Saturday, September 21, 2019

Friday and Saturday - Critter Chores and Art

Roy came out to the ranch and picked Dean and Sherry up in his pickup truck yesterday morning.
We didn't see them since everyone knows we are not morning people.
I'm pretty sure they were heading to the highway by the time we woke up and had our first cup of coffee. They had to go back to the RV Park in Waco where Ruth Ann waited in the big rig they have and then hook the pickup behind it. They went to Oklahoma for a big Karate Camp.
They don't get to leave the ranch often and as much as they do for us - we are so happy to be able to take care of the critters for them while they are gone.

I decided to bring my bee lights with me and I am so enjoying looking at them.
I strung them up on a little sunflower decorated tree I keep year round on the Baker's rack right beside the kitchen table where I have my laptop.

They are the prettiest little lights I think I've ever had!

Dean and Sherry did Friday morning chores before they left, so after our morning reading, 
I set out the art table.

I love a fresh palette! All neat and tidy and the turp all clear and clean.
It doesn't stay this way for very long.
Art is meant to be messy and mine certainly is.

My art this week is a bunch of drunk donkeys!!
The one on the left is the first one I painted and I started the second one last trip here.
I plan to finish this one and start two more that are slightly smaller.
These are both 11x14 and the other two will be 9x12.
And I intend to do two small painted bunting paintings.

We have had no rain even though the clouds form during the day, billow up and darken - and then disappear during the evening. The mornings and evenings are amazing with cool breezes and mild temps but the days are still hot. So hot that we take naps in the afternoons since it's too warm to even be out in the front room comfortably.

The Golden Hour is the best time to do the evening chores.
That happens around 7:00 at this time of year.
Yesterday we ate a late lunch and went to sleep and I woke up with a jerk when I saw it was 6:50!
We hustled ourselves down there on our bikes and I got the dog food for the mops (Great Pyrenees) while Louis Dean took some goat food down to the pen so the baby goats would come in and - sure enough - they did. 

 Then he lets the big goats loose one at a time and they run into the pen. Easy peasy.

I was surprised the ducks weren't waiting for me to put them in.
I couldn't see them anywhere.

Louis Dean spied them out on the island in the big tank.
The mops and the geese both intimidate them.
Sadly, the mops have killed a few. That's also why the chickens stay in the hen houses now.

As soon as they heard me rattle the can of cracked corn, they come ashore.
The mops had finished eating by that time and ran down to where we were and I'm telling you every one of those ducks FLEW into the duck pen. The duck pond in front of it is about as dry as a bone.
Normally they swim across it and march up the bank to the pen.
Mops swim well, too.

After Friday's chores, we went back to the camper/cabin and I painted while Louis Dean played music. Thus ended our first full day at the ranch this trip.

I had a tough time last night with my knee. So glad I know relief will come in January.
I used the Chinese medicine that is a patch you can stick on the knee and cover with a brace.
Instead of riding our bikes, Louis Dean drove us down in the truck.

I fed the ducks first since that's my favorite thing to do.
Then Louis Dean went down to take the goats out.

The mops were resting in the shade of the front deck - so I fed them there.
That way I didn't have to walk down to the goat pen where we usually feed them.
Remmie and Rugar are their names.
Named after guns.

Pretty big brown eyes.

One is fluffier than the other.
I think it's Ruger.

They love to cool off in the tanks!

Dean and Sherry have two little country kittens and they are so  cute.

We feed them on the upper deck so the other critters can't steal their food.

Such a pretty girl.

Reminds me of Amber's cat, July.

Louis Dean and I sat out on their deck in the new chairs they bought for a little break before we started feeding all the feathered critters.

I am concentrating on art this trip and I finished the second Donkey and Wine aka Drunk Donkey!
Can you guess which one was the first one I painted?
I have also based in two more. 
The first one is for the 2019 Whitfield Family Reunion Auction.
The second is for our long time friend, Tim!
The two new ones I started today are for me and my sister, Nita!
Her birthday is in November and she already knows where she will hang him!
She and I both love our wine......
Who KNEW these would be so fun to paint??
Thank you, Christi, for the link to the original artist!
I'm also doing a couple of small painted bunting canvases - one for my friend, Christi - she and I go way back on the blog! She was the one who called me up one day when I was in Waco and told me about the Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines! Plus I just love her and her sweet family. Funny how the blog brings such special people into our hearts and lives.

We took naps, once again, in the heat of the day. I am so looking forward to cooler weather!
It was just a few minutes before 7:00 when we went down to do our evening chores.

I love this photo so much.
That's my grand dog, Rufus.
He loves me about as much as I love him.
Blue went with Dean and Sherry on their trip.....partly because Blue and Ruth Ann's dog, Molly, are related. I am always happy when I get to keep Rufus.
He hugged me around my poor pitiful knee and we just sat together for a few minutes.
Funny how dogs and people can comfort one another.

I fed him and gave him his medicine.
The first two times I wrapped the pills in cream cheese and peanut butter.
Normally he gets them only in cream cheese and I had to insist he eat them in the peanut butter.
I thought he would love it!! Not so sure, now.
So tonight he got his medicine in a fresh ground beef patty!
No wonder he loves me!

My knee has been hurting all day so Louis Dean drove us down in his big white truck tonight.

Can you spy him with your little eye? He is between the nearly dry duck pond and the big tank.
We tried our best to entice the ducks to come in off the island in the tank but to no avail.

I was up here ready to open the pen and I had a big can of cracked corn.
The mops were out and about and I think the ducks decided to stay put for the night.
I hope they will be okay and I will feed them extra in the morning.

We have not had any rain yet and that makes for cracks in the ground and the cracks make for pipe leaks. Louis Dean found a leak up by the duck pens and turned it off. A faulty valve.
He turned it on so we could take showers in the big bathroom in the camper cabin. When he went to turn it off - it wasn't leaking. So he left it. Life in the country is such an adventure.

I made potato salad, grilled smoked sausage and a simple garden salad for our supper  tonight.
Louis Dean had to take a little nap after his shower so the food is all ready when he wakes up.

I'll close with this photo of where Dean is tonight and the reason we are on Critter Duty.
Dean has been involved in Karate since he was 12 years old.
His dad calls him Master Splinter -
but he is an elite Master of all things Martial Arts.
By the beloved step-son is the second from the left.