Thursday, June 4, 2020

Kittens, Cake, Cucumbers and Salmon Croquettes

It took a long time to get going today. 
It was like we were in slow motion.
I was up first at 10:00 and when Louis Dean woke up a half hour later, I had already turned the coffee on, emptied the dishwasher, and watered the kitchen deck plants before settling down out on the kitchen deck for my quiet time. He took his coffee and went to the den to stupor alone.
Louis Dean had his heart monitor put on yesterday and he only had to wear it for 24 hours so he took it off at 1:00. I will drop it off at the office in the morning on my way to Fort Worth.

We went in to visit Samantha and Tabitha around 1:30 taking our last cup of coffee with us.

We are enjoying the dickens out of these precious kitties!

Guess what we did after visiting and holding and playing with them?
We went back to bed!
I hadn't made it up yet so that was easy!
We slept for a couple of hours.
No idea why we are so tired!

Anyone remember the Bedazzler??
We spent an hour or more trying to figure out how to change the plungers out.
This one is over 25 years old.
But it still works and we finally figured it all out!
I thought Trystan, Kailey and Logan would have fun adding some bling to some denim strips or whatever!

I also found some leather workings that I have kept for more like 45 years!
These were leather projects from Tandy Leather that my oldest son, Jesse, was working on.
Perhaps Harrison will enjoy making some bookmarks from these.
They are coming Saturday and we are making plans.

I made a pound cake from Summer's recipe.
It smells so good!!
I will take some to Fort Worth and then have some for this weekend.

I got dressed at 5:00 in the afternoon as the cake was baking and headed to Aldi as soon as I took it out of the oven! We have been under a 7:00PM - 5:00AM curfew and I wanted to get my groceries before they closed. Come to find out - the city cancelled the curfew. 

Pam came over to meet the kittens and we had a good visit!
Then I went out and did some yard work.
Not much. I weed burned a section of weeds growing up in a walkway and I spread two bags of red cedar mulch.

Then it was wine time on the driveway!
So many people are walking about this same time every evening.
We all wave and nod to each other.

Stephanie bought some peaches from the Peach Truck that came from Georgia and shared some with us. We ate one and used one to garnish our wine. Watermelon wine mingled with Chardonnay and sliced peaches with a sprig of mint! Delicious!

Dinner tonight was late.
Mashed potatoes, green peas......

our home grown cucumbers and onions marinated in salted vinegar water......
I meant to make a sour cream/dill sauce for it but I guess I'll do that tomorrow night.....

and salmon croquettes!

It was a good day.
We may have started late but we had play time with our kitties, a visit from a friend, groceries bought, yard work, housework, naps......and they all added up to a good day.

Wishing you all a really good Friday!!