Friday, June 15, 2018

A Good Day on the Ranch!

Louis Dean is getting in some music time on this visit.

He is hoping to set him up a little area with a table for his guitar case and a place to store some of his music. We may go into Waco Monday and check out the Goodwills to see if we can find something that will work for him.

I am taking some time to work on my Christmas stitching.
Since it is embellished cross stitch - I am going to work on it until time to decorate for Christmas and stop at that point to finish the edges and get it ready to display.

This morning the sunflowers looked even prettier than they did last night.

Sunflowers remind me of my friend, Ginny of Let Your Light Shine.
She had some serious surgery this morning and so many of us have been praying for her.
I am keeping a prayer on my heart for her until we can hear how she is doing and will continue in prayer for a good recovery.

This is my Country Woman look!
A sun hat is a must when you do the critters now that the season has changed to HOT!
So are sunglasses! I added the lipstick and earring just because!

You may want to turn your sound down on this!
Those ducks and geese are really LOUD!!!!

Louis Dean took the goats out this morning one by one.

His son said they need to be put where they can get green stuff to eat and shade.

It's a job because the goats are so strong!
Still, I think he has found a few tricks that make it easier for him.
First, he carries a little bit of cracked corn to entice them to follow along.
Actually, that's the only trick I know since I'm not the one that handles the goats.
I am the way that gives him the cracked corn, though.

The geese and ducks were all having a conference down there by the sound of it.

It was a pretty day here. Hot but not unbearably so.

The water is so shallow I could probably walk across the tank to the other side - but I won't.

I bet there might not be enough water to even keep this boat from sitting on the muddy bottom.

But there's enough for the ducks.

And Louis Dean spotted some frisky fish!

We decided to eat easy today.
A blueberry bagel spread with butter and a drizzle of our good sweet honey!
I boiled a bunch of eggs before we left home and we finished up the rest of our strawberries.

For lunch we ate a plate lunch of leftovers brought from home and tonight we will have pizza and salad. Tomorrow I may cook something.

Louis Dean worked in his utility room all day long.
He had planned to put in a window in the middle of the wall and I mentioned that's where the washing machine will go and the washing machine is higher than the bottom of the window.
Hmmmmm.......'Good talk,' he said. Then he proceeded to take down the wall and move the studs to relocate the window over to the right.

I spend the entire afternoon writing. 
As in 3,282 words. I finished Chapter 14 and waded into Chapter 15!
I plan to do much the same tomorrow.
Critter Chores first, morning routine followed by writing.

I was shocked when a message came in from my friend, Linda, and the time said 5:25!
Time seems to pass in hours instead of minutes when it was time to get the goats in and put the hens and ducks up.
Thankfully all the ducks and geese went in like little ladies and gentlemen!
I even lured the chickens into their hen houses with a little cracked corn - following Louis Dean's theory that no critter can resist some cracked corn!

I titled this photo - 'Just a man and his goat!'

And these are my 'girls.'

I was in touch with both of my real girls today!
They sent pics and are keeping us in the loop of life while we are away.

Summer is pacing herself and being with Rayne distracts her from the pain.
She can't do all the activities she would like to do but she is doing what she can and resting and taking care of herself.
I know they are all treasuring their time together!

That's it for our Friday in the Country!
We will do it all again tomorrow.

Now I am going out to do some serious star gazing as I listen to the symphony of the night.