Saturday, October 22, 2016

Celebrating Summer's Birthday!

We love celebrations!

While Summer's birthday is October 26......we celebrated together on the 21st!
I used a few of my golden leaves and acorns to decorate her gift!

We met up at The Shell Shack in Mesquite for dinner and a movie.

While we would have loved for Amber and Jesse to have been there with us,
it's so HARD to get everyone together at the same time!

I was one happy mama to have my last born, Benjamin, with me as we celebrated my FIRST born! 

The food was delicious and it was a sweet sweet thing to have two of my kids together!

Ben had the catfish and Sabrina put a THIRD piece on top of this and he ate it ALL!

Summer dearly loves crab and my favorite is the fried shrimp.
The AMC movie theater was just a minute or two down the street from the restaurant.

My handsome 28 year old son.
The son of my old age......I was one month shy of my 40th birthday when he was born.

THIS is my favorite pic of the night and also my favorite moment.
I could feel my heart squeeze in thanksgiving as I took this photo.
The daughter of my youth.......I was one month past my 15th birthday when she was born.
When Ben is 30, I will be 70 years old and Summer will be 55!


I do so love these two precious people!!

To know either one of them is to love them and everybody does!
Don't let Summer's smiling face fool you, though.
She has been and was last night still in a great deal of pain.
Hopefully she will get to have some injections next week which will greatly help.
She continues to be on short term disability and every single step she takes is painful.
Sitting is painful, Bless her heart, she was bound and determined to CELEBRATE no matter what!!!

And so we did!!!
The movie was great!

I'm already making plans for a gathering of all four of my children so we can celebrate Ben's birthday which was in August!! We haven't forgotten - he's just been super busy.
It's a job to find a time for all four of my children to get together and nearly impossible to find a time for all four of them PLUS their families!
Summer and I are thinking Casa Verde and and another movie night early in November.
Better late than never!!

Nita posted this on her Facebook page and I can so relate!
Last night I was 'fixed up.' 
Right now I look homeless.
We are about to load up and head down to our camper for a few days with Grandson Robert.
Louis Dean is about ready so I need to get in there and fix my face!
Every morning when I wake up, I find it's broken again!!!