Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My 'Vacant' House, Tuesday Treasures and Louis Dean Playing on the Roof - Again!

I've been busy cleaning the house in preparation of the Christmas Decorating which may begin as early as tomorrow! I took pictures of several rooms without ANY seasonal decorations especially for Carole at Carole's Chatter!

I started in the den and worked my way through the house!

Maybe this year I will actually finish the Christmas puzzle I've been working on since last Christmas!

The scene is set for adding the decorations!

The foyer feels empty.

No wreaths or extra debris.

Tomorrow I will rearrange that cream rocker and Louis Dean will be putting up the big tree on Thanksgiving afternoon.

I am already playing Christmas music!
This much was all done on Friday.

This morning I cleaned up the kitchen and took out any extra debris.

It will soon be transformed into a Christmas Kitchen!

To add to the ambiance, I baked up three sheets of fruitcake cookies.
They look like jewels!

The dining room is all ready for embellishing!

I had to stop working inside and went out to check on Louis Dean.
He was playing up on the roof! Again!
Our turbo vent had been wailing and he went up to replace it and then decided to blow off all the true debris from the roof and gutters!
Once he was safely down, I went off to do my Tuesday Treasures!

I made a pretty nice haul!

My best buy was the napkin rings......Lenox - brand new and in the box! Less than $5 and each box had the original tag of $30 on it! The Santa candle holders were also new in the box as was the angel tree topper. My favorite, though, was the American Atelier salad plates.... 7 for less than $5!
Plus I bought a stack of great tins for this year's batch of Texas Trash!

I stopped by and visited Reaoma before coming home.
What with my dental work and recovery and going to the ranch - it had been a few weeks since I had seen her. I would appreciate any prayers on her behalf. She still has a great attitude but her life is hard now. I have to remind myself of what a great and grand life she has lived. Reaoma is probably one of the most interesting friends I have ever had. She has lived a really BIG life and it hurts me to see her suffer so now. 

Louis Dean cooked a ham today while I was gone.
We are to take one for Thanksgiving in Fort Worth. However, he thinks this one was a bit overcooked so he is thawing a second ham and will cook it tomorrow while he bakes the dinner rolls.
Overcooked or not - it tastes delicious and that's what we are going to eat for a rather late dinner tonight!

But first - it's Wine Time on the driveway!!!
Like old times!!!