Thursday, November 14, 2019

Home Again!!

We are never in a big hurry to leave the ranch and today was no exception!
When I got up, Louis Dean was sitting in the bathroom area in front of that nice Dearborn heater!
Since it was COLD, he pulled another chair in for me and that's where we sat having our coffee and waking up! No one ever accused us of being 'nomal.'

We decided he should go ahead and do the repair on the water connection under the girl bunk so when come back next month, we can hook up the water direct and not have to use the pump.

While he was doing that, I stripped the bed in the bedroom and found a wet spot......the rain had seeped in along the wall.....

He had a can of Flex Seal and climbed up to see if that might fix it.
We hope it does!!

We timed our departure perfectly!
Dean was going into town to the bank so he did the gate lock honors for us.

Spur of the moment we decided to stop for a late lunch at the local DQ!
That was a great idea!

We made it home with no problems although it was dark by the time we got here.

Thankfully, the only surprises were good ones!!
My Sweet neighbor, Tamara, had left a stack of magazines for me on the porch bench....
and the new 2020 Country Diary as well as my box of Christmas cards had both come in the mail.
Best of all was the brand new Universal remote Summer programmed for us!
When I turned the TV on - guess what channel it was tuned in?
The Hallmark Christmas Channel!!!

Normally I unpack and put everything up, start the laundry and then I take a shower.
Tonight I went straight to the shower after putting up the perishables.
I did start laundry after wards but I also turned on a Christmas movie and Louis Dean sat down with me and we both watched it! Picture Perfect Christmas!
And there were special packets of hot chocolate and frozen entrees of mac and cheese in case we needed dinner - compliments of Summer!!

Without any further ado - I am going to go to bed now!
And it's not even 10:00!!!