves and she has quickly developed into a gifted one, indeed.
Look how BIG their place is!!

Here Crystal is giving us a tour of her Butterfly Way Station.
She told us a story of how a neighbor found people walking around in her yard, taking pictures and admiring the landscaping - thinking this was a community park!

She not only gardens and collects but she can cook and host with the very best!

People were talking and laughing and smiling all day.

It's a perfect floor plan for entertaining a large group.

Sherry's parents, siblings, nieces and nephews and more were all there today.
If you had a dog, they were welcome, too!

Many of the younger people spent several hours in the pool this afternoon.
I took my two new suits for Ruth Ann and me.....but the Arctic cold weather had knocked out the pool/hot tub heater and it is on back order. We decided to wait until that comes in!

Lots of seating space.....including three tables set up out in what I would call 'the meadow.'

Louis Dean's favorite room in the house is the master bathroom!

You know how he loves to take bubble baths!!

Next to that was the den or living room.
Everything is dog friendly here. 
Crystal keeps super soft, attractive, comfortable throws on the furniture so when I put my head on a pillow in Louis Dean's lap and stretched out for a quick nap, Rufus was laying at my feet.

It was a wonderful relaxing day.

I could fill a photo album with all the pics I took today.....

I took my plate out to the patio and sat for a few minutes.

Roy and Ruth Ann picked us up this morning.....they arrived at 9:30.....

and they took us home this evening around 5:00.
They live in Breckenridge, Texas now that Roy has retired.
Ruth Ann is the sister of Louis Dean's beloved first wife, Ellen.
He's known her since she was 15 years old!

We are making plans to meet up soon in Mineral Wells!

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed getting to see Sherry's parents and visit with them a little bit.
They are retired and spend their summers up North doing church builds and will be heading that way next week.

I think I am going to aim for an early bedtime tonight.
Two trays of Texas Trash is cooling and two more trays are in the oven baking.
As soon as they are done, I think I will be, too!

Happy Mother's Day!!


LC said...

Thanks for a lovely visit to the welcoming home and outdoor spaces! Thanks for taking us along on your visit.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful home. Sounds like you had a great day.

Vee said...

Crystal certainly has a beautiful home and garden. How nice that she opens her home and practices hospitality so effortlessly. I loved seeing you and Ruthann back together again. I know that you have missed her.

MadSnapper said...

not only does her yard look like a park, her home is what I would call a castle. so beautiful and she is so gifted.. the perfect home for entertaining your large family and all at one time... Happy Mothers day and I love that dogs are welcome

Luann said...

Please tell Ruth Anne hello from me. She is looking so healthy and good. Breckenridge agrees with her. Crystal has a beautiful home. What a nice celebratory day! So glad you got to see Roy and Ruth Anne. I know you miss your bestie and she you. Catch up time is always the best! Love you Sis. Happy Mothers Day

Changes in the wind said...

What a wonderful party and place to have it! Happy Mother's Day to you.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Mother's Day! sandie♥

Debbie said...

beautiful family time...i LOVE the sign!! happy mothers day, i hope you have a wonderful day!!

Carole said...

Happy Mothers and Grandmothers Day. Cheers

Deb said...

Hi Linda. You always seem to be having such a good time! I am so glad. I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day. See you again soon.