Thursday, May 26, 2016

Celebrating a QUAD Wednesday and a CLEAN Bedroom!!! I'm Nearly 'Back!'

Amber promised us last week that she would bring the quads over this Wednesday and she was true to her word. It had been 10 days since I had seen them and I swear they had grown and changed at least a wee little bit!!!

We got up in time to shower and dress and prepare for their arrival!!!
Louis Dean made a big batch of his goulash for lunch and had it all ready to serve!

I asked the quads where they wanted to eat! Dining room or the side deck?
Three out of four voted for the dining room!
Good call!!


We all put our hands in our laps before mealtime!
This gives everyone a chance to get settled before prayer - including the adults.
Kailey had to tell Grandma to put HER hands in her lap! And so she did!!


I just could NOT get enough of looking at them!!!


We are ALL getting excited about their upcoming birthday!!!!


Trissy knows they are turning four so she didn't have to say it!


Dinosaur cookies by Sugar Coma Cookies for dessert!

We had a great lunch and then I told the kids they could go in my bedroom and pick out any pillow they wanted for nap time in the den! Kailey brought a Beatrix Potter book so we had TWO stories before we settled down to sleep. 

Trystan was the first to go to sleep and the first to wake up!!
That gave us some special one on one time!

These kids love all tea party things!!
We had a pretend party that lasted until the others woke up.

Then we four played the Tea Party Game!
Logan won FIRST and Harrison second and Trissy and I battled it out until SHE won third!!!
Kailey opted out so she could help Granddad on the walk way he was building.

He did have a captive audience!

So! Have you seen the Candace Payne Chewbacca Mask video that has given so many of us so much laughter???

I saw it on Facebook and showed Mother and we laughed and laughed!

I showed it to Louis Dean and he didn't crack a smile!
Well, I love to share funny videos with the quads so I showed it to them......

Harrison NEARLY smiled!!!
Mother was laughing again, though!!

Kailey was very concerned over my 'surgery.'

She is such a caring little girl and cautioned me to be careful!!!
I assured her I am doing just fine and will be back to normal soon!
All four kids were VERY careful to NOT step on my foot and they were very protective of me.

We ate dinner outside and feasted on Casa Taco!!!
Win! WIN! all around!!!

After we ate, we all went out to the front yard!
Nature itself is SO entertaining!!!
Harrison and Logan found some BUGS!!! Imagine THAT???

They were all fascinated with BEES!!!
You can see Mother has enjoyed all the excitement around here!


All kids everywhere love a roly poly!!!

No toys. Just nature. And a cracked and damaged driveway with loads of tiny pebbles.

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed seeing and BEING with these precious children!

Amber was here the entire time.
She is protective of me as her Kailey is!
I will be so glad to be back to normal!!
The kids were loaded up and called out "We love you!!!!" as they drove off!!!
It just doesn't get any better than that!

Louis Dean and I sat outside in the gazebo with a glass of wine for the first time since my surgery.
It was wonderful!

I slept so well last night - perhaps the wine?
After I woke up I lingered in bed for another hour or so. I do so love being able to do that!
Louis Dean had bought a handful of movies yesterday and he thought he had a keeper for us to watch this morning!

Indeed, he DID!!!
Emperor was an excellent film from 2013.
LD recognized Matthew Fox from LOST and we both love Tommy Lee Jones!
Not often do we start our day with a movie but it worked for us today!
Afterwards we went out to the gazebo for our normal 'morning routine' before going back to the den for lunch and an episode of The Alaskan Bush People!

Around 3:00 this afternoon I girded my loins with strength and headed to our bedroom to CLEAN!

I started in one corner of the bedroom and worked my way around.

THIS was what I found wedged under the bedside table!
A quad baby's shoe from this winter - or last??

I worked from 3:00 this afternoon to 7:30 in
AND didn't quite finish it!
Still! Behind that corner dressing mirror is a CLEAN piece of flooring!
Walls have been wiped and I am a happy housewife!

Normally, I sleep on the left side of the bed in order to catch the coolest air when we run the attic fan.

Since surgery I have been sleeping on the right side do I can elevate my right leg on three pillows as I sleep each night.

I lit candles in celebration of a CLEAN room!!!

I keep what people can call debris, junk and stuff but in it all are small treasures!
Like these photos of Amber - age 3,  and Benjamin - age 18 months.
I look at them every day.

So! Our bedroom is ALMOST all clean!!
I will RETURN in the morning to complete the project!

We took our party out to the gazebo to celebrate with a Mimosa for Mother and me and real wine for Louis Dean!

Now we are in the den with our second featured presentation!
What a natural choice to watch after Emperor!

I may not be back to normal just yet but I am working on getting there!!!