Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One More Night With The Quads!!!!

I absolutely LOVE waking up to a house with CHILDREN in it!!

This morning it was MY house!!!
Everyone woke up happy!
Granddad had a hard time of it last night. He had a full blown asthma attack AND a severe case of heartburn. He didn't rest easy until 4:00 this morning. I was a little better off - it was around 3:00 for me. Louis Dean was asleep on the reclining sofa when we came in this morning. We all switched places with him and HE went back to bed in the guest room.

First order of business - morning COFFEE!!!
The girls actually just had one teaspoon of coffee to a partial coffee cup of milk.
We are learning to drink from BIGGER cups now!

I started breakfast while Kailey scoped out the pantry.
She told me, "I just LOOKING!!!"

While the bacon cooked in the microwave, the quads took turns helping me stir the oatmeal.
(It was already cooked and cooling - but THEY didn't know that!! They think they COOKED breakfast!)

The biscuits were a bit flatter than normal. Kailey put them on the baking sheet - and then POUNDED them before I could get them in the oven!!!
Split and buttered - they were good all the same!

As I was about to do the breakfast dishes - at 11:00 this morning - who should arrive on our doorstep???? Aunt Luann!!!!!

She came bearing all sorts of gifts and I was SO glad to see her!!!
LD was in bed and without Luann, I would have been solo today!
This is her arrival.......

and six hours later, her departure!
The quads LOVED her visit!!!
Thank you so much, Sister!!!!
You made all the difference in today!
I should have remembered that God always has a back up plan!!

The babies are still recovering from their illness but they played well today.

The Play Dough is always good for at least an hour!
Today we tried to get back on the schedule Amber uses and we were fairly successful!

By 8:00 everyone had been fed, bathed and were in bed waiting to hear me read another chapter in The Little House in the Big Woods.
I got everyone to bed, we said our prayers and then I shaded the light and read......
I will hold these days close to my heart forever!
Thank you, Sister, for being a part of these beautiful memories!

Tuesday: Haircut, Goodwill and House Guests!

The weather warmed up this afternoon so it was safe to leave the house!
Louis Dean dropped me off to get a haircut while he did a few other errands.
I tried to have longer hair but it was driving. me. crazy!
A hair cut makes everything better!!!

My handsome husband all dudded up in his denim shirt, his denim overalls, AND his heavy denim coat as we hit up Kroger for a few groceries.

We made one more stop at Goodwill.
 After all, this IS Tuesday! Or WAS Tuesday!!!
Guess I'm a little late in 'journaling' tonight. *I know! That's not a real word!*
Four red chargers and six bronze ones at fifty-nine cents each - less 25%!
The Liz Claiborne wallet will be put to good use!

I LOVE the tablecloth!! This will be perfect with my Texas theme plate settings!

We scurried on home so I could finish getting the house all clean and ready for our company!!!


After a LONG round of illness - for us as well as the quads - everyone is finally well.

They are still tired and run down from being sick so long but everyone is in good spirits!

Once again, our table is full and I love it!!!
Kailey noticed right away that the settings are different from the last time they were here.
She asked, "New table, MeeMaw???"

Granddad provided the after dinner entertainment while I did the dishes.
They are learning the different sounds they can make by strumming the guitar.

After baths we were ready for bed.
I read the first chapter of The Little House in the Big Woods to them before lights out.

They love each other so!!

Seeing them be so sweet to one another just makes my heart sing!!!
Now I am going to sleep as fast as I can!!
It's going to be a fun Wednesday!