Friday, October 30, 2020

Fireplace, Kittens and Redeeming Decks......Louis Dean is my Hero!

I love the meandering through these golden days of October.

It's been cool enough in the mornings to have a fire in the den as we do our Bible and out loud reading.
Samantha and Tabitha both enjoyed looking into the flames and sat there for long periods of time.

They are both still wearing their cones and I am thinking I will take them off on Sunday and see how they do. I pile up their food in the owl to make it easier for them to eat.
Both kittens have been running and playing some but nothing like they normally do.
We allow them the run of the house throughout the day so they can wander around and find cozy spots to rest.

I picked up a few pecans this afternoon and I'm not sure how many more we will be getting.
The trees were trimmed this spring and the umbrells is pretty high so I can't see if there are many left up there. I spent an hour or so pulling up Boltonia asteroides.....
When I looked it up, it doesn't say anything about it being an invasive weed....but I have found it to be so. I was walking the neighborhood a couple of years ago and this 'weed' had completely taken over a yard! I prefer grass!
 I didn't get it all but I will finish the job tomorrow.

Louis Dean has finished the upper gate deck and it looks so good!!
The decks have needed to be replaced for at least a year and a half.

The storage bin up on this deck is mine and holds painting supplies, garden tools and cushions for the chairs.

I Love 'redeeming' something and this pond area is all cleaned up and I strung up fresh LED lights.

We will be in the market for some new lawn furniture out here next year.

The view from inside the kitchen French doors.
I just love it!!

Now for the reality shot!
There's another deck to do!
The wood was really rotted out on this one. 
It will take longer to do since Louis Dean will be putting in another sump pump there.

He truly is my HERO!!!!
While I was making him a big Frito Pie for supper....
he was soaking in a tub of super hot water laced with Skin So Soft bath oil.

He ate and watched a little news before calling it a day and going to bed.
I gave the kittens their last pill tonight and they are down for the count.
I stayed up to write my journal entry and now I am going to find something to watch on Amazon Prime while I sew on the birthday quilt for Louis Dean.

I sleep under one every night made by my friend, Sharilyn.
Do YOU sleep under a quilt??