Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rainy Days and a Monday....

Sunday was a Day of Rest for me.
Louis Dean took himself off to the Cowboy Church and I was right where he left me when he got home. In bed!

Notice how handsome he looks in his 'church' clothes!
See? He does wear something other than overalls from time to time.
I ended up staying in bed all day long.
It must have had a stomach bug or something.

Dean and Sherry called me and we chatted a little while.
It was so good to hear their voices.
I'm truly disappointed we are not going to the ranch this month....and we already missed September.

They sent this video to me. They were at the back of the property watching the bonfire and I loved hearing the night sounds from the country.
I said all that was missing was a coyote howling and Dean said they had been doing that a few minutes earlier.

I didn't think I would sleep much last night since I had spent so much of the day in bed but I did.
It was good sleeping weather!
The rain continued all night long and the temps steadily dropped.
Yesterday was 79 degrees.
This morning it was 44!

We were not surprised to find the den wet again this morning.
Louis Dean had kept the shop vac in there since we knew we would be sucking up more water if it continued to rain. Alas, it was wet over by the organ!
I'm just leaving things up on the couch until the weather dries up - which doesn't look to be anytime soon.

I was feeling more like myself today.
Louis Dean helped me tie the quilt I've been working on.

I love that about him - he is game to do just about anything I ask him to!
His hands are stronger than mine and pulling that big needle through the layers of denim, batting and backing was not easy for me. I decided to use black embroidery thread from Ellen's sewing box.
Louis Dean and I talked about Ellen and how strange it is that inanimate objects sometimes last far longer than the people they belonged to. I think it's important to be able to talk and for Louis Dean to share his happy memories of life with his beloved Ellen. 

The quilt is done!!
I used a duvet cover for the backing and I was happy with the way it turned out.
All ready to take with me when I go to Arizona next week!
Now just one more crib quilt to make before the end of November.
After that I will need to whack up a whole new batch of jeans and cut out some more squares because my stash has dwindled greatly!

Louis Dean did the cooking today.
He made spaghetti and meat sauce.
While he was in the kitchen, I went outside between showers and picked a twig or two of honeysuckle and a couple of rosebuds.

The gardens are loving all this rain!

I used a tiny green Champagne bottle as a vase and put it beside our bed.

I had planned to paint while we were down at the ranch but since we're not going - 
I set up the art table. It's ready and waiting.
Tomorrow we will be going over to Quadville in the afternoon but I may start painting when we get home tomorrow evening. I'm still taking the week off from my normal activities and will use this time to get my Santas done. I am way late!
I will be using the Texas Santa painting for our Christmas cards this year.
Last year I used the Sledding Santa.
Then I have three Santa pictures - all are 16 X 20.
One is for me.
One is for the Chinese Christmas Tree in Fort Worth on Christmas morning.
One is for my annual giveaway.

If you have done giveaways on your blog - may I ask you how you do them?
Last year I wrote down every name on a piece of paper every time I received their comment.
Plus I wrote the names of those who commented on Facebook.
It was a lot of work.
Is there an easier way?

It's still raining as I write.
I'm sitting by the French doors in the sewing room.
The house smells good since we had a fire earlier while we watched Bull.
I guess it's time to blow out the candles and turn off the lights.
Louis Dean is singing and playing the guitar in his music room. 
I'll take a hot shower and put on one of the winter gowns before going to bed.
In the next few days I am going to change the bedding to flannel sheets and put the electric blanket on. Plus I need to change out my closet to fall and winter.