Sunday, December 4, 2022

Cats, Decorating for Christmas and Movies I've Never Seen Before.....

 Samantha and Tabitha are loving the extra debris everywhere these days!

Tabitha is having a great time investigating the tree in the living room.
This is the only one fully decorated!

Both kitties get into the busiest of settings and still do much less damage than Louis Dean on any given day. ( He's knocked two paintings WITH the frames off the hall wall today alone.) No all gets put back in place. 

They have made the den table their headquarters this weekend as that's the room with the biggest mounds of it is the last room inside the house to decorate.
The days are numbered until this room is a done deal!

Friday night after the Dolly Parton Christmas Show - we weren't quite ready to go to bed so we scrolled down the list of movies and TV programs I had recorded.

We chose this one!

It had me when I saw Sam Elliot was in it - back when he was young and beautiful!
He is now old but still beautiful! IF you ask me!

What a great movie!!
WHY have I not seen that before?

Saturday was all about the sewing room and I finished it!
Or at least pretty much.

The tree is not decorated yet - I am holding out for Trystan to come over and do this but their schedule hasn't worked out yet. No worries. I can wait.

The white dresser is new this year and is the one I bought from Summer and holds all my cookbooks.
It was fun to decorate! I'm loving the red/black and white.
There's still a wreath waiting for lights and ornaments......

The sewing room is like my 'work' room.
I write and sew and craft in here.

There's still more than a dozen stockings to make before Christmas and once the decorating is all done - I will be on it!

The Holly Jolly metal sign was from my Tuesday Treasures this week with Brenda.

The sewing room is on the other side of the kitchen sink area.

I have a tub or two of Snowmen decorations but I seldom use them anymore.
This one was given to Amber by my mother.

Saturday night my neighbors (Jim and Tamara) sent me a text that A Christmas Story was on TV......

Another movie I have never seen!

Now I understand the Christmas lamp in their window!

I wonder what other significant movies I have missed?
It's a surprise to me that I haven't seen these before as I do love a good movie!

So.....what is YOUR favorite movie?
Christmas or not.......