Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday in Mart, Texas - Catfish Lunch and Waco Winery and Vineyard!

It's the weekend everywhere - even in Mart and down on the ranch!
We are enjoying the slower pace here! Mornings are spent sipping coffee before we head down to let the goats out and feed the chickens. I was rewarded with another egg - this one was a pale blue!

Can you tell which one is the freshly laid egg?
The dark orange yolk on the left!
I fried up bacon and eggs paired with biscuits and gravy for breakfast!

After breakfast and chores we decided to go back to bed for a late morning nap!
I think our city bones were really tired! We have been sleeping a lot since we've been here!

We went to 'town' this afternoon in Mart! Population is about 2,500.
As small as this place is - you can find some really great places to shop and eat!
The Catfish Hut sits just as you come into town - and is across from the ever popular Dollar Store where we shop - a LOT!

Oh, my GOODNESS! This was so GOOD!
The owner sat and talked to us after we finished eating.
He grew up in Mart, left as soon as he turned 18 and has now returned in his older age.
This was some seriously delicious catfish!

I like the looks of small towns.

There's a touch of sadness here.
This vacant lot is right next to the Catfish Hut.

Today was cloudy and looked as if there could possibly be a bit of rain.
I took this pic as we were going into Reed's Grocery on Texas Dr. Alas, our grandson felt only ONE drop of rain! Only ONE!

We arrived back at the ranch with full stomachs and sleepy eyes so an afternoon nap was in order!

I slept in the girl bunk and Louis Dean dozed on the couch while our grandson was down at the house. I barely woke up in time to see the sunset.

Our Friday night entertainment was the Waco Winery and Vineyards!


Good music!!
Artist Dennis Phelps - The Piano Man!

Good wine! Tonight we all shared a bottle of Riesling!

We love this winery!!

It was a happy Friday night!



Capturing the moments!

I bought a bottle of the Mulsum which is a blend of white wine and honey in the same proportions as it was served during the reigns of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.
I buy a bottle every year to serve at my Christmas Tea.

We are back at the ranch now. Louis Dean has been out on the deck playing his guitar while I've been writing. The wind picked up and I had to help him roll up the awning and put things away just in case it does rain! I guess we have milked this Friday for all that it's worth!!!

My Facebook friend, Jacquelyn, shared this Texas photo on my page this evening and I just love it!
Good night, folks!