Tuesday, May 4, 2021

May Lunch Date With Brenda......

 Brenda and I had our May lunch date today.....
The dining room table is set with places for six and we often eat there even if there's just two of us.
Then the small kitchen table is set for two and Brenda and I eat at that table more times than not.....

....but today I chose to serve lunch at the game table in the den.
I just set it up the other day and the den is the cleanest room in the house!

Salad was my menu choice and I used lettuce from my garden at the ranch along with fresh herbs from the garden here....including some young kale leaves and fresh parsley.
I added boiled eggs, ham, carrots, celery and avocado......

Tzatziki dip from Aldi...

....and a pitcher of plain tea for 'just plain Brenda'.
That's a quote from The Closer TV show....I usually serve lots of fruity herbal teas but Brenda loves 'just plain tea' so that's what I serve at our lunches.

And this is my beautiful friend!
Our monthly lunch hour goes by way too fast and we visit the entire time.
We always have so much to say to each other.
Usually before we part, we plan the next month's lunch, but today we ran out of time so we will do it by text in the next few days.

I am so grateful for Brenda and her friendship.

While we were eating lunch, we looked up and saw Tabitha curled up tight in a small basket on the baby grand piano.

Samantha was making herself comfortable on the couch.
I hope they are glad to be home!

The house was quiet during our lunch and then I did the dishes and a little housework and the house was still quiet. I found Louis Dean asleep in the guest room and he napped for a little over four hours!
I started sewing and then noticed it was getting dark like a storm was coming.
I went to find him and he was nowhere! It scared me and I kept searching until I finally found him outside on the kitchen deck asleep in the lounger chair!
He finally woke up and we did some yard work together.

He put down those four large slabs of stones and made a nice walk where the old overgrown one was.

We are making our way to the back pond so this patio area is next in line...then the pond.
Step by step....
We worked until the lightning was flashing and it started to rain.
Perfect timing!

I came in and went back to my sewing projects.

I'm making some bowl cozies to put in the goody bags I'm putting together.

You can use them when you heat food in a bowl and take it out without burning yourself.
They come in really handy and I intend to make a whole bunch of them using the fabrics I have that I intended to use to make face masks.
Thank you, Sharilyn, for sending me the pattern!

It's been a good Monday and I will be up until the wee hours of Tuesday....
It's time to fill all our medicine boxes for another month.

I have another Midsomer Murders on tap to watch.....


Lisa said...

Louise Dean must be one relaxed man. I could use a 4 hour nap! I could also use one of them bowl cozy. I use small 1 cup size bowls often. They do not have handles so they are too hot to handle. I usually grab them with a pot holder but its awkward.

Vee said...

Louis Dean must have needed his rest. Some of the best rest I have ever had has been upright in a chair. ; >

Brenda is a beautiful friend. You have a lovely lot of beautiful friends.

Enjoy the project. You're gaining ground.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is nothing like having a good friend. So glad you still get together. Your salad looks wonderful and so does your garden there. Nice to have some fresh herbs. They make everything better!

Sandra said...

I wish I could sleep 4 hours straight in bed at night. if I nap during the day for more than 15 minute doze, i am up all night. Bob sleeps everytime he sits down, and then all night too. i like the cozy's and they would make a table look special if everyone had one under their soup. you are blessed with your friends and the meal looked perfect.

photowannabe said...

Friends are like Gold.
I'm so glad you and Brenda keep your friendship fresh and new...the table looks marvelous too.
Your home keeps you busy...just the way you like it.
That was a long snooze for LD but recharging the batteries is wonderful.
Thanks so much for asking about Dave and keeping us in your prayers.
We do feel the loving support all the time.
the healing is one day at a time and Hubby gets antsy to be "DOING" all the things he loves to do..Wheelchairs hamper so much.
Love you dear blog friend.

Carole said...

Hmmm - like your idea of bowl cosies... Cheers

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have started taping Midsomer Murders since you talked about them. I am looking forward to watching my first one this evening. Your table is beautiful with the blue and yellow. Bowl cozies, what a grand idea!! I have heard of mug cozies, but not the bowl ones. When I eat a hot bowl of food, I always have to put a rubber pad underneath to hold it. Wonder if you can buy them? I am going to Amazon to check!