Thursday, October 23, 2014

Camera Roll..........

It is SO hard to get good picsof ALL FOUR of the quads in ONE picture!!!
I was trying to send one to Amber while they were in Boston......

See what I mean?? I finally just PICKED one and sent it!!!

Louis Dean and I have had a busy day! We started out with our coffee and reading and then went to City Hall to vote early. It's DONE! Louis Dean seemed relieved to get that over with! He said now he can move on and think about other things. Who KNEW this weighed so heavy on his mind??

We decided to celebrate after all that hard work of VOTING!!

Big State (formerly Drug Store - now) Fountain Grill!!
It's the only soda fountain in Irving and has been here since 1948! That's the year I was born!
It recently changed hands and is no longer a drug store but a Fountain and Grill!
It is doing a good business and we are ALL so happy the new owners made it such a FUN place!

This fellow is standing right inside the door!

Wish I had lots of money and I would buy some of these for ALL my grands!!

From there we did some other errands - as in a trip to Lowe's for some of their reduced for quick sale plants! I can kill the cheap ones just as easily as I can the full price ones! Got lots of Vinca and Black Eyed Susans and some daisies. I even came home and planted some of them!
Trying to spruce up the garden before my parties this weekend!

I even managed to work a little bit on my denim quilt!

A few of these pieces are pinned on waiting for me to get a chance to actually SIT down at the sewing machine!

After they are all stitched down in place - I will put together the backing.
Once I have sewn the top and back together - I am going to add more brocade braid and other trims to cover the raw edges of some of the pieces. Determined to do a little more each week and

I put together some refreshments for the jam session tonight and then it was time to GO!
It's a fun group and we all cut up and sang along with the musicians on some of the songs.
They all kid around a lot and I am really enjoying getting to know them. One man comes as well as  three of his sisters. He is one of FOUR brothers and he has TEN sisters! They were all 'Singletons!'
They get a kick out of hearing us talk about the quads!

I close tonight with Throw Back Thursday Pics I shared on Facebook today.

Lake Mineral Wells State Park - October 2011

We would go every October for several years.

This was one of our favorite times!!

Fall 2011 - San Marcos, Texas
We joined Amber and Mike there and took in a Texas State football game!
Little did we know that the very next month Amber would get pregnant with quadruplets!!

My oldest grandson, Sam.
This was his birthday present from me that year - 2011.

That's all, Folks!!!!
I am crying Uncle and going to BED!!!