Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Last Weekend of August!

This was the very last week end in August!!! It was a GOOD one!!

We drove over to Dallas and I ordered the wallpaper for the dining room and I LOVE it!!!
It's hard to get the photo color right but it is PRETTY!

I matched it up with the gray color I am using to paint the paneling on the lower walls.
It has enough gray to to connect the two as well as some LIGHT and it has the warmth I was looking for! Not that you will see much paper after it's hung on the walls. I have LOTS of things hanging and, while I will be redoing some of the arrangements, they will still be BUSY walls!!!

I loved the feel of an old fashioned Saturday!
I am also grateful that Louis Dean is feeling so much better these days!!!
Back when he was ailing, he would shop Sam's for me but I had to unload everything when he got home. That's in the past and I am getting spoiled all over again!

We watched two good movies on Saturday!

 One before errands ......

and one after!

Along about 7:00 we were at The Texas Musicians Museum right here in Irving!

It was perfect weather to sit out and listen to some live country music.
My blogging friend, Debbie from Ladybug From Texas invited us and we had such a nice time!

They have a small cafe inside with some delicious sandwiches as well as soft drinks, beer and wine.

It was a lovely way to spend a late summer Saturday night!

As we were leaving, I met up with some dear friends from years and years ago!!
I have dinner party plans now!
That's TWO couples from the past that are now in our present!

Sunday was a wonderful day that started with church service.
We drive over to Dallas because that's where Amber and Mike and the quads go and I love being members of the same church!

I had prepped dinner last night so it was ready to pop in the oven and fry up in the pan!
We sent the parents out for some free time together and we just enjoyed being with the kids!

Salmon croquettes, Company mashed potatoes, green peas and candied carrots!

I even baked a sour cream pound cake last night!

We had thin slices for dessert and saved plenty to have at our tea party later!

The kids are getting so big now!!
It is SO much easier to do everything with them!
They willingly settled right into their beds for their afternoon naps!
They all want me to sleep with them and with FOUR - well, I just can't choose ONE!
SO - I left their bedroom doors open and fixed a pallet with a pillow from Kailey and a cover from Harrison and I napped on the floor between their rooms.
It was 2:38 when I checked the time on my phone and at 4:28 we all seemed to wake up at once.
We ALL slept so soundly!!

I had promised them a tea party after naps and that's exactly what we had!!
At my house the girls get to put on 'pink lips' (lip gloss) so I found some in my purse.
Traditions RULE!
For the tea cakes I cut star shapes out of the slices of pound cake and toasted them.
YUM! Since it is NEARLY September I brewed up some Sweet Harvest Pumpkin tea and it was PERFECT!!

I have been doing tea parties with these little ones since they were just babies!

More TEA???


I had some of the SWEETEST little film clips but something seems to have changed about blogger and they said that ALL of them were too large!
You have to trust me on this - the kids were just adorable!!!!
They talk 90 miles an hour and tell the most wonderful and interesting stories!!
We hang on their every word!

The whole day went by WAY too fast!

I came home and took Lucy for a walk - to make it up to her for being in her kennel all day!
It was music to my ears to hear the rustle of crisp leaves as she walked through a pile!

There's not one thing about Fall that I don't love!!

As I was walking I spied a large canvas on the curb along with a table and chairs and various other things.

It said FREE on the back so I carried it home with me!
Not sure what I will paint on it but it is an over sized canvas that would cost a pretty penny to buy!
The bonus to the whole evening was I met one of my neighbors!!!
She couldn't help but notice this lady carrying a HUGE canvas down the street!!!
We hit it right off and I predict I have just found a brand new FRIEND!!!
I have lived here in this house for nearly 50 years.
She has lived around the curve for 12. WHY did it take me this long to meet her?
God's perfect timing, I guess!!

September first is just around the corner and I am standing here tapping my feet waiting for her arrival!!!!