Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Are HOME! Our Garden, Summer Update and a Visit With the Quads! We're BAAAACK!

It took all day yesterday to load up, clean up and close up the camper but we finally left about 6:30 in the evening and headed home.

We were a scruffy looking lot by that time.
My hair is driving me crazy and I can not WAIT to get Yulisa to cut it!!!
No more hair in my eyes or on my neck!

I drove the back roads from Mart to Hillsboro - roughly halfway - and we stopped for dinner at The Lone Star Cafe. The food was seriously good and we ate every bite!
Louis Dean lost nearly 10 pounds with his new exercise program - building a room! - and it will take more than one meal like this to put any of it back on!

This was on the wall of the Ladies Room and I think I will make my version of it after we get completely through with our building project and use the leftover pieces. This would look good hanging on the outside wall right next to my red screen door!
I've already been collecting all the bits and pieces of wood in a box to save. Now I know what I'm going to do with them!

WE got home about 10:00 and within 7 minutes of opening the front door - I was in the shower.
Louis Dean unloaded - which wasn't all that much since we left most of the tools and such at the ranch. Then when I got out of the shower - he got in the bathtub for a good long soak while I put the food and stuff up and started the first of many loads of laundry!
By 11:00 we had opened up the gazebo and poured a glass of wine.
We were in bed asleep before midnight!

I set my alarm this morning for 8:00 as Summer had an appointment with Dr. Kosmoski for 10:15.
I left Louis Dean sleeping and took my coffee outside to check on our garden.

I was so excited to pick a basket of produce - FRESH produce!!

I checked on my herb garden and it was beautiful!

I noticed the wild purslain was growing in the bottom right corner of the if it knew it belonged there. Tomorrow I am going to use some of it in a salad.

All cleaned up and ready for a photo op!

Everything looked good around here - thanks to Sherry, Stephanie, and Ruth Ann for watering and care taking of our place while we were gone!
Sherry even left dinner in the fridge for us! We ate it tonight!

A tiny miniature rose by the back fountain.

Canas that came from the Comanche House and holds such good memories for Louis Dean.
They were from Ellen's mother and grandmother and Louis Dean treasures them.

I finished my coffee and got dressed. Make up and hair plus nice clothes instead of wearing a hat and comfy old things. I do love being at the ranch.

I don't look near this good down there - and I am okay with that!!
My sweet Summer.

Her appointment went well. We all love Dr. Kosmoski!
Her surgery was a success and the pain she continues to have is due to the piriformis.
From Facebook Posts today:
I'm hanging in there. The back surgery was a huge success. Still struggling with the piriformis issue. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, much appreciated!

Bless your heart if you are struggle with piriformis issues. Pain takes a toll on the body. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Louis Dean was a happy camper this morning!
Summer gave him an early Father's Day gift - Willie Nelson's new CD release....

I cannot TELL you how excited Louis Dean was over that!!!

Here.......see for yourselves!!

He LOVED it!!!
Summer is such a trouper!
 She had surgery on her hand on Tuesday. She's set to leave for Puerto Rico where she will stay for six weeks.....and yet she remembered Louis Dean and Father's Day.
Plus she gave her doctor a framed photo I'd taken from one of her visits.
I didn't see it but I hope it was the one where she hugged him and cried because he had given her such relief. On September 19, 2016 - she was napping on the sofa in her office. She turned over and two things happened simultaneously......the first - the muscles that were holding her spine in place (due to a birth defect) snapped. At the same time - the piriformis muscle snapped as well - on both side of her hips. Praise God she is dealing with only ONE pain issue now......even though that is an extremely difficult one.

This afternoon we were off to see the Quad Squad graduate form Pre K!

After the ceremony, there was a celebration complete with cake!
Notice Louis Dean's empty plate!

Kailey was loving her granddad being there!

Harrison took my phone and my photo!

I love this little Logan was a tired little girl!

I'll share pics of the ceremony tomorrow......they were adorable!!
Afterward, we went over to Quadville to see the kids new swing set.

I LOVE this set of pics......
Logan is standing on a small stool that Amber meant for them to use to reach the trapeze......

instead they use it to JUMP up to it!!!!

Success!!! That Logan is going to be a great gymnast - we just know it!!

The last time we had see the quads was Thursday - two weeks ago!
It was time to come home!