Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Short Trip tp the Ranch

 It's been a bit of a rain event here today.
Sherry flew into DFW this morning and her sister picked her up at the airport and brought her over to our house where we all had a cozy visit - and I say cozy because it had started to POUR down rain!

Sherry drove the truck and Louis Dean sat in the back seat so she and I could visit.
It was slow going for about half of the trip....raining so hard that my Waze direction app was telling us how many feet to 'flood' on the highway.

My brother Buster called while we were on the road and HE was driving in the rain, TOO!


I grabbed this phot of him and his daughter from 2019 off of his Facebook page just because.
Every time I see a pic of him, it makes me smile so big!
Can't imagine how I will feel and act when I see him in person in 5 days!!

The rain let up and we even saw some blue sky here and there as we drove on to the ranch.

I'd say the flow has arrived and I know the bees are lapping that nectar up!
It was only light rain by this time, so I got my umbrella, pulled on my mudboots and went out to check the garden.

Look at that lettuce in the foreground by the pond!
Can you see me with my umbrella and boots back there?

My wildflower garden continues to grow taller!

I gathered the lettuces and peppers and pulled up one onion!
We're going to enjoy some good salads over the next few days!

When we came in the front room door, I spied gifts setting on the table.....

Grandson Robert had been down to visit his Uncle Dean and brought this amazing coffee cup for me....

as well as a nice bottle of wine.....the same kind as the very first bottle he brought as a hostess gift on his very first visit to the camper down here at the ranch.

He left this for his Granddad!
He loves it!

All too soon we had to turn around and come home.
Thankfully, the rain wasn't nearly as bad going as it was coming.


I hated to have to tell Louis Dean that water had come in the house.
Mostly in the sewing room and that was the 3 feet along the wall next to the kitchen, from one side of the room to the other......but only 3 feet or so wide.
So I've been busy sucking up water since we got home!
Poor Louis Dean. The water came in right about where his newest sump pump is.
The deck - or part of it at any rate - will need to come up....again.

The 'stuff' of Life keeps happening and I guess that's what keeps us from ever being bored!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my, what a dissappontment. I hope Louis Dean can find the source. I love the tool sign!!

Deanna Rabe said...

That is frustrating!

That was a very quick visit to the ranch!

Deb said...

So sorry about the water in your sewing room. Frustrating. You sure are getting a lot of rain there in Texas this year. Glad you got to get away to the ranch- even for a short visit. Have a good week.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved seeing the garden and all the flowers. The rain is good for them, but not your home. Hopefully the problem will soon get fixed and you can be all dired up before you go your visit.

MadSnapper said...

the two gifts from your grandson are perfect plus the visit and love you and your umbrella. yay for a country visit.... sorry about the flooding, maybe it is time to call in a professional to tell you how to stop all this flooding. i know there are ways to grade this and grade that but have no idea what that means. love Buster and his daughter pic.. glad Sherry made it home safely, Hootin Annie said there were tornado warnings in all of your rain

Bluebird49 said...

Sorry about the water, honey! It!
What thoughtful gifts from Robert .💕
5 days and the big meet up. Lots of excitement💕💕

photowannabe said...

Oh no!! Not a leak again..I sure hope you can find the cause asap. Poor LD having to scope it out...
Love the gifts that you found at the ranch and oh my the bounty of your ranch garden is wonderful.
Stay safe and dry..I hope.

Wanda said...

Hi Linda. My goodness, even when I'm gone a while, you life never changes..busy, busy, fun, family, rain, and "water"...Oh my. You are such a trooper and take it all in stride.

The perfect cup for your moring coffee with the Lord.

Trying very hard to get back to blogging. Hopefully I can begin doing it on a regular basis besides my Sunday Post.

Love that you take time to visit me...Love and Hugs.

Carole said...

Water again! Must be driving you crazy!