Saturday, December 16, 2017

At the Ranch! Day #2 - Goats, Pumpkins and Old Houses! A Rainy Saturday!

Ranch Day #2! 
Louis Dean is my Knight in Shining Armor!

We brought all our fall pumpkins down to share with the goats.

They love them!

Makes me want to buy MORE pumpkins next fall!

BBQ loved his!

We did our morning Critter Chores and then my sweet husband did our laundry.

How could I love this man any more than I do??

I think hanging up the laundry is one of THE most romantic things! 
Sometimes we forget the beauty and meaning of  our sweethearts doing the little things.
Those mean the most......

This afternoon I went to town. To Mart. By way of the back roads.

I saw so many beautiful abandoned houses......

and wondered at the history......

sweet memories? or bad ones?

I'll never know.

So many.....

Who lived here? Does anyone ever return and remember?

Maybe. Maybe not.

One after another.......

all on the same road......

Probably not the best part of it was then and now.

Still, I want to think there were some happy stories in some of these homes.

I think there MUST have been! Happy memories, I mean!

All these homes are on this one road.....

I made my trip to 'town'.....aka Mart!
I shopped the Dollar Store on Texas Avenue in Mart, where I picked up goodies for the Christmas Snappers for our Christmas Eve Family Gathering as well as coffee and dish soap and toilet paper. The Dollar Store in Mart has everything you need!!!
After I got 'home' - which is what we call our camper when we are down here.....
I unloaded and we did our Critter Chores early.
It had been sprinkling earlier but it began to seriously rain.
ALL the critters were ready to come in! Goats. Ducks! They headed for the pen as soon as they SAW me! I didn't even have to shake the feed jar! The chickens were all roosting in each pen so all I had to do was shut the doors. Easy Peasy!

Tonight I painted to the sound of the rain on our tin roof!
I finished the second 'Chimney Santa' - as I do two of most of my Santa paintings.
Then I finished  the first of two of the Christmas Barn ones.
This one is mine to keep. Tomorrow I will finish  the one for the Chinese Christmas Tree in Fort Worth on Christmas Morning.

We finished up our Country Saturday Night with this movie!
It's not even 8:30 and we are ready for bed.
It seems to get earlier every night!
And it is still raining.