Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tuesday Treasures and my Mother's Day Gift......

 Now I have photos!

This is the Mother's Day gift I opened up at On the Border on Sunday afternoon.

It's a Photo Share and displays pictures on a slideshow.
The special thing about it - all my children can send photos to it.
Every time someone does, it gives a little 'ding' and a new photo shows up and is added to the slide show. This way I get to see what's going on with everyone....not just posed pictures but what they are doing and seeing.

I smile every single time this photo of my brother Buster comes on!
You can see it's a good sized screen and I catch myself standing at the kitchen counter just watching the photos slide by! Such a super cool gift and from all four of my children.

Look at how sweet our Tabitha is!
They have free run of the house these days - and nights - except when we are going in and out a lot and then they 'go to their room.'

Summer arrived here yesterday and she brought me a perfect coffee cup - all the way from Puerto Rico!
I drank my coffee from it this morning......

and fixed a late breakfast of fried potatoes and sausage with toast and jelly and fruit.
Summer and I both love Goodwill hunting - and since this was Tuesday - that's what we did!

As soon as I walked in the door, I spied these six dining chairs.
So did another lady but she saw them first. We visited together and then she said, "You go ahead!"
So I bought them! Six chairs for $50! Then with my senior discount - it was $35!

They are NICE!! A big larger scale than what I had and Louis Dean is putting slide things on the legs so they pull out easier. No more chair covers!

I really made a haul today!
It was like old times!

I love the dishes and have a lot of this style already.
That candle smells wonderful and the cute garden tools are hanging on the wall outside my front door.
That's a brand new set of flannel sheets from Target for the twin top bunk in the guest room - matching the double bottom set I bought after Christmas.

Logan and Trystan want some things to make their bedroom cozy......
I think they will like these!

The Be Still and Know sign is for Lillian's room at the nursing home.

These photgraphed gold but it's plain glass.
Louis Dean breaks glasses on a regular basis and that's okay since I can get them for a song at the Goodwill.

Lillian was missing a few of her wall plaques so I am finding some others to replace them.

This is already hanging on our bedroom wall!

I do love these coasters and I love the brand new autumn runner.

I scored on some new pants, too!
There's actually two pair of black ones and one of those is for Lillian.

It was a rainy cold day for May!

Perfect for a movie!
And this was a good one.

I had one fire log left so we lit it up and celebrated our last fire of the season.
Then Louis Dean joined us for our second feature.....

I think Summer knew he would love this one!

Dinner was easy tonight.....
sweet and sour chicken (using a bag that you just heat up and add the cooked chicken which I had cooked all afternoon in a small crock pot), rice, Asian vegetable medley and fresh cantaloupe.

Summer is going to be staying here for a few days and she is asking for prayer.
Things were looking better for a bit and then tonight they look pretty black.
Sometimes life feels like a roller coaster.

It's going on 5 years now since she had that birth defect that affected her back and ultimately caused so much nerve damage while they were trying to find the problem. By the time the birth defect in her spine was finally addressed - the damage had already been done to her nerves and - a few years later - the Spinal Cord Stimulator has helped her in controlling the pain so she can live and function better. But she's still seeking disablility due to the fact that her health is so compromised. Tonight she and I were both crying and down our knees on the dining room floor begging  God to work a miracle. Things look very dark right now. Summer has been through so much. People often tell her she is so happy all the time - and she is because she chooses to be happy. It does not come easy and there are times when she simply breaks down and falls to her knees is what happened tonight.
So we cried and prayed together and then washed our faces and claimed God's promises.....
quoting scriptures to each other and choosing faith over despair.
God can and will 'perfect that which concerns Summer'.....just as he will perfect that which concerns me.....and he will perfect that which concerns YOU, as well.

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities....
brilliantly disguised as impossible situations."
Charles R. Swindoll

Let's all hold one another up in prayer tonight......


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my, I am so sorry about Summer! I had htoght she was doing so much better. I will be praying for her!! For God to comfort and uplift her, and give her freedom from pain. I have never seen or heard of this picture share thing, it is so cool!! You now have the gift of your family and friends kind of being with you all the time!

MadSnapper said...

Prayers for Summer, so sorry this is back after all she has gone through for pain relief. my DIL had to get a lawyer to help her get on disabilty, just a thought for Summer.
you of course found so many wonderfu deals and those chairs may be the best one ever.. the new turtle cup is my favorite of all your cups.. i love it. it should be out as a decoration... a super present for a super mama

Deb said...

Prayers for summer. I do hope that she gets some relief. You found some wonderful things at Goodwill. I love how you get some things to make Lillian smile too! See you again soon.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I pray that things will work out for Summer. Disablitily is a hard road as I know from some friends who had to take it and it took years. I love your gift. Nancy got one of those for her grandmother and I admit I would love to have one of those as well. Great haul at Good Will. I have six chairs I plan to sell that are similar to the ones you purchased. I am trying to purge with the move.

Changes in the wind said...

Sending prayers for Summer and family. You never really know what someone is going through and just because they are happy doesn't mean they may be dealing with something very difficult. You chairs are just beautiful and look great in you dinning room.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You always find the bests things on your Tuesday shopping. So glad you have Summer there with you and I'll be going in the prayers for her. Hopefully, shel'll be able to keep on smiling through it all. You have two wonderful daughters and such a great family. Keep the faith and be thankful for all you have !

photowannabe said...

Just finished reading this post and stopped and prayed for both of you.
God's ways are perfect, even though we don't always understand.
Chuck Swindoll really said it well....
Opportunities disguised as impossible situations.
Thanks for that this morning. I did need it in my life too.

photowannabe said...

Oops, I forgot to say how wonderful those dining room chairs are. What a find for such a fantastic price.
All your Treasures are terrific and the wall hangers for Lillian are perfect.
Love you Linda and feel refreshed every time I come to your blog.
Sue of photowannabe

Jan said...

Praying for Summer!

Carole said...

summer is one very brave lady - and you are pretty brave too eating sausage and jam on the same plate! Cheers

Jan said...

Praying for Summer my heart goes out to her.