Saturday, May 15, 2021

Friday Highlights and Saturday Photo of My Handsome Husband.....and a song.....

 Our Tabitha dearly loves winding around and around and then stuffing herself into this small basket on the baby grand piano! I even took the decorations out of the other larger basket if that would be more comfortable for her.

Evidently not.

Pam (Reaoma's daughter) came for a visit Saturday afternoon.....I may have bribed her with the promise of food! She brought me a Mother's Day gift that means a lot to me as it was her mother's.
I don't have a pic of it yet but it's a bird feeder made of glass in plates, platters, a cobalt blue and white vase, and a blue wine bottle and another glass vase.
I just need Louis Dean to get me a metal rod to use as a stake and it will go in the flower bed around the back pond!

It was my special day for visitors!
Benjamin arrived next and stayed for a couple of hours......once again, I may have bribed him with the promise of Texas Trash and a good plate lunch of home cooking.
I don't see Benjamin very often as he works a lot in addition to going to school.
He is a Business Specialist Manager with TIAA as well as an entrepreneur - all centered around finance. I am enormously proud of him and we had a great visit. He is the jewel in my crown as the son of my old age....he's only 33 years old.

Shortly after he left, Summer and Rayne arrived to spend the night!

Rayne came in carrying this huge bouquet of sunflowers!!

They are gorgous!
Summer said they were at Tom Thumb picking up a few things and Rayne saw them, nodded.....and said, "Mummers!!! Bella LOVES sunflowers!" And so I DO!!!

Rayne searched for a bicycle before she left Puerto Rico and she found a used one at the right price here in the DFW area so Summer picked it up and had it in her van when they arrived from Puerto Rico.
Kids have radar when it comes to finding other kids to play with and these two cute boys are regular visitors at their uncle's house across the street from us.

It was fun to sit out and watch my granddaughter show off on her bike and this brought back so many memories of me sitting in this very same front yard back when Summer and Jesse were young - both born in the 60's - and later I watched Amber and Benjamin who were born in the 80's!

We had a busy Friday night doing all sorts of things!

Rayne had her first sewing lesson on my Bernia.

We made bowl cozies......

using a tropical print perfect for a beach lover like Ryane who lives on an island!

This child LOVES my pumpkin muffins and this time SHE helped make them!

If it's Friday night that means popcorn, movie and coke......

and PIZZA!!!
Summer ordered this and as soon as it arrived we were scarfing it down!
Those cinnamon things were SOOOOO good!!!!

I went to bed so very happy!
My day had been chock full of loved ones and all things good.

Today (Saturday) has been a homemaking kind of day.....laundry and housework and yardwork....
and a nice long nap! Summer and Rayne left this morning so I had all day to piddle.

Louis Dean is itching to find a group to play music with and went over to the rec centers to see if they had anything like that going on. Covid ended the groups that we used to have.
He had just returned when Summer called and said she had left a box of things in the guest room....

He offered to take it to her (she is at Amber's) and so he did.
Summer snapped this pic of him and the 5 young grands.
I treasure seeing them all together like this.

She also sent me this one that she had cropped.
My goodness! Louis Dean looks like a movie star!!

This evening he has been singing to me while I write my journal entry.
For some reason I can't upload the super short video I took to my laptop......but I could post it to Facebook from my phone.

Copying the link was the best I could do.

Sherry is flying into DFW tomorrow morning from Minnesota after driving her parents up there in their RV. We will be taking her home and are looking forward to a brief visit at the ranch!!

In closing, I am sharing something that really stirred my soul this morning during my Quiet Time.
It spoke to me and maybe it will speak to you, too.


Bluebird49 said...

Loved all the pictures! Rayne has grown so and she is darling. I hope Louis Dean can find somebody to play music with, it is a lot of fun!
The shining star writing was really pretty. I think you are certainly one. 💕

Bluebird49 said...
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Ginny Hartzler said...

I love this devotional! What devotonal book do you read? This is a wonderful photo of Louis Dean...or is it Clark Gable...We loved "We Bought A Zoo"!! Phil has been distracted by the fact that bikes do not have fenders anymore, and why is that? As a boy, he could never ride a bike with no fenders.

Debbie said...

i can see how this article would speak to you and have great meaning for you!! your sunflowers are gorgeous, the perfect choice for you!!

i have been looking for movies for nighttime, i will try this one. i hope you had some of your texas trash with your popcorn!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What happy times spending time with your family! What a blessing!

MadSnapper said...

You had a wonderful, fabulous, marvelous day with all your family. love the pic of the five grands and LD does look like a movie star and his hair looks wonderful. the video played perfectly on FB. You truly had a blessed day .Yay for a trip to your OTHER home. or make that Country Home. I know Rayne enjoyed the sewing and cooking with you... yum on the muffins.

Changes in the wind said...

You are gifted to have the ability to make each and everyone feel special. Loved all the pictures and yes LD does look like a movie star.

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

What a lovely post starting with your kitty Tabitha! I love that she chose the smallest basket- they definitely have a mind of their own, don’t they? So sweet and adorable.

What a sweet blessing to have a visit from your son and then your granddaughter - looks like you made the visit extra special and fun!

Also, what a nice way to end the post with a devotional. God’s Blessings to you! Net

photowannabe said...

Oh Linda, your devo reading is so good...that we could all be a shining light in the darkness.
You have had such a wonderful few days with lots of love being showered down on you. Bask in it!
Man, that husband of yours is quite the Looker...Movie Star for sure...Lucky you!!

Robyn said...

Hi Linda,
Sounds like it's been a great few days with so many visitors.. I miss having my family around...Your son sounds like a very intelligent young man.. Your granddaughter is a beautiful young lady.. What great memories she'll have of cooking with her grandma.. And yes, Louis Dean is a handsome man for sure. You are truly blessed Linda