Friday, November 21, 2014

Three Very Tired Little Ladies!

Today was so much better than LAST Friday!!!

Deanie and I picked Mother up at the Hair Salon and took her to the doctor for a follow up visit.
I was happy to go back to our traditional 'Selfie!' photo op! Mother always looks through the shots and then picks the one she wants me to post to Facebook.

Mother dearly loves Dr. Goldman and Dr. Goldman dearly loves her!
He pronounced her 'WAY Better!!!' Love his doctor language!!
As is often the case, a doctor visit can take a very long time!
So apparently does a lunch at Red Lobster.
We were tired and hungry and just wanted our food!
Mother ate three biscuits waiting for it. All we ordered was Clam Chowder - and I had the soup and salad. My salad came with a few grilled shrimp on top. Our waiter said the LONG delay was they had to fire up the grill for the shrimp!! 
Can you tell I am super tired and completely out of 'discretionary energy??'

All three of us would just chat away together having a good visit and then slump back into 'beyond exhausted' mode. Mother went right to bed when we got back to Deanie's and I think I am pretty safe in saying she is most probably still there as I write this!

I finally got to see Deanie's new home!!!
All I'm wanting to do is clean my house and decorate for Christmas.
Deanie has a new home filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked and a garage full of furniture that is waiting to be put in rooms and furniture that will soon be delivered from being in storage. Helped put things in perspective for me.

I got home at 5:00 and I followed Mother's example and went straight to bed.
Just got up and found Louis Dean asleep on the couch in the den.
I think another day or two and our energy level may start to rise again!!
For now I am going back to bed!! I may stay there til Monday!!