Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello, SEPTEMBER!!! I Have Been WAITING For You!!

My favorite day of the year arrived and I have enjoyed every single minute of it!!

As soon as I woke up I hit the brew switch on my coffee pot and turned the oven on to bake a first batch of fruitcake cookies. Neil Diamond was already singing September Morn as I lit a special fall scented candle.
Every September I get down Autumn Across America by Edwin Way Teale. I pick up where I left off the year before and just keep reading through it.

This day was everything I hoped it would be.

The fruitcake cookies turned out delicious!

This is my 29th year to make them.

After coffee and reading I mixed up the Pumpkin Spice Muffins.

I filled some tins with cookies and bagged up some muffins for friends, neighbors and family.

Two dear friends came by to visit and pick up their goody bags.
June loves the fruitcake cookies more than anyone I know and I always give her the biggest tin chock full of them.
Her daughter, Kimmy, loves the Pumpkin Muffins so that bag goes to her.
I enjoyed showing them all the videos of the quads and catching up with each other.

Our dinner tonight was a fall friendly meal of roast, carrots and potatoes.
Never mind that it was 97 degrees today!

Most of the decorating has been done. 
Only Louis Dean's bathroom was left and I did that late this afternoon.
He's not thrilled with the debris in there but , like I told him, it could be worse!
Wednesday is the echo cardiogram so we will be in Quadville tomorrow.
I promised Louis Dean a little drive way sitting time with a glass of wine but bedtime is at 10:00!
Morning comes early and I am so NOT good with them so I need to get plenty of rest!
It's quiet out there tonight. The locust were especially loud today. They know the season is changing.
I am so READY for it!!!