Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stick Horses and a Tea Party! Wednesday With the Quads!

We were waiting for the quads to arrive Wednesday morning!
I absolutely LOVE the way these babies love their Mommy!!!

They know she will be back so they have no problem with her leaving - although one or the other of them will say, "Where is Mommy?" We tell them whatever is going on and they are satisfied. 

Telling Mommy bye!
These are secure children knowing their mommy and daddy love them and will come back for them!

I needed to take some things out to the camper so the quads decided to go in and explore!

Things are just their size in there!!


Their first visit inside the camper!
NOT their last, I am certain!!!


Granddad was telling Kailey how we lived in this camper while they were tiny little babies so we could be with their mommy and daddy and help take care of them!

The kids love to play outside and the Texas weather is just perfect for that right now!
I bought this small pink stick horse at the Goodwill and now the quads can ride two by two!


They DO know the meaning of sharing and taking turns!

Lots to do at MeeMaw's and Granddad's!!!
They love to play in the sand or the dirt with FORKS!!
I dug some extra ones out of the camper so we have plenty to go around!

In this nice weather, we leave the French doors open - both in the kitchen as well as the sewing room. Our back door is open too so this allows the kids to go in and out at will.
The front door is locked and the back is well fenced and locked up tight!

I had come in to check on lunch and spied these two little girls snuggled up in Lucy's minky dog bed!
They are so imaginative and creative!!!

Lunch was especially good Wednesday.
Louis Dean's homemade chicken pot pies with a dab of cranberry sauce, my dilly bits (oyster crackers baked like croutons with dill and seasonings), canned peaches and Cool Whip and Peach Crisps from their Aunt Nita.

I added a salad of tomatoes, onions and cucumbers with Italian dressing and seasonings for us.

Meals work out so well here on the kitchen deck. Their little feet touch the floor and the bench is THE perfect height!

This was a sweet moment between Kailey and Logan.

Naps follow lunch and that is my salvation.
At 66 and Louis Dean at 78 - we don't have the stamina and endurance we once had.
Without a good nap period, we would be in trouble!!
I darken the den and they each get one of four matching pillows Aunt Nita gave me.
I drape a cloth over the lamp I am reading by and turn on the A/C or fan. I am a big believer in sleeping in the DARK and with NOISE!

We are now in Farmer Boy and the kids can tell you the name of the book. I think it is the drone of my voice that puts them to sleep. Soon enough they will be hanging on every chapter of these Little House books. Just as Amber and Ben did. This leather bound volume of the first five books was my Christmas gift to Louis Dean and will be read over and over again!

After naps? TEA TIME!!!

Each one had their very own pitcher to pour their very own tea!!

They were so excited!


Tea Party!!!

Put all six of us in the gazebo and we pretty much fill it up!

Up next - ART!!!

This day we did watercolor to make book marks.
After they painted the paper, I spritzed it with water and they sprinkled salt over it,
When it dried I scraped it off - what I COULD!! They were a little heavy handed with the salt!!
It still left a nice design.


They had fun!

Lots of play on Wednesday!

Louis Dean shelled pecans and watched them play while I got dinner ready.


THIS is my favorite video of the day!!!
Playing after dinner!


End of day!

I am trying to journal BEFORE midnight and am just barely able to squeak in under the hour!!
I will catch up with Thursday on FRIDAY!!!