Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Day Date, Chicken Pot Pies and Christmas Decorations! Our Wednesday and Thursday.....

Wednesday Louis Dean and I had a Day Date!
The only theater LD will go is the Movie Tavern!

That's because he likes BEER!
You buy a beer stein and they refill it for a certain price.
Never mind he brought the wrong one!
They still honored it and he is even more of a Movie Tavern fan than he was before!

Selfies are seldom flattering to me and I felt especially OLD yesterday! is what it is and I am what I am.....

The perks of being retired - a frozen margarita on a Wednesday afternoon!

Did I mention Louis Dean loves beer??
Really, not so much but he DOES love one at the movie tavern.

Our movie choice.
It was a man's movie but I still enjoyed it.
Although I DID watch all the blood and gore through my squinted eyes while holding up my hands and spreading my fingers a bit.

After the movie, we did a bit of shopping.
Curtains for the den and shampoo for Louis Dean and boxes of Chex cereals, peanuts and pretzel sticks for Texas Trash - to be made soon.
LD also bought a 'warming blanket.' As opposed to the old fashioned 'electric blankets' that we continued to buy each year and that didn't work.
THIS one is a winner!!! It finally turned cold in Texas and the warming blanket worked like a charm.
We slept like babies.
I think the warmth totally relaxed us.
So much so that I didn't want to get up this morning - and so I didn't!!
I snuggled down into the covers and slept on after Louis Dean got up.
He brought me not one cup of coffee - but TWO!
I sipped coffee, read my book and played my Scrabble until nearly noon!
THIS is the LIFE!!!

Louis Dean loves to cook and bake! He cooked a chicken yesterday in the pressure cooker - those things scare ME! So today he was making chicken pot pies!

He even made his own pie crusts - even though I had some store bought ones in the freezer!

"I like to make my own," he said!

So while he was in the kitchen, I cleaned and spruced up the den.

All dressed up for Christmas!

This room is probably the life of our home.

It is our favorite place to be.

I love looking at all the Christmas things!

We often eat out here.....

This is the new wicker chest I bought on Tuesday at the Goodwill.
It's now filled with books.

On top of the baby grand!

Yes, this may be our favorite room!

2016  Santa Wall.

You can't see it but we have kept a fire going ever since we got up!
Didn't get much past freezing this December day.

Christmas is everywhere!

The mirrors make the rooms look larger than they really are!

Going into the foyer......

Lots of lights in here year round.....

My angel tree,,,,,

And into the living room......

Candles lit!

My music corner.
Louis Dean bought a stereo for my birthday the first year we were married.
I play CD's continuously........5 at a time and always on replay.

Small but cozy living room.

I love looking at all the 'debris' I have collected over the years.

I will close with this needlework I did back in 1989.
I had just been diagnosed with a fast growing thyroid cancer.
Actually, the doctor determined later that it was THREE strains of aggressive thyroid cancer.....nearly unheard of as MOST thyroid cancers are slow growing and it can take years before you really MUST deal with them. I sat in the waiting room and stitched and prayed.
Benjamin was still a baby and Amber was only 3 years old.
I did not want to die although I have to admit I was not AFRAID to die.
No, my desire was to live so I could be a mother to my children.
I wanted them to be old enough to remember remember they had a mother who loved them.
I was already dedicated to motherhood but I further dedicated myself to raising my children.
The Lord had been dealing with my heart regarding education and I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to home school Amber and Ben. I remember being in the hospital and telling God that I had already decided to follow the calling to home school. I was grateful I had made that decision BEFORE this bout with cancer. I am thankful that the doctor got to the cancer and removed it along with my thyroid gland before it had gone too far. 13 days from the time the doctor discovered it until surgery.

Funny how things trigger memories....
If we only knew how often God has redeemed us from all sorts of things.......
most of which we will never even know.....
Perhaps this is one reason I am so very grateful!
Not only have I lived long enough to see my youngest children grown.....
but now I am enjoying my eight GRAND children!!

Praise God and Merry Christmas!!!