Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Better Day!

I wanted the roses that just arrived at my front door this evening to be the FIRST photo in tonight's journal entry!! They are from Amber for Mother's Day since I was down on the ranch that weekend where NOTHING gets delivered! No pizza, UPS, FEDEX or anything other than USPS in the mailbox up at the gate!

I have them right on the table beside me as I write!

This has been a better day for us. We woke up to blue skies and SUNSHINE!
It has clouded up again and we have had some light rain but it HAS been a pretty day here in the DFW area. Although, I just heard from my sister that it is pouring down over in Fort Worth!
I guess you never know where the rain will fall when they forecast ISOLATED T-storms!
It's getting to where we are growing accustomed to the sound of thunder rolls and lightning doesn't alarm us as much as it once did. You get used to just about anything!

Louis Dean and I went in for his MRI. He had to be STILL for 40 minutes. They gave him a choice as to what kind of music he wanted to listen to and, of course, he chose old country! He said it was SO HARD to keep still listening to some of his favorite singers of all time - like Hank Thompson!

Once done, we went over to deal with the Ford service center about repairing our car.
We are hoping the extended warranty will cover the costs as it turned out to be pretty pricey!
We will know in the morning and both of us have said our prayers about it!
A new and LARGER vehicle is in our future but - not yet!
With all these grandchildren - we need more SEATS!

Breakfast at Joe's was where we ended up before coming home and both of us going back to bed!
We have just been so tired! 

Johnny of Ecoserve arrived in the afternoon and finished up the carpet for us.

He did a great job and I will hire again anytime I need my carpets cleaned -
or water extracted from them - although I sincerely hope THAT doesn't happen again!

They are all about green and he laughed and laughed when I told him how fond I am of bleach, Pine Sol and Comet!! I love 'harsh' cleaners!

Even though he had dried out the carpets - he wet them down again to clean them!
Plus he did a second treatment to prevent mold and I am relieved the house does NOT smell musty!!

Carpet is all dry now and looks good.
You can see the damage to the bookcase on the lower right.
It has set in water so many times.

He saved the carpet and I did not dream he could get it to look this nice!

Tomorrow I will put my house back together - with a grateful heart!

I spent a few hours in the kitchen this afternoon. We have been so busy since we go home from the ranch that I haven't really prepared much in the way of meals.

The house smelled like Thanksgiving tonight!!
We had chicken and dressing, company mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green peas, home grown tomatoes and cornbread!
Louis Dean was THRILLED!!
He is relieved that things are looking up.
He hasn't slept well in weeks due to getting all the camper repairs done and then getting it down to the ranch and then all the rain every single day while we there and getting the truck STUCK so we couldn't leave and then coming home to water in the house and then the car broke down and then MORE - much more - water in the house......
all the while with his knee hurting!

I think tonight he finally relaxed because he went to bed at 7:30 and has been fast asleep ever since then!!!

Normally by this time of year, I would have all my patriotic decorations - or 'debris' as Louis Dean calls them - down and everything decorated.
The storage building flooded as well so Louis Dean is not all that keen on going in there and getting my stuff down. It is in the attic so I know it's okay. Just an ordeal that is best left to drier weather.

So in the mean time, I spruced up the kitchen table!

I used a package of wall paper border to decorate some little areas.
I just stapled it on since I'll take it off in August.

The big wet vacs are OUT of the house - but stored close and handy just in case we need them again in a hurry!

I am so excited to get my house back!!!
There is much to be thankful for!
My sister, Nita, and I visited on the phone together tonight and she and her husband are dealing with water in their house also. We both agreed that we have nothing to complain about!!

This picture is from James Pike on Facebook.
The Trinity River in Dallas -
top view - last month -
bottom view - this month!

I am always inspired by something on Facebook every day!
Rejoice by choice!!
We ALL have a choice!