Sunday, October 22, 2017

Our Country Weekend!

Saturday was a wonderful and relaxing day. I unplugged from social media for the most part and just enjoyed being here at the ranch.

We were on Critter Duty while Dean and Sherry were away and we take our chores seriously.
I do NOT want to lose a critter on our watch!

We ended Saturday night with a nice campfire and spent the evening in our 'new room.'
It was 9:00 and felt like it was much later!
The country is so good for us.
We knew rain was in the forecast so we brought things in and covered other things up and went to bed early. The storms arrived around 1:00 this morning and Louis Dean never moved a muscle.
When he woke up at 9:00 this morning - he had no idea that the lightning and thunder and rains had raged for hours throughout the night! He had slept the best sleep he's had for a long time.  


We woke up to a ranch all freshly washed from the early morning rains.

Louis Dean slept so hard that he was practically in a stupor until his second cup of coffee.
Critter Chores were waiting and we pulled on our mud boots and headed down.

What was dusty and dull yesterday was all fresh and pretty this morning.

The big tank was especially beautiful when I walked up the slope.

There was a lot of standing water early in the day......but the north and northwest winds dried them up pretty fast.

I love the days here on the ranch and in our camper.
I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps because I do not have a plan for every day. Just a vague idea of waht I want to do. What I want to accomplish. As in doing critter chores. Reading. Writing. Being.
Not a lot of running around. Time to think....and pray.

We came back to the camper and Louis Dean hosed off our mud boots while I cooked a country breakfast. 

We ate while watching Fellowship Church Live on the Internet.

Louis Dean had his projects today and I had mine.
He did some electrical work.....I now have outlets on both sides of the 'new room.'

This is the Girl favorite place to sleep.
I stapled some denim up for curtains - replacing the light colored pillow shams I was using.
In the summer I have a plywood piece that blocks the sun and heat.
That has been removed and stored until next year.

This was the first full day we have had without AC.
The windows and door are open and it has felt so good to have fresh air coming in all day long.

I've been working on my art today.

For the first time EVER - I have organized my tubes of paint!!
I used two tackle boxes - one bigger than the other but both full.
Sabrina, if you are reading this - you would be so proud!
I was surprised to discover I have more than enough of all things yellow and not nearly enough of Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.

And then I painted....

It's been a wonderful weekend in the camper and on the ranch.

Last night we looked in wonder at the clock and saw it was only 9:00!
It's 8:50 as I write tonight and we are ready to go to bed.


I think we have really turned into 'that couple' in the country!