Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rest and Recovery!!! Our Quad Wednesday and the Day After.....

Our Wednesday started off a little earlier and ran a little later than normal.
Amber is away for a few days enjoying her third annual Quad Mom Trip so we stepped up to the plate for an extra few hours!

The very first thing we did was sort the large platter of shells I bought recently at a Goodwill!!!
When Logan was looking at them last Sunday and found the green glass frog - it scared her!
She was quick to point it out to her siblings so they would not be frightened!!!
The kids were MOST fascinated by the starfish so we had a little nature lesson.
Did you know that starfish eat and poop the very same way? By turning their stomachs inside out???
They eat and poop out of the same hole!
While that may not be all that interesting to YOU, let me assure you - kids LOVE to know stuff like this!!!
Also you can cut up a starfish into pieces and each piece will grow into another complete starfish!!!!

After that we decided to go for a little walk around the block!
The weed flowers were another point of interest!!
I need to study up on those!!!

We stopped to admire all the pretty flowers on our way around the corner to visit a dear neighbor.

It was her birthday and the kids wanted to say Happy Birthday to her.
They practiced all the way!
This is the sweet neighbor that did a gardening project with them earlier this spring.
They each have a healthy spider plant hanging on the back porch of their house, thanks to Tamara!!!
Harrison remembered the yummy snacks she served and mentioned that on the way up the driveway!
Lunch was not far away so I cautioned him against asking for snacks since we were just stopping by for a minute and not even going inside the house!
They were wonderful and wished her a very happy birthday and we were back on our walk within minutes!!!

Love this kids!!! The fact that they are so well behaved makes all the difference in us being able to take care of them like we do! Hats off to their parents!!!!

Granddad was working outside so they wanted to work, too!!

We managed to get a little mud on our feet but that was no problem!

Lunch is served!!!
Grilled hot dogs! Isn't that one of the best smells in the whole world??

Granddad ate his share!!!
While I cleaned up after lunch, the kids chose the books they wanted to read and Granddad put down the blankets in the den. Nap time is at least two hours and more like two and a half.  They don't actually sleep all this time but they have quiet time until  I get in there and then I read and then we all nap! We read the first chapter of  'On the Banks of Plum Creek!'


After naps I had NO structured plans or agenda!!!
The kids were allowed to just free play and they had such a good time! They played 'Cat' where they followed me around meowing and rubbing up against my legs. They played house in the alcove of my sewing room using the sewing machine cabinet door to portion off their 'house!'
They picked up twigs and threw them over the fence. Sorry, Stephanie. I didn't think you would mind! They were small twigs and thrown with very little force. Still, Louis Dean made them throw them over the gate into the front yard instead!

I prepared supper and we ate outside once again.
The kids LOVE eating on the deck so we do that when possible.
The small chairs fit them perfectly!

We took them home for baths and bedtime and I am happy to report they were in bed by 9:00.
We left as soon as Mike arrived and were home and I was in bed by 10:00!!!!
And that's where I stayed for the next 16 hours!!!!

Can you believe it????
I didn't SLEEP that long but I just was NOT ready to get up and put my feet on the floor and do grown up things like cooking and cleaning. So I didn't. I didn't even make up the bed!
I DID empty the dishwasher and wipe the counters whisking everything back in order.
I prepared plates of leftovers for our lunch, played Scrabble and Words With Friends and totally RESTED and recovered. We give it our all on Wednesdays so Thursday is our time when we make no plans and just recover!!!

As I was browsing through Facebook, I lingered long over this photo my step son posted of the front pasture at the ranch. Oh, how I long to BE THERE!!! Soon, I hope!!!! Very soon!!!

My sister, Luann, posted this photo of the Swiss Pastry Shop located in Fort Worth, Texas.
She knows how much I love apricot pie and they have started making them again!!!

My main accomplishment today was filling out the final Medicaid forms and I DID it!!!
They are all but ready to put in the mail!!!
As the quads say, "Let's DO this thing!!!"

I sat out an admired the work Louis Dean has been doing in the back yard.
He is so close to getting the gazebo up I can hardly stand it!
But rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow and he had some things he had to do before that happens. So much 'stuff' is outside and he has to secure it with tarps or putting lids on tubs and barrels and such. We are a work in progress but we ARE making progress!!!

So goodnight from me to you!
I'm returning to normal life in the morning!!!