Wednesday, May 12, 2021

My Rayne Roo!!!

Rayne is BACK in Texas for the summer and I saw her today!!

She's been on my mind today and I knew it was just about time to see her.
They've been here in Texas awhile but went straight to a 'river house' to quarantine before seeing more family and friends.
I'm in the process of printing into books all my blog posts from when I started Linda's Life Journal in 2010. I did so many posts that it takes at least four volumes - one for every season - for each year, except for the first year which only took two.
The pic above was from October 2014......and I have had so much fun today looking back over that year. Rayne was just 7 years old.....

And now here she is today about to celebrate her 11th birthday in a few weeks.
Note her classy Cowboy hat!! AND she was wearing really cool boots, too!

We all met up at the Bell Kids' hockey game this evening!
Rayne was so happy to see them and they were super pumped to have her and Sabrina and another friend there to cheer them on - in addition to her parents and us!

It was so much fun having all my younger grands together again.....
I love stroking their hair and looking at their sweet faces.
We lingered long after the game and visited for awhile.
I will be seeing more of Rayne and Sabrina while they are here - but this first visit tonight was truly special.

They went on to Babe's Chicken to eat tonight and I think they had a great time!
Look at that cute cowgirl on a horse with her rifle!
See her fancy boots?

Summer is rocking her cowgirl look, too!!

Thank you for the prayers for my daughter......
they are so appreciated.
Her pain level is faring as well as can be expected - one of the most stressful things Summer deals with is the loss of her so much.....nearly everything. All she has worked for over the years. Her career, her income, her health, her home, her possessions. She has lost nearly everything and is still struggling to get on disability. Summer has worked in the insurance industry since she was 18 years old and had reached a level of success to be proud of when all the physical problems and health issues came to a head nearly 5 years ago.

I think it's only normal to 'lose it' every once on awhile when you are dealing with so much over such  a long period of time.

Let's all hang in there together!!


Bluebird49 said...

Summer looks great, but she "fronts" well. I'll be praying she will recover in every way what she has lost, Sweetie! So glad you've seen so much of your family. Your Mother's Day gift was fantastic!
Ed and Kristi, David and Kaw will move in 2-3 weeks to Dothan, Alabama. Ed's already there for his new job, which he loves. I'll have to get more up to travel, huh!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Summer is surely a strong survivor!! She will be there for the summer? I hope you will have many fun and memorable times together! You have changed your background. It looks pretty and kind of Victorian.

Vee said...

You know, I was perfectly willing to accept the first photo as a current one. Course, I can't prevent Rayne from growing up nor would I want to. She makes a great cowgirl.

Summer is a hoot. I was so sorry to catch up and learn that things have not been great. Praying for good answers all the way around. God knows and He cares.

So fun to see the kids all together again. It's going to be a fun summer.

Deanna Rabe said...

Rayne and my oldest grand Kamryn are the same age! Kamryn will be 11 in June! It's crazy how fast they grow.

I'll keep praying for Summer. I have pain issues and I know how hard it can be.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be praying she get some help with disability. She is certainly in need of it and can't work with that pain. I hope things turn around for her in the future. It's wonderful to have family together. The kids will always remember those fun times together. Hope you get to see a lot of them.

MadSnapper said...

Prayers for Summer's pain and the pain of dealing with the govt. Rayne is beautiful and I love the shot of the quads with her, they are all so grown up now.. that is a huge task printing your blog

MimiG said...

Continuing prayers for Summer - she is a brave, strong woman, just like her momma. Rayne will help just by being close. What a beautiful child!!
Enjoy all the visits you can put into these summer days.

photowannabe said...

Such a beautiful family you have. I'm so sorry for all the pain Summer is going through but she "soldiers on" so well.
I'm glad you are there for her too.
Good luck on your blog printing. I just had my 2020 book printed. Really happy with how it turned out. It's precious to me and I hope it will be to my kids after I'm gone. Now I have printed 2010 through 2020. Its so fun to go back and see what I wrote in those first years of blogging.

Carole said...

HOping things improve soon for Summer. Cheers


Just lovely grands-
tell Summer to hang in there--it took me 10 years to win my disability case--but then they had to pay me back for those 10 years--keep the faith!
luv, di